Planning for my Kyushu trip

10 April 2018

Hello Sweeties💕 It's been a productive day since this morning. Waking up all by myself, attending a morning event at 10am and when I'm back to my space, just enjoying my 'me me time'. Listen to my favourite music and planning for my coming trip to Kyushu region in Japan. I do a checklist for my travel essential this afternoon because I'm afraid I can't carry the luggage all by myself. So have to plan nicely before the coming trip.

Also, feel so happy finally I got a copy of the Ifeel April Issues. I still haven get a copy for my Newtide magazine feature. I can't get it in any book or magazine store. But it was a great opportunity! Apart from that let me show you where is Kyushu!!

So the area that highlighted in Red will be the Kyushu region. The area near to Okinawa and it's the southern of Japan! It's well known for its active volcanoes and of course, my favourite hot springs. For now my half month trip to Japan, I plan to spend 10 days in Kyushu area, focus on Fukuoka & Oita and the rest of the day will go to Tokyo visit one of my friend in Japan. Wish to spend some time at Saga and Kumamoto but let see how's the plan because I'm afraid it's too rush and I need to carry many luggages with me.

For this trip, my main focus will be exploring some new spot and create new content because as I know, not much people actually write and blog / share about these area. There are less tourist and mostly people plan to visit there during Sakura season but there are actually more than just Sakura. I want to visit the flower garden and the famous seaside park.

I'm really headache now because I got no one to ask on this. So as usual, just going to pick few spots to visit and the rest is just simply walk or randomly bump into any nice place! So so so excited as I will be going with my photography team and my friends too. Yes, I will make sure to take more photos and share with you guys soon.

Hopefully I got enough hand to do vlog videos too. Will be away for few days so that I can continue work like a cow before my coming trip again. Have a nice day everyone. Love, xoxo. See you on my next post ya.

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  1. Yayay always love your Japan posts cuz it's always so fun to read and it's very helpful 💕💕