Urban Decay BACKTALK Palette Review & Swatches | Tried & Tested

23 May 2018

Hello Sweeties💕So yea here's a final thought of my new purchase Urban Decay Backtalk Palette, for those who followed my post on my instagram & stories you probably know it was one of my 520 gift from Smelly. Yes, my first beauty product from him lol. I don't usually ask him to do so but he couldn't take it because I keep starring at the counter and asking the staff whether is there any stock for the palette lol.

Never underestimate the power of influencer and ads that appear on our social media platform. I saw this few days ago and keep wanted to give it a try so that I can see whether did I found my perfect muted-rosy shades kind of palette. So instead of going through all kind of review, I decided to give it a try as it's very gorgeous on the ads. Lol I hate seeing ads now because it keep reminds me to get this and I'm really surprise that mine is the last 2 units in the whole shop.

I'm using this palette for the past 2 days. So here's my very first impression and some personal thoughts. I do hope that it's helpful for you and since I owed 2 naked palette (Naked 2 and Naked Heat) & I guess this should be not bad. I saw a lot of review of regarding the Naked 3, very nice shades and I always wanted to get it but instead of getting the old one, why not giving this new one a try as it included 4 shades for the cheeks and highlights too. 

I feel like it's more easy to bring around especially for people who love to travel. Now, let's me show you my first impression of this Urban Decay BACKTALK Eye & Face Palette. Let's get started!


| Urban Decay #BACKTALK Eye & Face Palette
Girls being girls, for beauty product we often tend to focus on the pigmentation, colours of the palette and also the packaging. This time, the packaging itself is like a thick cardboard thing and unlike the Naked Skin Shapeshifter, that packaging is the best one that I'm really impressed. It's plastic and more durable instead of this. Btw, naked shapeshifter is one of my favourite too. It's my favourite for almost a year now.

So back to the topic, this packaging get dirt easily. Especially when you are using your fingers to apply the eyeshadow. The side of the eyeshadow and palette will stick with the eyeshadow and I just use it once and need to clean it out or wipe it away with a wet tissue. That's the only con for the packaging but for the colours and detachable mirror, it's something that I really like!

The Eyeshadows

 For Cheeks and Highlights

 Magnet attached at the side of the packaging.

 Feel like the naked lipstick shade and colours. I guess this palette was inspired by their same line lipstick shades.

 So this is the detachable mirror where you can easily take it away and attach it back again.

I'm using my phone for taking the photo because I think that's the best way to show you the swatches without any filter or too much of editing.


| Swatches on hand
That's the fun part but it's quite a mess for me because at the same time I need to clean the dirt on the packaging lol. Cause I'm using the finger to apply the eyeshadow on my hand. The best part of this is by just looking at the name of each shades. lol Even a name of 'WTF' include in this medium matte brown shades lol. I have no idea who created this but it made my day! lol 

Photo taken with my iphone7 without any editing and just add the name of the shades for your reference. Taken it both under the natural sunlight(more warm lighting) and indoor lighting (more blue-grey lighting) so you can do a little compare on that.

 My favourite is the curve, shade , attitude and 180

This taken indoor inside my toilet. 

 Here's the swatches for the cheeks and highlights.

As usual, their palette is exactly same like what we seen on the product itself. When I swatched it on my hand, it's like 'Oh yea, it's same as what I have seen on the product itself'. It never disappointed me and I love the full range of nude - muted - pink shades to a more softer berry purple shades and some shimmer & matte shades too.

For the cheeks, the shades is more suitable for people who usually like to put on heavy makeup because I realise the color is quite heavy for me. If you are more toward Korean, Japanese or natural style, this might be a bit too heavy for you. So you can only apply a little by little. But if you are a full makeup lover, from contouring to highlight all very European style of makeup and you have higher crease on your eyelid, then this is something that might be one of your favourite.


| First Impression + Pros & Cons
Continue with my thoughts on the shades, now the eyeshadows shade is suitable for both light makeup and heavy user. Unlike the previous Naked Heat palette, there is more on heavy style but for this eyeshadow, even you are in those light makeup style more, this also should be works for you. The one thing is, if you have dusty rose or matte pink shades eyeshadow colour already then you might need to skip this. But if you are looking at the value of money, for RM245 this price, you can get both eyeshadow, blushers and highlights shades, it consider quite okay. Just that the packaging is a big no no for me except the detachable mirror.

Maybe because they want to make the mirror detachable so they choose to use this kind of hard cover instead of the plastic one that's more durable and won't get the eyeshadow dirt easily. Cleaning that is time consuming but if you use it carefully should be no problem on that.

As for the 2 shades of LowKey &Party Foul, the highlights color is those 'very obvious kind of highlight shades' If you want that dewy highlighter looking highlights then this isn't the one for you because this two shades , after you applied it will be like ' I'M WEARING HIGHLIGHTS ON MY FACE' that kind of look lol. If you get what I mean lol.

Some people more prefer natural looking highlight but some is more prefer to have that 'obvious' highlighted face because who the hell want to spend 10 mins to apply it but no one realise that they apply some highlights on their cheeks lol.

For me I prefer not too natural and not too obvious one. I prefer the shapeshifter highlights color. This also not bad but not my cup of tea as the color is very obvious. But for people who love rose gold highlights, this should be one of your favourite shades. 

For the eyeshadow color, I'm very surprise that it's not too heavy. When you apply it on your eyelid, the color is somehow look lighter (won't too harsh or heavy) and faded away. It need add on layer by layer if you wish to have a darker and more pigmented looking color. So it's why if you are not a heavy user, their eyeshadow really not bad this time. Unlike naked heat, this is more easy and nice for people who more toward Korean / Japanese makeup style.

The color really won't look too heavy on my eyelid. I'm very impressed but for the same effect of these kind of look, a lot of brand has the similar color (to be honest). But looking in the term of brown and shimmer shades, it gives a very nice dimension to my overall eye look and I love how the shade & attitude shades on my bottom eyes. It's not too heavy but just nice for me.

Another thing is, since it's like a eye and face palette, if there is a applicator included then that's perfect for me but I think only naked eyeshadow palette has the applicator, other than that most of their product just purely without the brush or any applicator. So as usual, I need to bring it along with this palette as well.

For the best looking eyeshadow color, I think it's better to apply it on top of a eye primer. It makes the eyeshadow last longer and color won't too 'faded' if you get what I mean. But I'm always lazy, so I just never bring an extra bottle of eye primer with me lol.

In my opinion, if you haven got yourself a dusty-muted dried rose shades like this you can try out this  and I'm sure you will pretty impressed by the colours of the product. For people who always on the go and wish to get the all-in-1 kit alike palette, this is the one for you because with the eyeshadow and cheeks product it's suitable for you just bring one palette and that's enough for your whole trip lol. Then you get a detachable mirror too! If you wish to have the contour kind of blusher this is also the one for you.

Next, if you have similar shades of product and wanted to have a more variety or choice of the eyeshadow palette, this isn't for you because some shades like Bare and Curve is too similar (when you apply on your eyelid). For the lightest shades like 3 sheets which is hardly use in my case because no matter how many layer I apply on my eyelid, it still look like my own skin color lol. If you don't use these 2 cheeks color and the highlights then don't waste your money to get this palette as personally I think you can get other Urban Decay NAKED palette which is way prettier than this too.

I think this is specially to create for people who specifically really into those nude pink and muted rose shades. Yes targeted for people like me lol. Anyhow I still figure our how to use on the highlight as I personally think it's not the usual shades that I would apply on my upper cheek lol. Can't even use the cheap shoot all over my upper cheeks area too. It will be too heavy for me.

Personally I think these shades is for those who want to have contour effect on their cheeks. It's like blusher but with a contour ability lol. It's best to apply it in a vertical way than my usual 'hangover' makeup look. I guess a lot of you guys would still get this because the price isn't really exp compare with their 'eyeshadow' only palette.

So at the end I still get it, impressed with the beautiful shades but a big disappointed with the packaging because each time I apply I need to wipe the dirt away and just get very angry when the palette get dirt easily within just 1-2 uses.

I guess that's all about my tried and tested review and first impression on the latest URBAN DECAY BACKTALK Palette. Hope it's useful for you and yay, one more eyeshadow palette from UD this time. So nice because I get it from Smelly! HAHAHAAHHAHA That's why I can save the money to get and try another palette soon :p

That's all for today. Hope to see you on my next post! Love, xoxo.

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