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24 May 2018

Flower Trip in Japan- [Oita: Part 12] + [Fukuoka: Part 12 , 3 4 , 5] + Tokyo [ 1] + Summary Post (to-do/ how plan / expenses)


Konnichiwa Sweetiesこんにちは ~ Finally here is my very first post to kickstart my Kyushu trip. I decided to start with detail post first so you guys can always refer and read all the detail like how I go and what time should I plan for the itinerary and the overall transportation + things to do. After all of that, I will make a complete summary with mostly highlights thing or to do to summarise my whole Fukuoka + Oita Trip. It was so hard for me to even kickstart a post because I'm not sure which to go first but I asked on my instagram stories and you guys prefer to read this kind of post like ready each chapter of the story book and at the end I will summarise everything in one post.

This time I skipped the sakura season as I always think that Japan is more than just the Sakura and as much as I travel to Japan, personally I think there are lots of beautiful spot other than those famous tourist place. So we look through all the website and info, we decided to kickstart our trip in Kyushu Region. I travel during the 'golden week' in Japan and surprisingly except us most of them are local people. We have spent our 1 weeks+ time in this wonderful place and ended up with another few more days spent in the city (Tokyo).

I wanted to show you how beautiful Japan is and create some new content for my blog as I know no much people willing to travel for more than 20 hours just to visit, explore so I can tick on my new prefecture list. People always told me' OMG CHANWON, are you going to Japan again?' My answer is always yes because it's safe and I have so much passion on that. Each place I bump into has its own story and of course, being together with new friends , cooking together with them, chit chatting and staying in a nice and cozy house together every single night.

While planning for the trip one of the most exciting part is my Oita homestay. There will be a private onsen located right beside our house. Which means that it's not a public onsen but a private one where only you or if you like you can onsen together with your friends. So I planned to visit Oita prefecture on the first day I arrived in Japan as the following day I will mostly spend my time in Fukuoka. Also, we can get to experience the onsen on the first day as Oita is so famous on its Onsen.

The whole Kyushu area included the famous Kumamoto, Nagasaki & so on. I have listed and showing you guys on my [Planning for my Kyushu Trip] post. But this time I just able to make time for both Oita and Fukuoka as just Fukuoka itself already took me like 2 hours at least to visit to a new place and those flower gardens. The transportation isn't hard but you need to change from subway to bus and ferry. It's quite tiring but once you arrive your destination, everything just worth it!

Travel Period & Weather

I travel during the last week of April until the first week of May. The first few days is raining in Japan, the rest is quite sunny and the last few day in Tokyo totally feel like the beginning of Summer. Super hot in the city while in Fukuoka and Oita area, the weather just nice around 22ºC. If it's rain it's around 18ºC.   


I ended up take ANA flight to Japan as I compare with most of the low cost fares and local flight, it's not as cheap as ANA (Japan airline). With the amount of money, I can get to enjoy the meals, two luggage weight included (each 23kg), drinks, movie time and so on. Also it's not my first time taking ANA to Japan, they are always the best for me! So as long as it's reasonable or I rather top up few hundred ringgit to take ANA as the space is bigger and more comfy.

So firstly we travel from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo in the afternoon and arrived in Japan at night. Since there is no direct flight to Fukuoka, we need to wait at the airport for 8 hours. Yes, it's my first time waiting and can't sleep on my bed for 8 hours. Not even have a pillow for me but if you wish you can actually take Singapore airline or the Thai airline because both of them fly directly to Fukuoka. 

From KL > Tokyo: 6-7 hours 
Tokyo Airport: 8 hours waiting for the local flight to Fukuoka
From Tokyo > Fukuoka: 2 hours 

Lastly, we need to collect our JR pass from Fukuoka main Hakata Station and proceed to take our luxury train from Fukuoka to Oita for almost 3 hours. Then the waiting period added together should be more than 24 hours but the moment we arrived our Oita Homeaway Homestay, I was like OMG! THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING.

Now, let me show you how I survive through the journey and some behind the story that I haven post on my insta before 🤫. So in this blog post, I'm gonna show you how I survive 8 hours and to do in the airport, how we arrived in Oita, our awesome home alike stay that I book through HomeAway and the wonderful diary in Oita. This is the first 2 days story and next coming post will be telling you guys the rest activities and to do I did in Oita too. Are you ready for that?

Let's get started!


| What to do: 8 hours in Haneda Airport  
So here's my very first time 'overnight' in Haneda airport and I feel so proud of myself as all of us survived 8 hours in Haneda Airport. Luckily I got some tips and to do in the airport. As I mentioned earlier we arrived in Haneda airport at night and we have spent a day in the flight. Since most of us were really tired and hungry, I decided to let them rest for few hours and take supper first. Next, before our morning flight from airport to Fukuoka, I decided to go to bring all my friends to experience the shower room service in the airport.

Once we arrived in Haneda airport, we spot some new deco around the building. One of the famous 'Tango no Sekku' celebration in Japan. It's actually a traditional event held every year on May to celebrate healthy growth of boys. Also known as Japan's Children's Day. Lots of Koi banners around the building and also the Wisteria deco too.

One of the purpose of our trip this time. A trip for flower searching! This golden week is exactly the period of Wisteria bloom and it's the most golden week for all of the flowers lover. If you followed my instagram you probably knew that. From blue to purple and then green and yellowish flower all across the gardens and parks we visited. Among all, Wisteria flowers have been the most popular one so far.

Once we arrived in the airport, it's almost midnight and most of the shop closed. Here's the only available one. Mostly open 24 hours and that's how limited it is. Only three and I get an unagi rice set from here. First meal in Japan 😭

My first airport OOTD

Over the years I always like to dress up in style at the airport but since I'm older now, I decided to go for something more comfy. Just randomly pick my sleepwear and matched it with my Zara jacket lol. Hopefully no one could know it's a sleeping dress lol. Then we spent 4 hours looking for a proper seat to take a nap and at the same time working on our lap top lol. First time '茅街' like that in Japan lol.

5 hours later, we decided to take shower and unpack our luggage & pick our first proper outfit of the day lol. Also, makeup and applying skincare on my skin. No matter how hard it is, I still need to make up because later on we will need to take photo and start taking videos lol. 

Shower Rooms @ Haneda Airport  

Here's the only 24 hours available shower rooms in the airport. It's like a hotel room but without the bed and walking area. Just a shower room lol. So what we need to do is take whatever you need to go in the shower room with you and the rest of your luggage bag need to keep & put at the storage room area.  Next, take a number and wait for your turn.

Sometime it might need to wait around 20 mins until your turn. So make sure you go and take a look at the queue first. There are 15 shower rooms available, you will receive your room key after it's your turn. Then, the shower time will be 1030 yen for 30 mins. Extra 520 yen for each 15 mins thereafter. 

So it's almost RM40 around that for 30 mins shower time. 

It include clean and dry towel for you, shampoo, conditioner, soap and hair dryer. You can bring your toothbrush here with you and enjoy a clean body and skin after a long flight. Not much people notice this so make sure if you check this out if you wish to take shower in the airport. No reservation available, all have to walk in to get the number and wait for your turn. No worries it's quite fast.

Finally it's 6am, we walk to the local flight area and checked in our luggage. Here's a photo showing how tired I am, yes I'm the middle one. While the rest of my friends were enjoying the view outside. On my left it's Gina, first time travelling with her and on my right is my YOLO Buddy, Limzy and his bro, Yeezen , the one who took this photo. 

So here's a photo to remember, us with a proper outfit and makeup!

The next hour, just taking nap like this lol.


| Pick up JR Pass  
Still remember last trip when I bought the JR pass I need to wait for almost a week plus to get the exchange ticket slip, need to call the agency and need to check online and wait for their reply or need to borrow my friend credit card to do the oversea transaction. Ever since I tried booking my USJ and JR pass from Klook App, I can never go back to the traditional way again. 

It's so easy until I just find out that it's the cheapest price so far. So happy that there are such easier way to get all the pass and even USJ ticket too. Without queue and long wait or worrying the ticket gone. Everything can be down within few mins and you get the e-ticket. No need to print out and everything just in one app. Trustable as I'm one of the user for the app and even my friend use this to book for their Universal Studios Pass. Last time I still need travel to KLCC and get the pass or make a phone call. lol Technology improved and a lot of thing can be done within just a fingertip. 

I just search for the place and since I'm traveling to Kyushu Area I get the Kyushu Rail Pass and it's quite a last min decision but still manage to get it. At the same time I urgently call my friend to get the pass because it's much cheaper as most of the place we travel for a total of 5 day already exceed and more than the price of the Pass. So if you using Shinkansen , bullet train or any long journey, travel from one prefecture to another, for few days, the best and most cost-saving method is to get a JR pass because transportation fees and expenses in Japan really cost a lot for all of us.

So now Japan created the JR pass specially for all of the oversea tourist, Why not? So If you are interested to get the JR pass, remember to book it through here and easily collect from the main station. All details stated at the app and the e-ticket receive on the next day. 

Link for the Kyushu Area JR pass: https://www.klook.com/activity/2371-jr-kyushu-jr-pass/

Discount Code for KLOOK   

To make your life easier and save your expenses, I get a discount code for you guys. Just key in [KLOOKCHANWON] to enjoy RM20 off for your first purchase. Remember save this because lots of my follower ask me on my dms and Thank you Klook for the discount code!

So once I arrived at Hakata Station (Fukuoka main station), I decided to double confirm and check again the JR counter to collect my JR pass with my e-ticket. Everything stated clearly and they speak in English too. No worries for that. They guide us which platform to go to Oita and what time for us & any question just ask them ya.

 So here's the rail pass counter! Waited just 6 mins until my turn! So impressed.

Collected my JR Kyushu Rail Pass 

With this pass I can straight go like our touch n go card. As long as the ticket covered region, area or date (mostly 5 days , one week or 2 weeks), you can  enjoy the unlimited use of JR trains at a cost that residents of Japan can only dream of. It's only for oversea tourist. For more info you can google or look at the detail on the app because if I need to explain it can takes me for a whole day to explain lol.


| Yufuin-no-Mori  
Yaaaaahooo~ It's time and few more hours we will be arriving in Oita! I'm so tired but still tried my best to look on the google map and get some ekiben to enjoy inside the train.

Collected our pass and is time to take a rest inside the train and I'm so surprise because look at this beautiful Yufuin No Mori train. Unlike our normal train, this one is the most special one that I ever seen. The luxury Yufuin-no-Mori train! 

It has this distinctive green theme with a wooden interior runs from Hakata to Beppu and Oita until Yufuin. It stops for few stop and our one is the last few stop because we will then stop at Yufuin! Took us almost 3 hours+ to arrive at Yufuin, Oita. Planned to visit the floral village at Yufuin on the next day and spend some time enjoying the private onsen. 

Look at the door, so pretty and vintage! 

 The train station staff will bring this around and ask if you need to take a photo. They will help you to take a group photo too! HAHAAH So cute omg! #OnlyinJapan

Next, there are some merchandise available inside the train where you can purchase some keychain as souvenir for yourself, or some ice cream and light food too. Also, can even collect the stamp which is specially for all of us! Omg so regret I didn't bring my travel notebook here but luckily there is a card available for us to stamp on it. Soooooo nice right!

 Look like some sort of scene from the anime lol

Since most of the time I got nothing to do, I just walk around and see what can I post on my blog and here's the VIP luxury reserve area / seat where you can sit like a queen. I'm here for photo purpose only! HAAHAHAHAH 

Edited with VSCO filter, Taken by my iPhone7*

Another #OnlyInJapan hashtag! It's raining outside and most of us got no umbrella. So guess what? They even did that 😭 Who the hell will do that but that's the reason why I feel so happy and immediately took my phone to capture this precious moment. 

The girl never rush us. She just smile nicely in front of us and ask us to be careful because it's raining outside. 

Plan changed as we decided to go back homestay to check in first and postponed our  Yufuin floral village visit to the next morning. Now, we gonna bath and put down all our luggage first.

Behind the scene*

Even the logo also nicer than ours! We are so lucky to give this a ride as I never know it's so beautiful until I accidentally bumped into it and google to know the name of the train.

This is how beautiful it is. Photo taken on the next day and I'm so lucky that they allow us to enter the platform first and take a photo of this. This is one photo that I wish to print as a postcard and sign on it 🤫Okay, I'm just joking but look how beautiful it is. It's really rare and it's more rare when there is no one here because I went to the platform 1 hour earlier than anyone and waiting for this moment. Look familiar? hehe~

This is the photo taken back in 2017 during my first visit to Gifu Prefecture with one of the super rare scene with train too. Back then it's quite dangerous to take photo like this but with the help and permission of the staff there. I feel so touched and look how beautiful it is. I'm gonna do this for the rest of my trip where I can collect all 47 prefecture one but not sure when the luck will be with me again because sometime we just can't get a nice shot like this. So yes! Now I have 2 out of 47 lol (47 prefectures)

The first scene we spot once we arrived at the Yufuin Station. It's quite cloudy but look at the back and immediately feel like I'm inside a movie. A real movie lol. Everyone of us like WAAAAAHHHHHH!!


| Check in our HomeAway   
Our check in time is 3pm, we arrived two hours earlier but still they allows us to check in a little earlier but at the same time, we just sit and take for a rest at the front entrance of our home. This is one of my dream place as I never try any private onsen homestay before. Most hotel with public onsen took around RM400 per person. This homestay suitable got group travel , even with family or friends also can because it can fit in up to 13 person (3 bedroom, 7 beds and futon available too).

There are two floor but since we have only 4 pax here, we only allow to access to main floor not the upper floor. Click here for the HomeAway Link 

While waiting to check in our home!

You won't believe it is but here's some photo taken at the entrance of our home. I really don't believe and it's way too beautiful!!! 😱😱😱😱😱


So finally we are here at our home in Yufuin, Oita. I really recommend this homestay for you. I actually try to google most place other than city place like this, they only available booking through all the Japanese website. Last time it's so hard to even booking for such place as mostly I need to ask for help from my Japanese friend just to book for the local house like this. 

But HomeAway always make my life easier. I have been using and stick with them for years. Really really recommend this home for you. If you are planning to come to Oita, please get this but it always fully book so remember to check this or book it as soon as possible. Just click on the owner listing there will be 2 listing with onsen but I really like this because I saw Cheesie's blog she also stay here before.

Except for the private onsen, there is a huge (really huge) bathroom, living area, dining area, sofa and so on! We had a great time here. It's really nice for a 2D1N trip. Don't come here just for a day trip, spend a night here at here and you will as happy as I am now 💕

This is Limzy & didi's room

Dry toilet

Wet toilet and my favourite Japan washing machine

ISN'T THIS HUGE?? No joke! I really like this because we can brush teeth at the same time!

Just because it's too nice, worth for another photo here! lol

Hair dryers and everything you need are here!
HomeAway always the best!! Make me feel like a home and like I'm really staying here.

Living room area

Dining area

Even a kitchen area for us to cook!

Gina & my room ✨ Clean and tidy

All the bed is double size bed which can fit two pax each. Big & cozy and what most important each room has closet area where you can hang your clothes too.

Click here for the Homestay Link 

Everything you need! What else should I ask for? OMG!


If you prefer cooking, there is a market nearby our homestay. Just walk to the market and get everything you need! Then enjoy your self luxury cooking time.

Also, OUR PRIVATE ONSEN NAHHHHHH 🤪🤪🤪 Don't envy us ok?

For 6 pax stay it's around RM200 per person after I apply the 8% discount code. If you really take a look for the stay, the more people you stay, the cheaper it get. So normally for public onsen hotel some more it's public it's around RM400-600 per person without kitchen and such a huge bathroom and all that. But this is cheap and nice omg! How to not share these with you. I think HomeAway really good to reach on those countryside homestay booking with accessible feature on the app. Life easier and it's quite reasonable too!
I actually counted the price first and look at the price! OMG Sooooo worth! Now you know how I'm able to travel to Japan so frequently.

8% Discount Code for HomeAway 

I think I have share this but just in case if you are first seeing this in my blog. You are welcome quote [HOMEAWAYCHANWON] to enjoy 8% discount for your next staycation booking. A lot of 好康頭 for my readers. I hope you guy can fully utilise the discount code , make use of it and save more when travel to your favourite country. You are welcome ♥️


| Exploring & Adventure Time 
After we done our house tour time lol, we decided to take turn to shower and change our clothes again. Then, start exploring this little place. I just google see the Yufuin Flora Village but I still never really google this street and town. So everything still remain a mystery. So the moment we walk out from our homestay I be like 😳😳

Photo taken with my phone with VSCO filter

I really hope you can come to witness this with your own eyes. I wish my loved ones was here with me. I guess this can be my next honeymoon place again! HAHAHAAHAHHA But two people staying in such big house is quite weird, I think should be couples trip! lol Let me plan again with my friend next year lol.

So now it's my show time! It's still raining and a little cold for us. It's like 14 celsius only wtf. The weather was unexpectedly cold but we still enjoy around because we are here for a reason!!! I never sleep at all but still so excited lol. 

Look so pale without makeup and luckily I put one lipstick on my backpack! HAHAHAAH

Totoro feel~ Can someone draw a totoro beside me? Or maybe the photo above? lol

Then I saw this vintage high tea place in the area. Look so beautiful and feel like I'm the main character in the anime movie! AHHAAHAH My imagination is so damn good!

With Chanwon, every place can be a photo spot as long as you wear the correct outfit to match with the overall background. I wear like 村姑 but so on point!


Helped Gina tie a bun on her hair and I guess Limzy feel super cold that time. 

Then we passed by this little corner again. Oh yea, this whole post can even create a book to record and show all these photo. The photos are too pretty and Thank YeeZen didi 😭 They asked how I can be so excited in all the photo. I guess that's the real me. I can't hold my excitement and you will know why if you are here. I hope one day I can come out with my own travel book featured all these amazing place for you guys.

It must be a dream that I'm able to hold the book and someone actually read and laugh at what I wrote. HAHAHAHAAHHA I will print everything out this time!

do, re, mi

Yunotsubo Kaido Yufuin, Oita

This is the name of the old street located nearby our homestay. It's exactly in front of the Yufuin Station where you can spot a lot of good foods and souvenir shops. Some very unique one too! Mostly that you can't see it in Tokyo or city~ Very movie alike feeling!

Snoopy Yufuin Restaurant! I came here on the next day~ Stay tuned for my next post and follow my journey.

MUST EAT* Giant Takoyaki (Bakudan-Yaki)

There is no one there since it's raining and only us waiting for our order. What caught my attention is this GIANT TAKOYAKI. Yes, it's so huge with a total of 8cm in diameter that are tasty filled with takoyaki ingredients. What special than that is this Takoyaki is the one without octopus but has diff various of taste. I ordered a cheese one and a original one. It filled with all sorts of ingredients like corn, cabbage, shrimp, squid and mushroom. 

Also, bakudan-yaki translates to English means “fried bomb”.

No one can stop me!


After we ordered, there are people start queue up for the giant Takoyaki. If you notice here most tourist here came from Korea because Fukuoka located nearby Busan, Korea. Most order menu has English and Korean too. So I have no problem when come to that.

MUST TRY* Red Bean Piano Cake

This is the only thing I can really see from Japan. From food until the presentation of the food, now even the souvenir shop also selling some creative souvenir and also food. This is one of the shop that we accidentally bump into, Just nearby the whole street. The staff ask us to give the cake a try and I warm you don't simply try because it taste so good until each of us Bring a box back to Malaysia wtf.

I guess it's the name of the shop?

So apparently it's a piano alike cake! It look quite nice but when you try it, WAHLAO sibeh tasty. The red bean just nice even one of my friend she don't like red bean, still she bought back one box. It's not cheap tho, 2160 yen. But once in awhile and it's soooo good! I never taste something like this before OMG!

The packaging

Win liao lo this 🤩

Hello! It's me!

Their own merchandise

Postcard, book covers and handkerchief 

There you go! My haul of the day lol

Totoro Shop

If you are a fan of Totoro, you are not going to miss this photo spot just right beside the entrance of the shop. There are lots of totoro items from handkerchief to bag, soft toys , souvenirs , keychains and all. Let me show you~

Photo worthy spot #chanwonrecommended #diediemusttake

Where's my totoro? It's raining here~

3 girls x 3 diff personalities 🧐

So pretty~

Something beautiful

Next, we search on our google map for the location of the market. So here we are, getting some dinner for ourself. So here's me posing like a pro, like a mom buying vegetables for their kids. HAHAHAHAHAAHA then after that I put it back lol 

The whole car is instead noodle wtf xD

We bought something to cook for breakfast on the next day. We decided to just bring back some instant noodle as we were so tired over the past 24 hours. Is time to just eat and sleep lol Until that hour, we left 10% energy. Just like our phone's battery lol.

Our first dinner in Oita, Japan. 

Behind the scene of the photo! AHAHAAHAHAH

Finally we can sit down and talk to each other. Planning tomorrow itinerary, scheduling the alarm and make sure who's the first one to conquer the bathroom first and what hairstyle or outfit advice I have. So basically, we left 3% energy at this hour. We just #kanpai with our favourite Pocari, Japan's version 100 plus. HAHHAHAA The blue label and white wording, I'm sure you all seen it everywhere at the convenience store in Japan.

So there go my super cozy night spent in our HomeAway homestay with a happy heart but exhausted body. So glad that even it's rain, the photo turned out really pretty and I hope my journey & story could brighten your day. I really wish to bring you guys around with me for this trip as we took a lot of time to plan everything and take photo regardless how tired we are.

I guess it's the end of the post, let the story to be continue on the next post! Next I will be more focus on the Yufuin Floral Village and the nearby experience too. How we put our luggage and the rest will be continue on the following days. Thank you guys so much for the support and love on my photos. I really hope that you can be in this place and witness the awesome homestay, the food, people and just everything. A little sneak peek for you 😘

Here's the end of my first day journey! See you on my next post! Love ya. xoxo.


  1. First to comment! Beautifully written and it makes me miss this trip so much! <3

  2. Wahhh the pictures are sooo pretty <3 always love your travel blogs the most!! :)

    Sincerely, Shannon

  3. Hi Thanks so much for the informative blog. I am planning to go to Yufuin this October. And your homeaway homestay looks awesome! I pressed the links but none worked. Which one did you book?

    1. Hi dear thank you for your comment. For now the owner still haven update the listing so it's why the previous link isn't available. For now you can search for similar listing available through Homeaway. If it's up then I will update the link again ya <3 Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Hi. I came across your blog when Google about kyushu. Did you make a reservation for Yufuin no mori? How to make the reservation after purchase the JR pass from klook? Thanks!

    1. I just use my JR pass and buy the Yufuin No More train ticket at the counter upon arrival. I didn't make reservation before my trip :)

  5. Hi Chanwon! Very informative post. But the Homeaway link does not work. Could u share it again? Thanks.

    1. Hi dear thank you for your comment. For now the owner still haven update the listing so it's why the previous link isn't available. For now you can search for similar listing available through Homeaway. If it's up then I will update the link again ya <3 Thank you for your understanding.

  6. Hi Chanwon,
    The homestay in Oita does not work. Can you share ?

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