THE FACE SHOP Marble Beam Blusher Review | Tried & Tested

13 May 2018

Hello Sweeties💕 Welcome back and I'm so happy to see you on my blog again. Before I started my new travel series blog post, I decided to share this with all of you because you guys have requested this from my insta stories. I guess this really caught your attention especially the pretty marble casing. It's not a foundation or cushion product it's actually the newly launched + latest blusher from The Face Shop!

I'm really surprise with this collection because it's really pretty. It's the new Marble Bean Blusher and just like its name, it's a marble design blusher! You will get even surprise when you see the blusher. It's damn pretty and this collection has included a highlighter too a.k.a the unicorn product. The reason why is because the highlight is a blend of all my favourite pastel colour. Let me show you now!


| The Face Shop Marble Beam Blusher
As you guys know I'm always a fan of blusher and lipstick and when I saw these I was like OMG, the packaging itself is just so on trend until I can't say a NO with this products. It's actually in my wishes list for weeks but I still couldn't get it as it's always out of stock. I want to collect all of these until I received a surprise parcel from the PR team and they sent me all of these. 

It's why I'm able to get 4 of these and I'm not sure whether it's still out of stock or available on their offline / online store now. So if you spot any of these, just grab it because you won't regret it! I swear. The packaging and the product itself is super duper nice. 

 The Face Shop Marble Beam Blusher

 3 Marble Blush + 1 Highlighter

 The Marble Beam Blusher (Left - Right) Lovely Coral , Lovely Pink & Lovely Violet

 Look at the marble packaging! So on trend right! It's a good flatlay props actually.

 The Marble Beam Highlighter- Lovely Aura

What's so special about these blusher is the combination of three shades that helps to create a healthier and more of a gradient cheeks look. So when you blend it well with the brush applicator, you cheeks have a very natural looking cheek colour other than just one boring colour. Another thing is, it can somehow help you to highlight your upper cheek area and make it more pop than a usual one or single colour blusher.

So if you take a look closely to the blusher you will spot there are three diff shades for each one. Each comes with a multi-functional blush formulated with a lightest shades (Base shade) with highlighting effects, medium shade which helps to correct uneven skin tone and last but not least, a top shade for fresh-faced look.

Next, here's a secret for you guys. This blusher smells like a baby powder product. It's quite a pleasant smell for me. I feel so good every time I apply this on both of my cheeks area! But I guess most of The Face Shop blusher actually came with a very nice and pleasant scent. Feel so unique especially each time when I open or using it.

In addition on the beautiful and on-trend looking packaging, the inner design is quite cute too. It's like a cushion product which actually came with a protector cover over the blusher so you can put the brush nicely and won't dirty the mirror. 

Marble Beam Blusher 01 Lovely Pink:-
This is a basic colour for everyone and pink cheek will never go wrong. If you already have a lot of pink shades, I recommended you to get the 02 Lovely Coral shade than this because this pink is quite a common colour but with the combination of 3 diff gradient shades, it able to create a more healthy complexion cheeks rather than just a boring pink cheek.

The mid and lighter pink shades really brighten up my whole face like I applied a highlighter on my upper cheek but in fact, I just apply this product only without using another other highlighter on my upper cheek area. If you wish to make you apply cheek more pop or to create a more younger looking makeup look, you can use this too as the combination of 3 diff shades actually makes the color & your cheeks more pop.

Marble Beam Blusher 02 Lovely Coral:- 
Most of the time I will pick pink rather than a peach colour but this peach colour is just so suitable to use it on a daily basis. It's more coral than just a single peach colour. Remember that I mentioned the 3 combination shades? It makes this coral look like a combination of pink x peach shades, therefore if you hate pink blusher and you wish to get something to use on a daily basis , for everyday makeup look and not too pinkish or cute. This is the one for you.

It's so lovely like the name of the product and make you look less pale and really suitable to use it for a everyday makeup look. Another tips for fair skin girl (like me) , a peachy shades is especially flattering if your complexion or skin look really yellowish. So if you want to look less yellowish, try to get a peach or slightly coral shades like this. Don't get the single peach colour blusher, get this kind of 3 shades one. Once you tried, I'm sure you will definitely throw away all your single colour peach blusher! HAHAAHHA

Marble Beam Blusher 03 Lovely Violet:- 
Purple shades?! Are you sure??!! Yes, it's actually use to reduce your skin redness and at the same time achieve a soft bright skin complexion. I know what you are thinking. Purple is a scary color and who the hell will use it on our cheeks. 

Remember the Canmake maroon-purple shades cheek powder colour that I shared on my youtube? This works the same too. It's so on trend right now and a lot of big brand also came out with their own purple shades cheek product. Just like The Face Shop, they are now more on trend and compare with other's brand purple blusher, this is more light and with these 3 gradient shades too.

Another thing is, purple shades blusher look really natural, and it’s pretty easy to wear no matter what is your complexion. A good purple blush should not appear purple nor bruise-like on the skin, so you can relax and it actually makes your complexion look slightly healthier and more vibrant than other colour.

If you have darker skin colour, try a darker purple instead of this. This TFS one appear more good on fair to medium skin tone. On darker skin tone it's too natural so you can try the darker one like the Clinique Cheek Pop or the Canmake Cheek Powder instead. So if you are fair and medium shades, feel free to try this out as I think you will really really love the after use effect.

Marble Beam (Highlighter) 04 Lovely Aura:- 
This is the unicorn! A combination of all my favourite pastel colour. Look how pretty it is but this photo not as pretty as the real one. Try to look for this if you pass by any of their physical store and wish you luck to get one for yourself because this is the one that always out of stock lol. 

It's a highlighter which use to enhance a flat face, add more dimension on it and use to increase the radiant on the skin. With its glowing powder and brilliant pearl particles, it delivers a radiant glow that will never cakey on our skin. If you don't want to apply any color on your cheek and you just want to enhance your flat face, just use this or if you wish, you can use this to highlight on your upper cheek area, under area of your eyebrow / above your eyelid and your T-zone area.


 This is the highlighter after use outcome:-

Quite natural and won't look too harsh on our skin.

Can use this highlighter on any area that you wish. I love to use it on my T-zone area + the upper eyelid.

Now let me show you the pink shades. I'm using this to complete the whole makeup look before my outing.

 Just two layer and you can see my cheek is glowing! 

 Glowing pink!


| My thoughts , Pros & Cons
The selling price of each of these blusher is RM73 and if you went during promo period it's slightly cheaper and if you followed The Face Shop's official instagram account, you can really spot those very worth on going promo before and after launching of any new product. For now I'm not sure the promo but you can check out their social media.

Other than the price, let's talk about the pros and cons on the blusher itself. To be honest, I get attracted by the marble packaging of the product. It's really pretty and I guess it can be one of the makeup product that I feel really proud and happy to have it and the shades itself has a very natural glowing effect which is much better than a single colour blusher. Another point is this product came with a very compact size + applicator with a protector cover over the blusher so the mirror won't get dirt easily. The pleasant scent of the powder is also one of my favourite plus it's really easy to carry and put inside my hand bag as a props for my flatlay photo on instagram or using the mirror to touch up my makeup or lipstick. 

For my advice all these colour suitable for fair - medium skin colour only because I tried it on a darker skin colour, the colour paid off isn't as good as on my fair skin. So if your skin isn't fair or medium shades, I suggest you could try it on their store see whether you like how the effect of using it on your skin because I feel like it's too light and natural for darker skin colour and might need to apply more than 4 layers in order to have the same effect like the one on our fair skin. So yes, that's the only con from my honest review. If you have darker skin color, this can show a little glowing effect on your cheeks but not the shades of the blusher that you pick. But still you can try it on the store before purchase it home ya.

So I guess it's all my review and I hope you found this review useful. That's all for my review. Have a nice day and see you on my next post <3 Love, xoxo.