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04 August 2017

Hello Sweeties! Welcome back to my blog and today I'm going to share another review with you guys. It's the Sweat-proof product that I mentioned on my instagram stories. Yes, if you notice it from my instagram then you should know that PUPA is one of the best selling makeup in Italian perfumeries and the latest PUPA Sport Addiction Collection is now available in all Sasa Malaysia outlet. 

Special thanks to Sasa Malaysia and finally I got the opportunity to share the review with all of you. This is an exclusive line of makeup product which specially formulated for people who love to do sports activities. The one thing that I would love to highlight here is:

Other than water-proof, it's also Sweat-proof. Yes, no joke! It suitable for any sports activities. So no worries about your smudge mascara or ugly concealer. You no longer need to look pale when you are exercising or doing any kind of your favourite sports because you can now look attractive after using PUPA Sport Addicted sweat-proof product. 

 After using PUPA Sport Addicted product (look at my eyelashes omg)

Yes pls! Look pretty even during your favourite sports activities. My favourite one is always going to gym, plank and running of course! AHAHHAA But I always worries about my 'sick face' so today, I'm going to try & test all of the PUPA sweat-proof makeup products with all of you. Are you ready?! Let's get started!


#1 What I'm looking for  | 
When I talk about sweat-proof, I'm always looking for a product that can really 'fight' with my sweat. It means that I can wear it like having a zero makeup on may skin and most importantly, it's comfortable to wear, lasting and yet simple to apply.

This is what I'm looking for and the main purpose that I wish to get from the product. So I actually tested it twice. The first day during the the shoot (review at my house / indoor) and second day I wear this for a whole day since my morning running + gym session until I go to meet my friends and back from all the outdoor activities.

I want to know whether it's really sweat-proof and how would I feel for wearing this before & after my sports activities. HAHAHAHA! You should really give yourself a thumbs up for your patient to wait for this review on my blog. I'm so happy because you guys get really excited when I share this on my stories teehee~

There are few products included in this sport addicted collection. From face powder to concealer, makeup fixer, mascara , eyeliner and lastly, the lip balm. My favourite are the concealer and mascara. I love how the after-use feeling with these sport collection. It's really comfortable to wear and long lasting too! OMG I just can't wait to share so here's the first product that I'm going to share with you guys, the concealer!




When I first hear about the sport-proof (sweat-proof) product I was like, I want to try the concealer, eyeliner and mascara. Those are the thing that I can't live without lol. Especially the eyeliner and mascara. It helps to open up / brighten your eyes and make it look attractive or even energetic especially in the early morning.

But I never thought concealer can be one of the sweat-proof product in this collection lol. OMG It means that I can hide and cover all my imperfections such as dark circles, dark spots and small pimples. 

This sport addicted concealer is my top-rating product in whole collection. It's lightweight, (as usual! because for sport activities and comfortable + long wear, it must be really lightweight) and most importantly is the texture. Selling price is RM85 and available in 3 different shades (light beige, natural beige and intense beige)

The texture is like melting texture. Not too thick and heavy and yet it gives my skin a good coverage. I really love to use it on my under eyes area (to cover my panda eyes, dark circles) and also my small pimples. But still, the texture is the thing that I really really love! 

Just like how I normally use my concealer, I usually draw 3 dot to form a triangle shape so that it looks really natural but for this (since the texture is not thick and really really lightweight) I decided to give it a try, just draw a full triangle shape and blend it with my skin tone. I wanna to try and test the texture and after-use result.

So I just blend with my my fingers and look! It completely melt and blend well with my original skin tone. Plus, giving me a nice coverage on my panda eyes. OMG This is soooo good to apply!

- Before using the concealer -

 - After using the concealer -

Look at the result, can be flawless even during sporting activity! 

Review on the concealer: Good texture (not too heavy or thick), easily blend and really love the melting texture, medium-high coverage and natural.



#3 MASCARA  | 

The perfect weapon for girls! WATER AND SWEAT-PROOF! Yes, this mascara is super nice to hold the shape of your eyelashes. I used it this morning from 8am to 11pm. My eyelashes still so curl! At the same level that I applied in the morning and most importantly, after few application, it does volumize my eyelashes.  

Sport Addicted Masaca: Selling at RM89 and available only in black color. It's perfect for all kind of sports activities , even the most intense ones!

 The mascara brush

I really love how it holds the curl and shape of my eyelashes. Not making it heavy at all and eve after 8 hours of wearing it, my eyelashes still on its shape. The shade never fall down at all. Then when you apply the first coat, the lashes is just perfect (natural looking eyelashes) with an enough amount of volume. This is not lengthen at all but after the second coat, I can see my eyelashes suddenly boosted its volume.

It really volumized my eyelashes after the second-third cost of application. Love how intense and generous the volume is. But don't over do it, it will become super chunky lol. So I guess 2-3 coat should be more than enough for me. 

- After applied the mascara -

- Before & After -

As you can see it's never lengthen my eyelashes but giving it an enough amount of volume and do a great job on holding the shape even after my sport activity. (Fyi, I did running in the morning and plank)

Review on the mascara: Volumize my eyelashes, more define and really hold my eyelashes shade nicely without falling downward after my sport activity. The only con is not lengthen because i know some of you prefer a lengthen version of mascara but for me I'm loving it.



#4 BALM  | 

Looking for a soft and comfortable texture of lip balm?? Here you go! The super light weight and smooth lip balm! I think you should also try this out if you are looking for a nice lip balm which can really smoothen your lips + give a little protection on it.

This balm has the SPF15 to protect you under sun during your sport activity and quite different with other lip balm. This is super smooth. When you apply it on your lips, you will have the feeling like applying a hair treatment on your hair lol. Imagine how smooth it is!! It's RM59 and comes with 3 different color. Transparent (gently tinted) , Nude rose and Burgundy!

LOOK AT THE PHOTO! Just one application and I can feel how smooth it is by looking at this photo. The balm was like immediately melted on my lips. The application was extremely pleasant and please try this on your lips if you go Sasa! Or maybe try on your hand!!

It's not shimmer or shinny! It's just tinted transparent but really smooth! Even just the first coat lol. No more dried and chapped lips when doing your sport activities. Oh yes~~ Yo

Review on the balm: Tinted transparent, REALLY smooth application, super light-weight and doesn't feel like wearing a balm on your lips at all. Really really love the feeling after the application.



#5 FIXER  | 

Last step in every makeup routine! Fixer to fixes your makeup. This is my first time using a fixer as the last step on my sport makeup. It's lightweight and fresh.

Selling for RM99 per bottle and only available in one size. Which you can easily put it into your bag and bring it around.

Once sprayed, it makes your face makeup resistant to sweat! 

Review on the fixer: Nothing much about the fixer but i just use to complete the step and make my makeup last longer and resist to sweat. As the last step on my sport-proof makeup look!

 So now it's all done and let's get sweaty together with no worries!

Just like the product packaging, it's fresh, pinky with a little grey to balance your life! Anyhow, if someone ask you how your fix your makeup, why it's so lasting or how you look so gorgeous even after your sport activities then make sure to share this secret with them :p If you wish to keep it as a secret, then you are welcome to! HAHAHAHA 

That's all about my review on the PUPA Sport Addicted Sweat-proof product. If you wish to try it out, feel free to drop by any nearest Sasa Malaysia outlets! It's now available in all Sasa outlets! For more information, feel free to check out the links below:- 

Website: sasamy.com.my
Store Locator: http://corp.sasa.com/en/store-locator/malaysia/

That's all for today! See you on my next post~ Love, xoxo.

BTS Photo -,,- reviewing the product and writing all the important note on my phone lol. Damn you Smelly, I only noticed this when I transfer the photo to my lap top lol. Have a nice day <3

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