Must go places in Boracay | My Boracay Itinerary

09 August 2017

Hello Everyone! Thanks for your patience and here's the ultimate itinerary for those who interested to visit Boracay, Philippine. I will try my best to blog about everything I know and how I actually help Smelly's family and myself to plan for the trip. This blog post has everything about my itinerary, must-go places, to-do things and basically everything that I stated here can be really helpful for you to plan for your trip to Boracay. So are you ready for that? Let's get started!

|  Why Boracay  | 
Boracay has been my top priority list after the recommendation from my friends. I went to Krabi before this Boracay trip and I thought every beach trip could be really similar to each other but Boracay proved me wrong! Unlike other beach, Boracay got lot of exciting activities to play and have fun with. Whether you love island hopping, snorkelling, swimming or just want to have fun with your family & friends. Please Please Please plan your trip to Boracay because I never regret on my decision and if you watched my stories you probably know Smelly & his family went to Boracay with me.

So my trip is now expand from 2 persons to 6 persons. lol I'm quite worries at first but ended up everything was so good until I wish to plan another trip with Boracay again lol. This is how much I fell in love with this little place.

Boracay is actually a small island in the central of Philippines. It's well known for its white beaches. To make it easier, I break down it into west and east coast. Along the west coast, it's the white beach that is full of palm trees, bars and restaurants while the east coast, it's all about the water sports / activities. Other than the water sports, quite a number of tourists purposely come here for diving and etc.

So yea, Boracay is really good for those who love to enjoy the beach and get involve in water sports / activities too. If you love it then make sure you come to visit Boracay one day!

|  4D3N Boracay Trip [How I plan]  | 
I plan to visit Boracay since the beginning of 2017 and I thought it's really expensive because most of my friend told me so lol. But after planning for the trip I get everything done within 2k budget. Each person included flight ticket, accommodation, and part of the water activists + game. Please give myself a thumbs up and it's the reason why wanted to write everything here. I can't reply all dm in once because it's really a long and details story lol

Of course we went to Boracay in July & it is not high or peak season , so our ticket and accommodation is much cheaper compare to the peak season. Since most of the time Smelly was working in a full time job. He rarely can take holiday and go travel with me. This is why a 4D3N trip can be quite a memorable one for us. If you only have a short holiday then I guess 4D3N Boracay Trip can be fun too. Of course, if can I wish to extend one more day but you know it's quite tiring after all the water sports so I guess either 4D3N or 5D4N could be really nice to explore this beautiful white beach.

There are only two flights to Boracay each day via AirAsia. Recommended to book the earliest one because after arrive to Kalibo airport you still need to take van & boat to the beach and check in too. It takes another 2-3 hours to complete all your Day 1 to-do thing and it's really tiring. So the first day is mainly doing nothing lol. 

My Plan
1st Day: Arrived in our hotel , check in then walk to the beach 

2nd Day: Island Hopping Day. Rent our boat and visited Puka Beach, Crocofile Island, Magic Island, Crystal Cove. At night, enjoy all entertainments and activities in Station2, Boracay.

3rd Day: Water Sports Day. Parasailing, Helmet Diving, Sunset Sailing. 

4th Day: Sunrise & Relaxing Day. lol Just hang out and beach walking with Smelly all day long lol. Walk from Station 3 to Station 1 HAAHAHAHA! Then enjoy our lunch at the beach. Last day is always so relaxing because after all the water sports on Day 3, I left only 10% of energy lol.

|  Weather & Low / Peak Season | 
It's the beginning of raining season in Boracay. So we went to Boracay during the off season (low season). Firstly, I don't mind to go in the beginning of the raining season because everything is cheaper especially the accommodation and ticket & the rain come and go. So no worries on it. Plus, not so hot for me! I very afraid of hot sun because I have shooting after my trip so I don't mind getting dark but I really afraid my face getting dark and it might be really ugly on me lol. 

So here's the date for each season:-
Low Season: May to Sept
High Season: Oct to April

*Peak Season is normally end of the year until beginning of January & April- 3rd May. 

The recommended time to travel will be October until beginning of May. The beach is really beautiful with lot of fishy fishy~ Then the water is clearly + the blue gradient is somehow nicer than my photo. lol But I really don't like to come during peak season when every place was crowded and full of tourist. So pros and cons & you have to decide it yourself! HAHAHAA

During our 4 day trip. The first and last day no rain at all while the second day was raining whole day. It's like raining once every 2-3 hours. Then the rain is really small and we still can swim / snorkelling and island hopping hahaha! Thank god and the 3rd day is quite Sunny. So we went to helmet diving and parasailing until 5pm it's raining lol. So for me, the raining day not really affect my itinerary :D I'm happy!

|  How long travel to Boracay from KL | 
From Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 to Kalibo airport is around 3 hours 45 mins. Round up it's almost 4 hours after you get your luggage and since I travel with quite a number of people. I decided to ask my hotel pick us up form the airport. It's good because we get to sit at the aircon Van which is quite good and comfortable + not so crowded and they help us to carry our luggage too. 

After that we sit in the Van and take a nap for 1 hours plus until we arrive the Tabon Jetty and we take another boat until we reach Boracay, the white beach heaven lol. So the total time taken is around 6 hours. My friend told me it's crowded and very hot + so trouble but ended up I got no trouble at all. I guess it's because I booked everything with my hotel and they arrange it nicely for all of us.

Special thanks to Blue Ocean Boutique Hotel. If you staying in this Hotel then you can ask them to pick you up from the airport by paying them in peso or RM. I'm quite worries at first but the manager, Louise helped Smelly's family and me a lot. If not mistake it's around RM50 (550 peso per pax) to pick up from the Kalibo airport.

|  What's the difference between S1,S2,S3 | 
I'm staying at Station 3 (S3) which is just right beside S2. Station 2 is the most happening place with lots of night activities and bars available around the beach. I'm okay with night activities but really into that kind of night life lover and we were travelling to here with family. I hope they can enjoy the beach and get rest at night so I skipped staying in S2 since I can always walk to S2 from my S3 beach lol. So I don't mind that lol.

S1 is famous with the luxury staying experience and villas. It's very quiet and no night activities. If you want then you need to walk quite far from S1 to S2. So after our consideration, we planned to stay at Station 3 since it can easily access to S2 and it's like the combination of S2 +S1 hahaha! Not too noise and too happening. Just the right one I guess!

If you love to experience the luxury villas then go to stay in S1
If you love bars and night life / activities then think about staying in S2
If you are in between then go stay in S3 

Hope this is useful but still, based on each individual's preferences. 

|  Where I stay: Blue Ocean Boutique Hotel | 
(Day 1)

So I'm so glad to get invite and stay at this hotel. The owner of this hotel is actually a Malaysian. So it's easy to communicate and this hotel is so clean and new. Just launch and open last year. They tend to be more focus in customer service. Smelly's family pay for their own while I'm invited to be here to review for the hotel. At first I thought it's just a normal boutique hotel but after my 3 nights stay in Blue Ocean Boutique Hotel. I'm really happy with their service and no worries, I did not get paid for the review

Smelly's family praise this hotel and we love it so much. Since most of them followed my plan 我不敢开玩笑带他住不好的 So before I come, I really google and do research on this hotel lol. You know me so well you know I very strict on my stay one lol. 

So here's the thing that I really love about the hotel:-
  1. Good customer service, follow up very quick and communicate in English
  2. Total 12 rooms. 3 floors + one ground floor which is actually a cafe (Each floor = 4 rooms)
  3. First day included a free dinner and everyone enjoyed the dinner because we were really hungry and no time to look for our dinner lol So everything get settled in the hotel
  4. The cafe serve nice and yummy food. Each of our stay included a set of breakfast. So we eat our breakfast at the entrance / ground floor. It serve desserts and beers too.
  5. Romantic Rooftop /sky bar. Quite chill for us! Whether you going with your friends/ family. The best bonding time could be in this hotel's rooftop. Can see sunset too!
  6. Clean. I feel like the downstair is like our living area and all of the family staying in the same floor. AHAHAH Really feel like a home then the cleaner clean your bed everyday.
  7. Easy to walk to the beach. The beach is just behind the hotel. Just walk out from the entrance and turn left. Walk straight about 3 mins foot-walking distance you can see the white beautiful beach is right in front of you.
  8. Beside of the Hotel is a bread bakery shop and you can take the motor-cab / tutu easily.
  9. You can book the water sports/ activities package with the Hotel
  10. If you want to enjoy the private massage time you can book with their counter and they will come your room. Of course need to pay for the service la! 

One of the thing that really melted my heart was one of the staff from the counter remember that I don't take ice drink. So after the first day, everyone was asking me why my drink was without the ice and I was like 'did I tell her?' I didn't lol I just mentioned to the staff when she serve the drink for me during the first day of my trip and she remember until the end of the day T.T 

I love her and she's quite pretty as well! HAHAHAHA The staying experience was wonderful and if two person in one room. I really hope it maintain their customer service until forever because it feels good to be treated like that and if you plan to visit to boracay and looking for a stay in S3 then remember to check this out. They are having 20% OFF now and you can check it out from their official website: or check out the latest promotion on fb: Blue Ocean Boutique Hotel Facebook

Now, let's follow me to the hotel!

This is the entrance / cafe area.

Our room! Thanks Louise for giving me a bigger room. It's actually a 3 pax room. Feel free to check out the price in their website. Reasonable and nice! Since it's raining / low season, per pax is around RM120-155 only. One superior room is cheaper than RM300. So you know how to calculate & their are having special promo for walk-in + promo stated on their facebook. So you can get cheaper price than that!

 Wooohooo~ The toilet & cloth hanging area , safety box

Clean toilet!

If you are coming for honeymoon. You can ask them to decorate in honeymoon theme like the photo below!

So romantic hor. I want to experience this also but I guess if I do so everyone might misunderstand it!HAHAHAHAAHAHH I just in love with the roses and I want romantic bed too T.T

Okay maybe next time and please hint Smelly to do so if it's our honeymoon trip

 Our cozy bed!

 Tv and coffee table / working table

 Free wifi, complimentary water refill everyday, TV, Refrigerator, Iron. 
For raining season clothes is hard to get dry here so I asked for the laundry service with a minimum fees only! Worth! 

 Change the bed sheet too if you want!

First dinner! OMG SO GOOOD! It's free as a complimentary for your stay.
Other than that, all of your stay included with daily breakfast!

 The Living area beside the entrance of the cafe! Look like a home right?

 The cafe!

 If you are going with your friends and you can book for the movie bar!

 Order list for next day's breakfast!

 Spot the hotel on the magazine hahah!

This is the contact of the Blue Ocean Boutique Hotel!
Don't ask me again T.T 

(Day 1: Evening)

So after done taking shower, I just simply change my clothes and run to the beach. Yes, no joke! I'm running while Smelly keep scolding me -,-. I get really excited like that also get scolded. Life is hard but when I see the beach, I just forgive him!

Then Smelly's family was like OMG Why you wear like this to the beach xD I think I'm really do the best for the photo. I'm not sure why but I feel like wearing this + holding a red wine walking beside the beach is really beautiful. Smelly ask me don't be too over then I was like' 美人配美景 , you don't know one lah'

After all, we just walk around the beach from S3 to S2 and walk all the way back again & sleep really early on the first night because after the long journey, I feel really tired!

|  #1 Boracay, The beautiful White Beach | 
(Day 2: Morning 7pm)

I woke up at 5am to do my makeup and wanna to shoot my white dress that I bought 3 years ago at the beach HAHAHAA! I sacrifice for this but I really love the photo T.T You see it's really so beautiful and without any photobomb behind me. lol We just sit down on the beach and look at the sunrise and do a little shooting in the early morning before we start to book for our island hopping tour.

The beach is clearer and prettier during the peak season. Since it's off season now the beach wasn't really clear and bright lol. Those black thingy appear during the raining season and it affected the color of the sea too. November until beginning of May is the best  time to Boracay. Since it's raining season the sky quite cloudy but still it's so pretty for me! The gradient color melted my heart and really different with the other beach I went.

(Day 2: Morning 9pm)

After taken our breakfast, we changed to our own swimsuit and get ready for the island hopping itinerary!

If you are going with a group of your friends and you guys dont mind to top up a little to enjoy the private tour time then go for the small boat. It's more private and you get the opportunity to enjoy more but since at first I thought I will be coming with Smelly only I decided to go for the public tour. So ended up I quite regret because we wanted to stay longer @Crystal Cove but public tour normally wouldn't allow lol.

Also, if you coming with a group of friend you guys can play more water activities. So it's the reason why I will be back again to play the banana boat and more water sports with my friends lol. Finding kaki to go with me so I could play more on the activities!

Overall after the whole island hopping tour, I strongly recommend you to stay longer at Crystal Cove and take your time snorkelling at there. It's truly beautiful with a clear blue sea. OMG We can't snorkelling there because there are time limit for public tour lol. Wasted but no worries! I will be back again lol.

Things to Be aware of:
It's best if you could ask the package from your hotel because if you go to the station and ask for the price. They always ended up quote you higher than the normal price because they thought we are the tourist from China lol. Or maybe ask you to pay in US dollars too. Like the parasailing, some tour just bump into us and ask us to pay for 2500peso when we can actually get cheaper lol. 

So whether you are familiar or not, please please negotiate or book the package from the tour guide your know or can ask for the recommendation from the hotel stay. Ask carefully the price and extra entrance fees to enter the island (if any)

|  #2  PUKA Beach | 
Should be the last point in our tour but ended up the first point is coming to this beach lol. I'm not sure why and get really confuse but still we order some drink and just chill around the beach. Nothing much to do other than swimming and looking at the beach. If you come during good season then PUKA is one of the top listed beach in Boracay. It's really beautiful!! 

If you come in such a weather which is raining season, expect it to be raining in the morning but it's just small rain that come and go. We reach here at 9.30am and it start to rain lol. Rain gone after 30 mins of chilling around the beach. 

Look at the blue gradient color T.T So nice omg!

Enjoy my coconut!

|  #3  Crocodile Island | 
Rent the snorkelling gear for 20 peso. During raining season / low season like this the fish tend to be lesser than my expectation. I saw most of my friend went here and able to take a very nice photo with those fish T.T But the next point to crystal cove has lot of fish!! 

The big boat stopped at the middle of the sea and here's the crocodile island xD I thought it was an island but it's in the middle of the sea lol. Everyone came here for snorkeling purpose but now it's raining season so not much fish 🐟 here.

 Also, I never look good with the snorkeling gear 🙄 this make me look like a goldfish 

Holding my gopro and I have no idea what am I doing here.

|  #4  Magic Island | 
Magic island is a tiny island which is popular for “cliff jumping” with 250 peso entrance fee. There are different heights to jump from. Starts from 3 meters, then 5 meters, 8 meters, 9 meters and lastly 10 meters. I spot most of them were regret after going to the highest 10 meters one lol But I didn't go down because the whole boat no one going down to the Magic island -.- Then, Smelly refuse to accompany me so I ended up regret not going down lol

|  #5  Crystal Cove | 
This is one of our favourite place! Smelly and I love everything here. 200 peso entrance fees and you can spend at least 2-3 hours here. There are lot of photo worthy spot and people often come here to shoot for their wedding photo. 

 Remember to buy a water-proof bag!

You won't believe this until you witness it with your own eyes. Look how clear the water is and you can even snorkelling here. Lot of 🐟 too! For those who plan to come here please plan it nicely and bring your snorkelling gear here. It's super duper beautiful and come early so that you can experience everything. 

There are two cave in Crystal Cove. Both were similar but I went to the cave one since it's quite fun to look from the top and go all the way down to the cave. Mad love here and if you come to a 5D4N trip then you can spend half day here to enjoy everything and look at the museum. The entrance fee is really cheap and totally worth it. 

(Day 2: Afternoon 5pm)
The island hopping tour end at 5pm. All of us go back to our stay and take the shower. Then we head over to S2 and look for food! Since it's almost the dinner time, we decided to pay a visit to D'Talipapa.

|  #6  D'Talipapa | 
It's the the seafood market in most of the country. You get to enjoy the freshness of the seafood and experience negotiations with the local seafood vendor. Prawn, fish , lobster and so on. If you are not good at nego then just bring your mom or dad with you lol. It's quite full house during the peak hour at night but it's another tourist's spot, so you rarely can see the local people having their dinner at this place.

You can choose whatever seafood you want and Everything were pretty good and fresh. Then after your seafood haul, just walk to the opposite restaurant and ask them to cook depending on your selection. Remember to negotiate with the vendors if you were here. 

 Butter garlic prawn 

|  #7  7D Dried Mangoes  | 
Next, we just go ahead and grabbed some dried mango because it's one of the must-buy in Boracay! Thanks Louise for bringing us around. It's located at S2.

Everywhere is selling 120 peso except here the wholesale price and actual store was selling 75 or 80 peso. Forgot already >.<

The Saba Banana chips is Smelly's favourite! It's crispy and really nice compare to others brand.

|  #8  Chilling Night @ Heaven Bistro, Station 2  | 
(Day 2: Night 10pm)
Since we are here at Station2, why not enjoy the night time with a bottle of beer! HAHAAHA There are lot of bars and performance at S2. So we just go to the Heaven Bistro to have our so called' chit chat time' and just have fun with the music & people around us.

|  #9  Helmet Diving  | 
(Day 3)
So the Day3 is all about water sports / activities. We went to the helmet diving, parasailing and sunset sailing! Wanted to play the banana boat and flying fish but only Smelly and I + need to join with other  strangers, so ended up we didn't play that too. But the sunset sailing was quite unexpected because people told me that it's very romantic. Unfortunately, due to the windy weather and raining season the  waves were too much for us. So ended up all of our body get really wet and it's not that romantic after all. lol

First activity was the helmet diving. We were so excited x nervous at the same time because the guide told us until like it's so serious and quite dangerous. Most of them were 60 years old + and they were so worried. So Smelly and I were the first few who dive in with our 32kg helmet. It's come in a package with a complimentary CD for you to bring back home. HAHAAH The CD included some photos and videos for you to keep it as memories lol

 Let's go! AHHAHAHAHA Photo taken by the staff.

The helmet provides oxygen for you to breath and you can breath normally under water. The most exciting part was your hair won't get wet and you can wear your spec too. Look at Smelly, wtf he's doing here!

 -..- What am I doing here -..-

The complimentary CD for each of us lol

Took some video here with my gopro, going to post it up on my youtube soon. So please subscribe to watch more of my vlog videos! Click here: Chanwon's Youtube Channel 

|  #9  Parasailling  | 
My first parasailing experience in Boracay. 

So chio!! HAHAAHAH

Look at their expression really made my day! HAHAHAHA

|  #10  Lunch @ The Sunny Side Cafe  | 
After both of the activities, the sky turned really dark and windy. So we back to our hotel and plan to visit to the nearby cafe to enjoy the food and pay a visit to the famous D*mall too.

It's located at Station 3.

One of my favorite cafe in Boracay! Please try this sandwich it's one of the signature set. I miss this so much. It's mango , tomato and cheese sandwich.

Look at the blue gradient color OMG OMG!! SO NICE!

|  #11  d*mall  | 
Everything was super duper expensive @D'mall. It's like an outlet but a luxury outlet hahaha! The price is like paying double price to a normal item that you can get outside of the mall lol. So just window shopping around here until I saw the dream catcher that I really like!!

This really famous too!

Look at the dream catcher! It cost around RM280 for one @.@

|  #12  Sunset sailling  | 
After D*mall, I decided to change for a comfortable outfit for the sunset sailing. Everyone told me that it's nice and romantic. But during raining season, it's not romantic at all lol. I get wet all over my body and the waves keep hitting my butt xD It's quite fun tho lol.

1 min before : Romantic

1 min later: #$#@$#@$##@$!@$!#

Feel free to click on the video below and laugh out loud xD

|  #13  Snack Haul & Sky Bar @ our hotel  | 
Last night in Boracay and staying in our hotel. There are a bakery shop beside our hotel. So I just walk to the shop & grab some snack + bread.  lol forever hungry mode.

Then when when we back to our room, I received this letter. Here's the feedback form for us to fill in and you can give them some feedback / comments that you would love to share with the hotel's manager.

Our dinner!

Since it's the last day and I'm quite tired. So we decided to settle our dinner at the hotel. Ordered our dinner with the menu given and never expect my trip could be so fun and memorable. Time flies T.T

Smelly's Family members. So cute <3

|  #14  Bye bye Boracay  | 
So the last morning in Boracay was quite romantic at first but I get really angry after that.

We wanted to take photo with the Boracay magical sand and an incident happens when a 12 years old looking kid come to me and telling me that it only cost around 20 peso but before I come to the trip my friend already told me that it should be around 500 peso for each round, and i thought maybe it's still early and they giving us a cheap price since nobody was there. Then I also thinking since it's last day already + so cheap, I couldn't resist it and say OKAY to the kid.

Then, Smelly and I were happily sit beside the Boracay sad deco to take the photo with it. When we take out our 20 peso to the kid, we realize the kid just disappear and we couldn't look for him but there was an older one standing in front of us pointing the 50 USD. Telling us that it's not 20 peso, it's 50 USD. Suddenly I feel like it's a scam. I feel so speechless at that time since the people keep pointing the USD 50 to me and my whole wallet left only 700 peso.

I speak loudly to that older kid and tell him that the previous kid was holding a 20 peso red note and asking me to come and take a photo. Then now you asking me to pay 50 USD which is around RM210 for one photo with the sand?? You just kill me then wtf!

Then I was so so so angry and not sure what to do because it's my first time experience this. I feel so frustrated and the boy just ignore me keep showing me his 50 USD! wtf I'm not from China, I'm MALAYSIAN!! Don't scam my money man. Next, the big boy continue to count the money in front of me by telling us that 20USD per pax and 10 USD for the added art [JW <3 CW].

He repeated the sentence 'peso不收,收美金' at least 10 time.

So 2 pax here will be 20+20+10 for the extra added sand art and sum up everything will be 50. Then I keep on looking for the 12 years old kid and my voice getting louder & louder. I really have a good time in Boracay except this incident happens. After that, the boy still standing in front of me and he lower down his price to 20 USD but the problem is I DONT HAVE USD IN MY WALLET.

I couldn't move my leg 我真的怕到走不动 because I'm afraid his friends (whole gang standing in front of us) are going to hit us lol. Then I still pointing the 20 peso and pointing the kid but the boy just dont care and ignored us. Ended up I decided to speak really loud and say: ' MY FRIEND TOLD ME IT'S JUST 500 PESO, I ONLY HAVE 500 PESO. YOU WANT IT OR NOT AND I'M NOT FROM CHINA!!!! ' Then Smelly was looking at me and asking if we can delete the photo because we really don't have USD and even I have it I also won't pay them! It's just a typical scam wth.

It spoiled my day. Seriously! Then I repeat my sentence again and ended up the big boy give up on me and decided to take my 500 peso note then just go back with his friends and having some discussion over there. wtf They were really young and why they want to scam people money. If it's 500 peso then say it first, don't show me the 20 peso lah! I also blame myself because I never aware of this. damn it!

So here's the photo worth my 20 mins of shouting and that worth also 50 USD wtf! So please, if you are planning to take photo with the sand art. Ask carefully and better ask them whether it's peso or USD. Please please please be careful of it.

Okay get back to the good thing happen during the last day of my trip. Here's some of the photo taken before the scam incident. lol When I'm still having a good day in Boracay wtf!

 No makeup face lol

Then we go back to check out at our hotel. Here's a group photo <3

So that's all about our Boracay 4D3N trip. Hope the information can be useful for you. Remember to plan it according your budget for the trip and itinerary too. We booked everything with our hotel so the price and package is actually stated in their official website, feel free to check that out! So I guess that's all for today.

See you on my next post sweetie! Love, xoxo.


  1. Was it your first time in the Philippines? If so, I recommend checking out Coron next time! It's an island in Palawan. I've been to Boracay twice and it was great, but when I went to Coron I fell in love. The water is much cleaner and the place isn't as commericalized, so you really get to appreciate the natural beauty of the place. I highly recommend!! :)

    Also there aren't any scammers like those kids digging up the sand lol. I don't have a typical Filipino face so those kinds of people try to scam me every time cos they think I'm Chinese or Korean or what. It's annoying and I'm sorry you had to experience that. Next time just ignore them and walk away. Or just don't take pics in the sand cos it's not worth it.

    1. Yea it was my first time in Philippines. Really? Okay it's now on my list and thanks for your recommendation will check out that. I'm not really a beach person but I really love those natural beauty place like this. Yes, thanks for your comment too <3

    2. Yes you should definitely check it out! For Coron it's not about staying on the beach, the main activity is they tour you on different islands and get to see the corals in the middle of the sea. It's fun! Oh, and Dara recently went to Coron with CL too, I thought this was timely so I'm linking this video heheh <3

      xx Chai

  2. Ahhhhhh! Visit more places here in the Philippines and I guarantee you that you'll definitely enjoy it! ♥ You're now added on to my fave bloggers list. Followed you on Instagram too. ☺♥

  3. Oh, your post makes me remind of my trip to Boracay three years ago. Although we just have 4 days there, we have lots of fun and unforgettable memories. It’s a pity that now the tropical paradise is closed for preservation; so I don’t know when I can come back there. Anyways, thanks for your sharing!