#Dear Diary Series

04 August 2017

Hello Sweeties! Finally something up on my blog other than travel and beauty related topic HAHAHA. Yes, I look back most of my blog post that I updated few years back. I miss my stupid / talk crap kind of blog post. Sometime I wish to just update about my personal life. I updated some of my life living alone kind of blog post on my blog but I just feel like it's not enough for my blog.

So I'm thinking like why not I create a few series of blog post on my blog. Like some of the one I did before #bloggerfacts and #bracesstory series. This time I created a Dear Diary series so that it's more personal and maybe some of you might like/ dislike this kind of topic. I just want to write it like what I normally wrote on my diary book. It might be something that I hate or my related to my dreamland. But it's just some heart-to-heart talking time with you guys on my blog. So it's more words than photo lol

How about this? Are you guys interested? Or you have any series that you can suggest to me so I can put it on my blog. Maybe DIY series or whatsoever! HAAHAHA Just send me an email if you would love to give me some suggestion. 


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