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17 August 2017

No one knows that I'm a romantic person lol. Actually I'm quite a romantic one but only when it's necessary. For example, being romantic during special day / event in my life. So throwback to Smelly's birthday, I brought him to Singapore (read more here) for a shopcation + birthday treat for him. Then when I'm back in Malaysia I was like, isn't that enough for him. lol

Feeling guilty because it feels like my birthday trip rather than his trip. HAHAHAAH So after that I was thinking like why not writing him a birthday card? Like what he did for me during my birthday or x'mas day. Yes, he wasn't a romantic person because it's born in his gene that he's not! lol But somehow he understand what I need the most. I don't like being spoiled with luxury bag because I feel happier if I get it with my own effort and money. 

I love the feeling of getting something all by myself. Like a new achievement but I realise that I'm more happy if someone get things that I need the most rather than just a luxury bag lol. Like now i wish to change a new MacBook xD HAAHAHAHAH LOL I think I will get myself rather than wishing it dropping from the sky hhahaa. jk* I feel guilty if someone give me something expensive and in return I need to exchange or give them back with something worth of that value. Yes, I'm just that kind of typical person lol #这世界真的没有白吃的午餐

So back to the topic, Smelly gave me a phone holder as my Valentine's Day gift and few years ago he bought me a pillow as an anniversary gift because he always know what I need the most. In fact, I just need him to be with me whenever I need him. So every year no matter how busy he is, he will still send me a card as a gift. I love hand written card but sometime he tend to forget about it -.- So I also will die die hint him to do so lol.

Since this year is our 7th year anniversary, I started to become like a man who love to surprise Smelly lol. 没办法咯 人家不浪漫 我就给他浪漫咯 So few months ago I prepared a instax wall frame for him then this month I also did a love frame wall to surprise him when he came to my studio apartment. Actually I just do for myself but also at the same time surprise him and make him happy. HAHAHAHAAH I'm quite clever tho lol

Then last month, after my Singapore trip I just prepare a game for him whereby I prepared 6 diff mini cards with each written on something special , hide it in somewhere else and ask him to find it. He found all 5 except the last one which I'm quite pro to hide it in somewhere which he's not familiar with lol. Although most of the time I feel really angry because he's really smart but I guess the last one quite hard for him.

I bought these mini cards during my trip to Korea. I think I always think of him no matter where I go. Don't tell Smelly because I don't want him to know lol. I want him to feel it xD HAHAHAHAAH Okay it sounds really stupid but I dont mind since this is my #DearDiary series lol. Next, I just thinking of writing something that I wish him to know on the card and hide it somewhere else. I expect him to find it all so that we can take our dinner together with a happy mood lol. 

He's really stress recently because of his full time job. Yes, Smelly is working full time as an engineering in E&E industry lol. He always envy about how flexible am I but ever since he went for few working trip with me, he was no longer envy about my job lol. He know how stressful am I lol. But I feel really blessed and thankful to have him in my life because you know most of the time I'm really impatient and my EQ just not high enough to tolerate with something that I dont like lol.

My facial expression showing it all lol. It's why I dislike social lol. I just can't hide all my feelings lol. I need to learn from someone else which is smarter than me HAHAHAHA. For me I think not every surprise has to involve in lot of money. 小心意也可以有大大的惊喜

So here's the mini card that I bought from ArtBox, Korea. 6 mini cards with all those cute little design , polka dots and lines / prints.

Okay la, I'm quite shy to show what I wrote. I keep that as my secret and let you guys see one of it. lol

Smelly found this on the first card and he laugh -.- He told me this is mission impossible but I think he gonna die after this. I will make sure this can be his first meal when I got my new house's key wtf. Really 欠打 then the rest of time I just feel so regret that I prepared these for him -..-

 After that I just simply stick the mini card and hide it.


So here's the print screen from the video I took on my phone HAHAHAH At first wanna film it as a vlog on my youtube but I think it's quite a  boring video so I just forget about it until I wanna find it back to screenshot it for this post lol. Watching back the video just made my day and i guess it's the reason behind this whole surprise. I wanna to gather everything and during our 10 anniversary I should give Smelly a big big big throwback with all the stupid video clips we recorded. HAHAA

First photo he found the first mini card and keep laughing telling me that my hand writing is really ugly lol. Then he continue read and laugh like a nerd. Which I'm quite enjoy looking it lol. Then he still reading the 5th card and ask me to give him a hint where to find the last one by doing the bird flying body expression lol. 

So that's all about my super budget surprise which you guys can use to surprise for your bf /gf too. HAHAAH That's how fun of it. I really love to give Smelly surprise and see his stunned expression. It look stupid but I just love it. 很变态 xD Just want to keep that as a memories on my diary but really hope that you will find it useful LOLLLLL

Sometime girl can prepare some surprise for your bf too. No need to use lot of money also can be a romantic person so...let's go! HAHAHAHA Love, xoxo.

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