Pet Diary #9

31 August 2017

So it's not the first time Bebe came over to my space but this time I almost need to beg my mom just to bring him here. Why? Because I have no idea why my mom always complain to me that, after Bebe back from my space all his leg will be full of redness and very itchy. He keep licking it and I have no idea why until I realised that my whole house is made of the wooden floor. Because of the Slippery floor, Bebe can't really run or walk normally on my floor when I throw him his favourite toys.

He just keep running at the same spot like almost fall down wtf. Then the running sound make him extra afraid of my space. So after that, there is only one spot for him to play. Which is my bed lol. Also, the entrance to the kitchen cabinet area of my house. Now I have no idea what to do with it and telling Smelly that next year once my house is fully build I will make sure that I don't use the same type of slippery floor lol. It's very sad to see he couldn't run at my house leh. It's like giving him a space and he just sit on my bed then look at me, doing nothing.

The next thing was, my condo here sticked an announcement inside the lift. Saying that no keeping of pet -..- If someone found it out I brought Bebe over then how? I never stay in condo before so I have no idea why there is such rules. Very boring and every time I saw how the pet owner can bring their pet to the public in Japan or Singapore just melted my heart. I feel like it's a wrong decision for me to keep Bebe in my house. He don't have such freedom to walk or jump around T.T

But you know..Landed house in KL is way too expensive. I can't afford to pay 1.5m to own a unit of landed house. I only can get a cheap condo which already used part of my savings lol. This is how sad am I, honestly I really dislike how our country treat the dog. In oversea country like Taiwan, Japan, Singapore or maybe UK or Australia, they can bring their dog to the market or maybe just a random walk on some street.

In Malaysia, I brought Bebe outside before. Have to purposely find a hidden corner to sit. Then people will start starring at you like you are doing something wrong. Even go to the park, I have to purposely drive to Desa Park City for 45 mins so I could have a walk with Bebe. This is how sad he is to be my pet. OMG I wanna cry now. Even bringing him go out from my parent's house, there are some neighbour which you can totally see their expression like you are doing something wrong again.

It's why my  mom always keep Bebe home except going out to pet shop for grooming purpose. Then  poodle's skin is extra sensitive. Each time I brought him out for a break my mom scold me that I never take care of him so after that he keep  licking his leg again lol. The next day, I'm the one who get scolded. I really hope that the place that I bought allowed pet but I think it's impossible lol. Get very emotional when I think of this wth* But I guess soon, very soon and hopefully the house can be ready in 2019. 

Then I can moved everything to my new house with 3 rooms so Bebe can run and I can bring him around to the park. Due to Bebe sensitive's skin my mom not allow me to bring him out and also Bebe's size is quite huge. Not toy poodle it's miniature poodle. The length is like my head until my waist. So consider as a big poodle, he can't fit in any bag. I can't hide him inside the bag lol. Then he always at home, once he go out he just bark everyone -.-

Guess the only thing I can do is just bring him over to my place and let him join the puppy club so that he can meet friend and not so boring. Now I treat him as a family member not just a pet of mine. Then I'm talking with my friends just now. Was telling her that last time when I went to Singapore for the shopcation trip with Smelly, we saw a couple brought their husky out for a walk and I told Smelly that maybe we could bring Bebe over to Singapore.

Then Smelly laugh but he hold my hand told me that no worries. One day I can brought Bebe over to my place so I won't be so busy every week go back to my parent house twice just to look after Bebe. Next I told Smelly that maybe i can just hug and hide Bebe on my body and come to Singapore from JB. HAHAHAHA Smelly told me ' if can then I also bring him over' T.T Then I suddenly become so emotional again.

For those who read my blog or diary, I'm sure you knew why. He always accompany me when I'm emotional and even bark my parent if they fight or scold me HAHAHAA. OMG Now he love my mom more than me because I only back twice every week and if I travel to Japan, I won't back on the week but I really wish to bring him over :'( The feeling is like leaving your son and travel alone wtf. But I'm not sure whether can you accept the fact that your dog actually understand you.

I talk with Bebe each time I met him and this few month he just keep 'stick' with me. Whenever I go, he will just follow behind OMG. I love the feeling and this is how we used to be before I moved out from my parent's house. Then my mom also shocked with this. But sometime Bebe was so naughty. He purposely wait me go back only eat his pet food. After he finish his pet food, he will come near me and show me those innocent eyes, ask me to sayang him.

It's been 4 years now since the first day my bro brought him home. I slept with him every night. He accompany me when I'm sad and if I suffer on my period pain, he will sit beside me and look at me. Then when my mom come in the room come near me, he will bark HAHAHAHAHA. Each time when I go out , he will run to the window and look for me. I really so 不舍得 each time I left my parent's house. You won't understand this feeling if you never own a dog and treat them like your family members.

I remember when my bro brought him over to our house and get scolded by my mom. I told my mom that I will bear all costs. So my parent agreed and I keep saying thank you to my bro lol. This is how dramatic am I because I always wanted to have a pet but my mom won't allow until now my mom always buy toys for him and claim it from me -..- That time I'm just 21, still studying in my uni. Every month I earn money to feed this little boy wtf. Yes, no joke for this because when my bro brought him over, every week he need to check up because of his skin and ear problem.

Then I received email regarding pet food sponsorship but I rejected all because Bebe very picky on pet food and I also don't take ads for him. I pay for his grooming every week , haircut every 3 months because I wanna keep him looking good all the time xD then every year injection, pet food, the pee pee pads & medicine pill for him lol. This is the time where I learnt how to be responsible and also told Smelly that I only will get married when I'm 28 lol. Also, don't give birth too early because if I wanna have a baby, I will give the best for him no matter what, it means that I need to have such savings to make me survive with the first few years so that I no need to work everyday! HAHAHAHA

I never blame anyone or feeling unfair that I'm not born in a rich background. But I always blame myself that I don't have the time to spend with my family. Even just a normal dinner together can be really hard for us because it's always end up with argument between my parents. I always told myself I can't do it but now I think I slowly accept the fact and I grown up. So it's easier for me to handle the problem and deal with it. I never regret to moved out and trouble myself go back twice every week. I wanna to be able to handle both of my work and family. 

Give myself a healthy family in the future and let Bebe to meet my baby girl and boy! HAHAHAHA So there is a reason why I only look for a bigger space. Next, after everything done I think I will it's almost 27 or 28. Then maybe you guys can hint Smelly that he could start his secret plan HAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't want any wedding dinner those look quite stupid.

I was thinking to gather all my closed friends having meal together in a huge villa in the early morning. Then this is my important day I will give reminder to all my friends not to be late lol. Next, don't let Smelly know which dress I wear. Want to put a red carpet on the floor. Someone playing piano then Smelly stand in front of me facing another side. Then when he turn his head back, he can see his super chio wife walking like a real princess.

Then Bebe beside me. After walking up on the stage I will make sure to have a super waterproof eyeliner and mascara. This is really important and each seat have to put some tissue because I'm sure all of my friends need that. Now most of  my friend were married and they always told me that they are the one who cry when I'm married lol wtf. Dramatic life lol. Then once I go up have those very romantic moment. After that I must sing a song to Smelly and I will make sure he apply waterproof makeup product too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Next, all of us with our friends hand around playing at the villa. Play game or sing song then at the same time introduce all single ladies to single friends lol. Then just have fun and we continue take photo I must use my instax camera to take all the photo & stick it all over the house lol. Then at night just buffet. The day after all of us just fly to honeymoon. Also I will hint Smelly to ask all my friends to take annual leave and travel with a brunch of very closed friends. Then we just eat, play, sleep , eat play sleep for few days. After that left Smelly and I continue honeymoon for a month! AHHAHAAHAHAHAH

Yes that's my plan wtf! Was thinking start our plan from Malaysia to Singapore > Thailand > Australia > the rest will be in Japan. YES! 

Then during the time travel, I just bring a chio dress with me and self timer taking our own photos. Yes, of course need to go shoot for a wedding photo lah but I dont think any wedding shop can grab my money because I very picky so if future I really recommend the wedding shoot then it must be the one I really really like. Or else I booked ticket for my photographer friends and we go to the place like the Setouchi Trip I went with Cheesie. Just hang around there and take chio photo.

Yes, that's my plan. I didn't tell Smelly about it and I hope one day he could google search this on my blog. HAHAHAHA I just write it out so I could refer back my plan each year HAHAHA. Might be changes after next year lol. But I love something simple and I think I can start to think of the tissue supply on my wedding day. AHAHAHAHHAHAAH omg I think this could be a good video too xD

Wtf -.- this blog suppose to write about bebe then end up it's my wedding dream. What am I doing now. Wake up chanwon! So that's all for today I'm not sure how to end my post because if I read this back, confirm want to slap myself. So any grammar or spelling mistake I'm really sorry because I really dont want to read this now. HAHAHAHAHA If not I will confirm delete the whole post lol.

So yes, Bebe wait for mommy okay? Love you!

Can't wait to take my house key so that I could moved to a bigger place then after get married I can't wait to see you sniff your sis or bro ok? Good night and mommy will be back to see you this Friday! Yay!!