Life living in my studio apartment #3

03 September 2017

Hello Sweeties! Happy holiday and Happy 60th years old to our country. Since it was also a holiday for Smelly, we went out together with his family to grab some household items for my space because I can't carry it alone. Usually I will do it myself but due to my sick, I have to rely on Smelly. I guess that's the only time I could talk softly to him hahaha. No la, just joking! I'm always soft in front of him lol.

So it's September now. Time flies and so far so good for me. This month I decided to take a rest in Malaysia so I could complete all my work before I fly again in coming 10th September. Yes, to my favourite country and I wish I could unlock my travel list to Vietnam this year. Anyone? Next, working so hard for my youtube backdrop and office room. I said that since March until now. Honestly, I wish I could have some time to DIY but due to my busy schedule I often just hug my pillow and sleep lol.

Hello new baby
Yes, these are my new babies. A gift from Te'amo! Never thought I could have something 'green' on my space and it's really cute. I sunbath them every day because only one of my room has the natural sunlight from the window. I guess without sunlight it will die and I water them once every week. So I always ended up just sit beside the window and look at them.

Have no idea why I felt in love with it but it's really so beautiful and gonna add some unique one soon. Also I feel that it grows quickly. Become much taller and bigger compared with the first day I received it. Guess they need to change to a new space too but too bad my place don't have any balcony. It turned out to be quite dull because the lack of sunlight T.T 

It's almost 2 months since the day I received it and the yellow flowers just die like that lol. Other than that, it's pretty healthy! HAHAHAHA Feel so proud as a mother lol.

New workspace corner 
Since Smelly is having his holiday today. I just ask him come over to my place and do some photo shoot. Actually not photo shoot at all, I just wanna shoot my new window sheet because I hate the previous one. It's black greyish color and I bought this since few months ago but waiting Smelly come to change for me because I'm short -..-

I dont want to admit this but even I climb on my Ikea chair I still can't even touch the top part of the window sheets. Damn it, so he just came to my place and I teach him how to use my Fujifilm camera again. HAHAHAH Normally I'm the smart one but I guess as long as your backdrop is clean and full of white space / white color, you can easily achieve this kind of 'pimtha' style.

長大後活著發現要像 #仙人掌 般


I guess I will remain this place to be white and maybe move my working table to this side so that I can be like the plant absorb some energy to work. If not I feel so lazy each time I work beside my bed ahaha! Ended up I just lying on my bed + facebooking. Damn it, so as usual all my furniture will keep changing so that I can feel 'fresh' on my workspace + this is the place where I do the shoot / youtube video. Just like studio lah. So not going to add on any furniture if not Smelly going to slap me again.

He always ask me to keep that amount of money for my new computer but I guess he couldn't understand the fact that I need to have those nice furniture from Ikea so I could always take photo and create content from diff angles. But nvm, temporary I just keep it like this lol.

Full body mirror 
Always wanted to get a full body mirror so that I could sit down to do my hair and makeup. So finally here's the new member in my space. It's the full body mirror from Ikea and I bought it for RM290. If not I always need to do my makeup on that small mirror which I hang on my kitchen cabinet. DIY style and feel very cham each time I need to check my full body outfit , I just keep jumping or use my phone to take a full body photo with timer.

I just wanna save that amount of money but end up I think more or less I also need this mirror so I just bought it! Very kiam siap now, no choice lo since I have to save money to pay my house loan. Reality is like that. I have to work hard and fight for everything I want and at the end of the day, my dream came true! 

Also, added this so that I have something chio when I ootd in front of this mirror. But seems like I need to get a new vase for this little thingy. Or I just place it like this la, dont waste money la hor~

New photo wall 
I bought two new world map but still thinking where to grab the photo frame so that I could stick on it and place it beside my working table. I still finding the perfect one and meanwhile I also got a huge love shape polaroid photo wall. It's all 10x10 instax photo taken by my Instax SQ10! Loving it and I should get more film in order to print my selfie with Bebe and friends. 

Should I get a sofa? 
Was thinking about this but until now I still can't search for a perfect sofa that I really like. Plus, it's quite expensive also and I guess most of the time just my bro , me and Smelly will come to my place. So I just ...wait until I found the perfect one. lol

So that's all about my little life update! A really quick one to keep my blog alive. Tomorrow onward I will publish two diff beauty product review + skincare routine that you guys requested the most on my instagram. See you on my next post! Love, xoxo.


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