Facelogic nanoSkin Device Review #1

21 September 2017

Hello Sweeties 🌸 So right after the FAQs: How I take care of my skin post, I had answered most of your question and also updated my long lasting hydrating skincare routine post on my blog. I guess that's almost everything that I would like to share with all of you and now here is the blog post regarding the beauty device that I'm using right now. I received most of your question on blog's comment, dm and emails but to be honest, I only share thing that really works on me and it's the reason why it took me some time to come out with this post.

It's been more than a months now and I guess it's time to share this review for you guys. As you guys know I'm turning 25 years old this coming month. Yes, it's my birthday and I never realise how old I am (because I always think I'm young) until I realise that some beauty product is no longer works on me. My skin turned really bad when I'm having my period , I can't burn midnight oil again. It takes more effort to wake up myself if I'm really tired. Even when I'm travelling, I feel so tired after all the outdoor activities. 

To be honest, it's not an issue when I'm young but since I'm getting older now, I realize that it is crucial for me to take a good care of my skin. My body and skin no longer look so elastic compare to the younger me. Dark spots slowly appear, body slow down due to my busy lifestyle. As long as I'm free, I just feel like taking a nap or be lazy for the whole day. Then slowly, I realise that skincare product which I really like no longer suitable for me :'( Whether the mask isn't enough or I turned slightly older and need more mask or expensive beauty products. lol Or it's time to take more supplement and drink collagen?

You know that I'm always a big fan of Japanese product. I went to all kind of drugstore in Japan and saw lots of beauty collagen and also some  beauty devices. This is the time when I decided to give it a try on the Facelogic nanoSkin device. It's a product from Japan and I never thought it actually works for me because you know, the amount of beauty device that I owned but I dont mind to give it a try.

So I went to the office and the beautician let me try the product. Since it's not cheap to get this kind of product, it's best if you could try it first and feel it on your own then decide whether you wanna get it or not. Then, I immediately interested about this device because I can see part of my face actually lifted up right after I tried it. So shocked and I went to the office with Lucas the other day. He also told me the diff on my left and right skin. Really thanks Ricky, who introduced this device to me



| NanoSkin  Device |
So here's the photo I took to show you how it look like, the packaging, size, close up of the device. The box is quite classy and the device itself is pretty much the best looking beauty device ever. It's full white color like a snow-white and quite insta worthy too 😆

Once you unbox it, you will noticed a user manual book , charger , the nanoSkin device and the holder of the device too.

The size

In Japan it's from NanoTime Beauty and Facelogic is the company which brought it back to Malaysia and sell it in our market. Also, if you get it here it's under Warranty for a year. Anything happen of the device, they will change a completely new one for you! Zero-worries.


5 personalised Function  |
So one of the highlight of this device which melted my heart was the 5 personalised functionSince I'm a beauty holic I owned quite a number of facial devices. I have the cooling face device years ago but it spoiled, then I also use the gold bar to massage and lift my face but you know Girls being girls. I'm greedy, I want the Cooling device, I want the ionic device to clean my skin, I want to have V line faces and so on. 

But What really makes me really fall in love with this nanoSkin device is the 5 personalized function that can replace all of the beauty device I owned. Yes, I no longer need to bring so much thing to travel this is like all 5 function device into 1. Suitable for me I think as long as it can make me prettier I just love it. lol.

There are 5 main function on the device and the reason why it's known as personalised function because you can adjust the level of the function based on your preference and like me, I really like RF+ ENI & Cooling mode then I can adjust or click it accordingly. This device will is like our phone software / system, whenever it launch the new update, you can update it and i guess Japan create this device more than just a beauty device. It's Beauty + Technology

New era now, normal beauty device couldn't caught our attention anymore lol. So the short summary of the 5 main function of this nanoSkin device:

  1. Purifying (Ions+ technology) - Deep clean your skin. 
  2. NriBoost (ENI technology) - Achieve deep and effective penetration.
  3. V-Lift (EMS technology) - Lifting 
  4. eCollagen (RF technology) - Replenish Skin collagen
  5. Cool (Supercool technology) - Cooling, calm your skin, close your pores.

It's recommend to use it twice a week for a full course. If you are really hard working then I'm sure you can anyhow take some time to pamper your skin with this device because you know '女生爱美什么都可以牺牲'. Like me I use it everyday for my favourite function for the eCollagen RF + NriBoost ENI and Lifting I use whenever I need it before a shoot or when I feel like my face is swelling in the early morning (水肿). I only did the full course once every week. Sometime when I remember I will do it twice (like the first month when I want to review this product I use it twice every week)

Personally I think this 5 main function is the one girl's concerned the most. Hopefully they came out with more function or new device. HAHAHAHAHA



Beauty x Technology |
It's much more than just a beauty device! It's beauty x technology that works well and personalized suitable for each individual's skin. The best thing of all is, you can bluetooth syn between your phone and the device. Stay connected with the app and guess what, from the app itself, you can update your device, get the latest beauty course, the user manual , adjust the level of the function and personalised it your own.

And that's the first impression which brought me here to share my review with all of you. Also, the facelogic app makes everything sounds extra interesting. Nice interface with personalized feature and if you have any problem you can just click on the app. Another thing that i really love about it is ease of bringing it along with me all the time. 

It's easy to use and everything you need to know is stated in the machine itself. Whenever you click on the function, there is some explanation and teaching you how to use like , put the cotton pad and pour your toner to start using the function and so on. You have no more excuses to stop pampering your skin and now, this is no longer a secret to you because at first I thought some of you might think it's like a normal beauty device but this is really 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 a good investment for each of you!



    My Thoughts , Review and Opinions  |
    So here's the screenshot that I saved after I posted this on my stories. At first I thought it was just a small different but guess what. Now i look at it, it's quite a big diff. lol This is how dull I look right after I back from my Krabi and Boracay beach trip. Luckily after facial and taking care of my skin, I'm able to get back my normal skin tone lol. My right face is chubby than my left face (as you noticed that most of my photo I always showing my left face because it's slimmer lol). I tried on my right face because right hand easier then surprisingly, my face really lifted up OMG

    If you use it long term, I'm sure it really does help to lifted up your face and replenish your skin collagen because just one use when you touch your face, you can feel how firm it is. But if you only get the device and use it one per month -.- I confirm ask you just dont get any beauty device because it's just such a waste lol. Because this is not a magic device, it won't helps if you never put effort of taking care of you skin.

    Like Smelly after i get this device he told me dont just put there and do nothing. Must use it if not just waste. He knew that I'm quite lazy so if you lazy than me then you can learn me, instead of standing there using the device, you can relax on your bed, open your favourite drama and use this device. HAHAHAAHHA I did this every time lol.

    Ever since I start to invest , save money to buy my Japanese hair straightener, I realise sometime it's quite heart pain +vomit blood for me to get those technology advanced beauty product but it definitely worth for my money. Japanese product especially those beauty + technology one always proved me the value of money. I remember when I purchase my hair straightener for RM1399, I was like wtf?! What am I doing but what can I tell you is, I never regret. My hair no longer damaged because I curl it and style it daily and you see most of the time when I post my #chanwonTutorial post that's the time I took to style my hair. 

    Also, I use it to maintain my skin condition too after my facial treatment. Normally after facial one week later you will feel like nothing but this device is like the device help you to maintain your skin and no more wasted skincare product because it really help to penetrate your skincare product into your skin. Like those expensive skincare product I bought, I will use the penetrate function to make it more effective.

    It's like magic and i'm here to say Thank you to Japanese product which totally save my life. OMG I'm out of topic again. So yes, here's the pros and cons I found from this device.

    • Replaced all single facial device. You can get the main 5 function that girls concerned the most within one single machine.
    • Personalised: Can adjust the level of function / mode accordingly. I usually put the highest level for cooling and RF+ ENI I put level 2. Others I just use the one set on the device without adjusting it.
    • Beautiful and attractive looking device 
    • Value of money , worth it
    • Effective and really lifted up my face
    • Easy to use
    • The app and beauty course
    • Warranty and back support of the device
    • Help to penetrate my skincare into my skin and keep my skin hydrated. I use this with my Dr.Wu toner and gel.
    • Water-proof


    • Quite pricy but thinking of the 5 in 1 function, it's quite reasonable as in if you purchase a cooling facial device itself from other brand it's already almost RM350-400. So for me I look for the future and in long term xD The selling price is RM2499. But thinking a good way if this device really works I dont mind to pay such amount of money. So if you are interested just go ahead and try it first. I never regret after getting this!! 
    • The head of the device is quite big for me (because i have quite small face lol) to reach on small area like the nose area. So if I wanna reach on that area I must take off the cotton pad holder ring to use it.

    So here's the review & after-use thoughts. I'm not really a pro but i'm standing in a customer position to review this so I guess it can be really helpful. Actually this post is really long but I decided to break down into two sharing post. If not I'm afraid too much information you read for this post. So here's the final thoughts and review. Next post I will be sharing how I use it with my own beauty product and more detail about how the 5 functions really work on my skin + just catching up talking with all of you ya. 

    That's all for today. Thanks for your time and hope this is helpful for you too if you are looking for a useful facial device. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


    1. Do it need apply any serum/ moisturiser before using this device?

      1. Yea except cooling mode. For V line and other mode like EMI as stated on the device itself there will ask u to put essence or serum ya.

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