Happy 7th Anniversary: Surprise for Smelly

23 September 2017

Happy 7th Anniversary to us. Yes, my 青春 is gone! Hahahah it's quite sad right? So here's a little story that I wish to keep it on my blog. As a memory box or maybe next time I can show my next generation that your mom is a super girl lol. Throwback to few days ago, it was the 7th anniversary for both of us. Yes, never thought I could stick with him, this boring guy for such a long time 😂 Nothing fancy on our love story, we aren't perfect to each other but I guess he could be the one who understand me the most. 

When we were young, he always ask me like ' why you love? isn't that boring?' and I was like 'yea lo, you aren't romantic at all. Why a?' Actually I have no idea because if I need to write out the answer, I guess I can combine all the reasons into one huge and thick book lol. I can become an editor already lol. Time flies, it's been 7 years since the first time we start dating with each other. 

So scary and most of my friends were getting married. Then everyone start to question us like, when!! when !!when?? I have no idea but I guess both of us really enjoyed our life. I love being with him, so just wait someone propose lo *hint hint* but not so fast! Probably, when I'm 27 or 28? Okay? AHHAAHHAA

Then thinking about the anniversary gift. It was the most 😱scary part. Have no idea what to give him as I'm busy preparing for my coming trip. Whatever gift ideas I also get for him. Or maybe as usual, we just go to Mc Donald enjoy our Mc Furry date. Or just sit down, open the TV and eat our favourite snacks. lol Since it's our 7th years I guess I should treat him like a princess and give him some surprise.

Ever since I moved out, I'm really busy with my work and he always get ignore by me. I'm such a terrible gf because when I'm blogging, no matter how I must finish my work only got the mood to enjoy our date lol. So this time, I should surprise him with something which he will remember until he turn to be an uncle. Yes, that's my point 😈

Remember few years back I'm having a competition  on the stage. My performance was singing with my cacat guitar. Then I'm so nervous and he told me not to worry, just steady and imagine he was the only listener beside the stage. So I was like, okay then it's a good idea. Ended up I'm not nervous at all and still remember his super chio expression. Like I'm his idol HAHAHAHAHA Okay maybe I syiok sendiri but I love seeing his '😍☺️😚' expression.

Next I told myself, why not go to join some adult piano class and sing in front of him. I wanted to book a restaurant and sing in front of him but i know he confirm will kill me or slap me. He always so shy and like to keep things low. I guess that's the reason why I like him HAHAHAHAHA. Then I guess I no need think also know, since I have a space now I can do whatever I want! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 😈😈

So I joined one month piano class. The teacher is now my friend. AHHAHAHAAH I dunno why I love meeting new friends this way. Like suddenly bump into that person and we can't stop talking to each other. She's a nice and beautiful teacher. I checked on her instagram before I pay for my class. She seems like not bad and I love the way she interact with her students. Unlike those old /typical kind of piano teacher. Always scold us for not doing well. I knew that because when I was a kid, I wish to go for some music class but my parent can't afford the fees. So the only thing I did was always go to my cousin's house , look at the piano and tell my dad say I want.

Then my dad just touch my head and ask me to be a good girl. lol totally no answer my question at all but I know what's the problem. So I always go to my cousin's house and look at her piano. One day I saw her piano teacher scolding her and I feel quite scary. I dunno but most of the teacher I met either the student afraid of the teacher or get scold because not learning fast or just teacher become so emotional after teacher their students from morning until evening.

That's my first impression. So I never go to the class because I feel so stress. I went to guitar class before and it was together with my bro and few students. I get really stress because teacher always telling me to check on the chord and my fingertips always press the wrong one. I feel stress when teacher compare me with others student in the class. Yes, because my dignity is really high, I really don't like people comparing me with others lol. 

But my teacher Joey was really nice. I don't want to take it as granted so I ask is that possible to learn the whole song and able to sing with piano within one month. She told me at least need 3 months because the song I pick is quite hard. The chord keep moving and I'm not familiar with the hand gesture and I know only basic bit only lol. 

So ended up I just use my brain to digest every chord and memorise it. But surprisingly, I did it. HAHAHAHA I'm really happy and I also wasted my 100 bucks to buy the stupid rolling piano from lazada. It's useless but okay lah, at least I can use that to practise my hand position and chord lol. Thank you Joey for the help and borrowed me your keyboard. Not sure are you reading this but really thankiuuuu soooo  much for making this possible. 

So yea, I record some video clips during my piano class because I need to memorise all the chord and also wanted to show Smelly how hard working I am lol. I guess I'm really lucky I haven delete all the videos because ended up I decided to edit it into a video so that I can show Smelly first before he enter to my house. 

He play the video first then only allow to open the door and see my super chio performance AHHAHAHAHAHA! Must say super chio and I want to focus on his expression but ended up because I too stupid -.- make the room so dark, I can't see my piano chord clearly -..- So end up I just focus on and looking at my book + hands wtf! But I put a tripod stand + phone record behind Smelly. So here's the little clip that I done for him. 

Then, I asked the help from my friend Limzy to draw something as a gift for him! I think I'm really romantic. Please give me a like LOL!! Really need to give Limzy a big big hug. She was really busy during that period of time but she still make time for me. 很想哭 TT She even came to my place with her bf. Just to pass me both of the artwork. It's my pleasure T.T Not sure whether are you reading this but really thank you! We knew each other for years and never thought I get her reply and she said YES to me 😭 Will keep this until the day we get married I also put this on my dessert table to showcase your artwork and tell everyone how awesome your artworks are.

Since I need to start my youtube soon, I need sometime like a frame to put as my background so I dropped her a msg and she replied me with a YES again. Thanks Limzy! Love you deep deep ❤️ We go Japan together ok? HAHAHAHA


 Look how pretty it is!
Not pretty because it's me but her work is just toooooooo perfect for me!
It's pastel some more T.T


Then the next day my anniversary gift from Smelly was the DIY dream catchers! I guess because i hint that we must prepared something which is memorable and not too expensive. So he told me the whole gift just cost RM150. It's not about the price of the gift but the effort that counts. Feel so touch but I didn't cry! HAHAHAHAHA Smelly cried because of my performance so I win! 😝


Also, we went to a pet cafe in OUG and spotted this corgi. OMG So cute!! He's mochi :D 

 Also brought Smelly to GD concert <3
Just because it's our first concert together HAHAHAHAH
Must post this out because we never go concert together!

So that's all about my anniversary surprise to him. Happy 7th Anniversary Smelly. Please feed me my favourite food and travel around Japan <3  Enjoy watching :D Love, xoxo. See you on my next post!


  1. Happy 7th Anniversary to you and your Smelly :)


  2. OMG!!! So cute!
    你的youtube video弄到我也很感动!

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