The Replacement - Lodge & Kitchen @ Johor Bahru

22 September 2017

Good Morning~ Sweeties💕 Thanks for entering my blog and finally I'm here to share my favourite cafe in Johor Bahru. Yes for those who followed me on instagram, you probably know the reason why I'm always here in JB lol. Either it's a short trip escape to Singapore , the super clean and safe country or I go there to meet my friends or do my facial. lol Either one of these, I will make sure I'm able to make my time for this place.

This photo was taken last year, in 2016 and I guess no one else could resist the white and marble interior of this cafe. I always featured it on my blog and posted it on my instagram but never write a detail post for it. So finally, it's here 😭 and I would love to share about their new night tapas menu as well as the staying experience in their lodge.

I dont mind doing a post for this place because I really really like it. It makes me feel like I'm now in Melbourne, Australia. The place where I went to visit Smelly two years ago after he graduated from MMU. For your information, I really love the street here because most of the really nice cafe is located at Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru. But it's quite dangerous walking around the street, so remember to look after your belongings.

There are few nice place to chill around this place and that's the main reason why I pick to stay at the lodge here. We just arrived JB in the early morning and we immediately check in our stay at The Replacement. After that we decided to grab our lunch before going to meet my friends and at night we just come to try their new night menu, Tapas. Right after our dinner, we decided to look for a nice place to chill and accidentally visited a nice place called Roost (just few shops away from The Replacement). So the whole 2D1N road trip was really fun and enjoyable.

This is the entrance of The Replacement cafe. Which you probably know from my outfit photo. I really really like here and I guess every corner = insta worthy place. Not just the interior, but the food was the one which caught my attention. I went here more than 5 times and so far I'm satisfied with the food and service provided. Nobody recognize me last time and I'm quite happy on that because I can try their food and see how's the service. HAAHAHAHA. Slowly after my few visit + sharing, the owner actually came and say Hi to me. Which I really shocked but I think this is the reason why I love the place. Even the staffs here were so polite and kind.

So this cafe passed my challenge! Even after such a long time, they still maintain it so well and the food still so nice! If you have no holiday to spend in oversea, maybe a short road trip to JB here? This cafe is also a muslim friendly cafe. So no worries <3

The Replacement open daily from 10am-7pm (Monday - Thursday) and weekend Friday- Sunday, it open slightly earlier, from 9am-12am.

This time I'm back I noticed a little diff from last time. A big LED light hanging right beside the entrance of the Cafe. Yes, the reason why it close at 12am on Friday until Sunday is because they start to serve the night Tapas menu. Normally for the afternoon menu I will always stick with their all day breakfast, soft-shell crab & churros. HAHAAHAH I'm always loyal one ok?!

-The Day Time Menu-

So as usual I ordered my favourite breakfast set because when I'm busy with my work, I never had a proper breakfast in KL one. Either I sleep late and couldn't wakeup the next day or I skipped my breakfast lol. It's a bad habit so, since I got no work this time, I just enjoy eating , talking and bonding time with Smelly & my friends.

My friends tried it and they love it too!

Breakfast Set (Thumbs up for juicy mushrooms)

 Smelly's Favourite - Soft-shell crab burger. The sauce is the king!!

 Churros. It's just the right amount of 'softness' and sweetness.
It's freshly + well deep fried


The Replacement Lodge |
So it's my first time staying at their lodge. It's something like bed and breakfast which getting really famous recently. The price staying one night here is not expensive too. Really reasonable and it included a free breakfast for you. No joke but again, OMG every corner = insta worthy place. How? Let me show you! Then, this time I decided to stay at one of their Skylight Room. As you guys know I really really love skylight design above the bed. Like the HomeAway Apartment that I stayed during my Trip to Singapore.

There are diff type of rooms available in The Replacement Lodge.  The Skylight room, The Stories Room and Loft Room. Either one is nice but i prefer skylight! HAHAHAAH There are 6 rooms available with individual designs and you could try to stay here if you really love their concept and interior. The only thing was since it located quite near to the mosque, morning prayer might be a little loud for you but for me, it's not a problem because I sleep like a dead fish lol and the owner will provide a pair of ear plug for your. 

The Common Space 

These are the photo taken by my iPhone. 

This is the photo taken by my Fujifilm Camera + Portrait lens. 

 Our Skylight Room

So cozy!!

 The bed is super duper comfy. Just like the one I had in my house lol


Night Menu: Tapas |
I really love their night Tapas menu. New combination of the food and it taste really good. Tapas are small plates of food that are served with drinks or before a main meal. It means that you can order few dishes and sharing it with your friends. So everyone could get the chance and try it + slowly enjoy the well cooked food.

 Bonding time with friends and loved ones.

 The replacement at night. More romantic and the lighting just make everything feel so relax and chill.

 Completely diff with day time.

My eyes look so small because I didn't apply any make up after my facial -..- lol
I'm so sorry

The owner was super nice to us, even treat us a bottle of nice champagne. Also the manager was super friendly to us as he's kind to explain the dishes thoroughly to us and inform us to just dump the key in to the designated rack so we can early check-out on the next day. In addition, I would love to say a big Thank You to Edward for the dinner treat and allowed me to take photo during my stay. HAHAHA 

Ps: 好像自己的地方一直拍拍拍 lol 有时候真的很怕打扰到别人 但为了拍照放部落格真的不好意思了

So are you ready for the night menu Tapas dishes?? Let's get started!

(1) Tempura - RM12

So here's the first dish. Special way to enjoy your tempura by dipping it into the egg yolk and the sauce. Remember to mix the sauce together with the egg yolk and yum!! I really love the enoki mushrooms and sweet potatoes tempura. 

 (2) Tomato - RM13

Please try this!! Like an appetiser. It's the tomato soup , brown butter and buttery cheese toast. It tastes sooooooo good and much better than what I expected. 

Best combo ever! The whole tomato soup belongs to me now 😋

(3) Asparagus - RM15

Well cooked asparagus added with Chorizo & Brown butter. A poached egg in the middle of the dish. 

LOOK AT THE PHOTO! Just don't blame me for posting this on my blog lol.

 (4) Beef on Pepper - RM18

 It's a topside minced beef on grilled bell peppers. Wanna order some white rice when I saw the minced beef. Not too much but just the right amount for us. like it!

 (5) Mussels - RM18

Mussels , Parsley,  Onion & Chorizo. I normally don't eat spicy but I tried this! HAHAHAHA A little spicy only. Not bad and I think the soap is the gold. My friends love it and although the mussels were cooked but I still can taste how fresh it is.

 (6) Beef Steak - RM28

The baby potato is my favourite and the sauce is really special. It's the chimichurri sauce that makes everything taste so special. I'm having braces so it's quite hard for me to bite the beef but I think overall they like it (I continue trying the next dish lol) and I guess the owner can consider to add one new dish into their menu, which is the baby potatoes. AHAHAHAH So yummy. OMG I miss the food T.T 

 (7) Grilled Chicken - RM18

Love how it taste when the grilled chicken thigh mixed with the green apple. How they came out with this combination? So nice and not too sour. I prefer this than the beef but I love the baby potatoes. How T.T 

 (8) Prawn - RM24

Well grilled prawns + Romesco sauce with potatoes and spring onions. 

 (9) Eel (aka unagi) - RM24

Grilled unagi with Salmon Ikura and lemon zest. Probably until this point you feel so full already but let me tell you, I can't resist unagi so... Let's fighting! HAHAHAH Never thought I could have this as my dinner. Satisfaction level x2394947932842304

Now it's dessert time!

 (10) Signature fried bao with Ice Cream - RM18

Since 4 persons we decided to get two sets of this instead of one. It's their signature and I tell you this is the best part to end my meal. I always have room for dessert :p Don't ask me why!! I just love it.

Happy <3 

Right after the dinner we just walk around the area and there was a night market around our stay. We just having our great time here and grab a drink too before we back to our room.

Then I forgot to take photo of the bathroom. So here's the photo I download from google image. (人家上厕所我在这边拍照很好笑捏) The bathroom was so clean and I just went in to take a shower before my flight. Well maintained and there were a few pair of slippers for you to wear. 

Dont wanna go back T.T

Photo taken in my skylight room before I left. 

Since our flight was quite early. We just dump our key into the rack and check out! So easy. Really happy to be here again with my friends and loved ones. Smelly told me it's a good idea to organize a short road trip like this from KL. What we did is just eat, explore and play lol. I love this kind of short escape from my work and will be back to enjoy their food again next month.

Thanks for allowing me to take photo around the cafe and really thanks for the treat because I would love to pay for my own dinner but the owner was too kind to provide us the dinner and this wonderful staying experience in JB. If you are going to JB, remember to drop by this cafe and say hello with the team / staff :p Please let them know Chanwon love their food ok? AHAHAHA

That's all about my sharing and I hope you won't read this at night because the photo of the food is too attractive and I'm so hungry now. That's all for today. Love, xoxo. 

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