NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss | Swatch & Review

31 July 2017

Hello Sweeties! I miss you guys and just want to do a quick sharing because this lipstick is really nice  on my lips!! OMG I just can't wait to show you guys the lip gloss swatch on my blog. At first I wanted to get the NARS Orgasm lipstick (I don't really like lip gloss), then I actually visited to Sunway Pyramid more than twice + other shopping mall. Unfortunately, it's always sold out and not gonna restock yet.

I asked the staff and they have no idea when it will restock on their outlet. So, one day (I mean two days ago lol) I passed by NARS @Sunway Pyramid again. Then I was standing in front of the shop and looking at the orgasm blusher. The staff came to me and asked whether I'm interested or not. I think I'm always a big fans of NARS orgasm blusher, so I told her I'm using it now. For those who watched my youtube video you probably know that's one of my favourite product. 

Then I asked again the Orgasm lipstick and the staff told me it's still out of stock. Then my brain was like' wtf? when can I get to use it and do a swatch on my lips' I really love to try out the color on my own lips but then~ NO FATE! Always out of stock! I feel so sad but the staff asked me if I want to try the lip gloss. I was like NO NO..I DONT LIKE LIP GLOSS. lol

But when the staff swatch the lip gloss on her hand, I was like wtf?!!! I'm gonna try this! So it's the story behind the reason why I bought this lol. I dont like thick lips or too much of lip gloss can be really weird on my lips but you know the color is really soooooo nice. So here's a quick review for you guys and I posted it on my insta stories yesterday. Everyone was telling me that it looks nice on me!!! I'm so happy.

It's RM96 and I bought it from @NARS, Sunway Pyramid. 

This is the color! Look so pretty right? It's #Orgasm lip gloss and look really pretty with a little peachy pink with shimmer on it. The shimmer is like rose gold shimmer omg! I can't describe it for you guys but I took some photo for the swatch on my hand and lips. Also, how it look like with outdoor sunlight + indoor lighting!! 

It's not shine kind of lip gloss. It's completely a shimmer finish on the color and really comfortable to wear it over top of your lipstick. One thing I'm not really into it was, it's not lasting. Other than that, the color outcome and swatch is really pretty! OMG OMG OMG 

 Color Swatch

It's shimmer peachy pink + little rose gold effect!

Indoor lighting:  Look at the color it's stunning and you can wear your favourite lipstick color as a base. Then, use this as a top color to achieve a juicy looking lips.

Window / outdoor sunlight: It's so stunning and look really Japanese lol. Japanese kawaii makeup look always have the juicy and cute looking lips. HAHAAH

This lip gloss can be applied with your fingers or a brush. For special effect, use just a dab of gloss on the center of your bottom lip to create a juicy and thicker lips color. 

Can be worn alone or over other lip to add a little dimension on your lips.
Color look really pretty 
Easy to use
Not too sticky

Not lasting 
Quite Pricy for a shimmer lipgloss only 

That's all for my quick review and sharing! More beauty sharing on my blog now. That's all for today. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


  1. Lip gloss conatin signs of lipstick but it is has better color scheme and is long lasting as compared to lipstick. NARS is one of the top brands in cosmetics especially lip glosses.

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