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22 July 2017

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Konnichiwa~ I'm back with the part #3 of my Setouchi trip! I know right, it's the last night in Setouchi and this whole journey will end on my last part #4 post. We woke up quite early in the morning because we wanted to take some photo of our apartment and of course dress up ourself nicely. Next, guess what happen??  

TAADAAAAA~ The special guest, Mr. Raccoon appear on our little green garden and say hello to us. Both Cheesie and I were super duper excited. I immediately passed Cheesie my camera and she took this photo for me. HAHAHAAH Ultimate selfie with the raccoon. lol

I just feel so sad because the raccoon ran away and I haven even got the chance to take a photo a clear shot of him. lol Then, suddenly Cheesie told me that the raccoon actually came back to us lol. This time it just stop there (never move) and it's why I'm able to take this photo.

OMG!! So cute!!

Next, we just went to upstairs and take some photos of our lovely apartment. If you are interested to know more about our HomeAway stay then you can read my blog post here : CLICK HERE

Btw, the bed was super cozy!

 My favourite corner which is quite insta-worthy!

 Our Day2 & Day3 apartment were just next to each others and here's my favourite corner again. lol So muji-style!


#1 Breakfast  |
The first thing that I really love was the breakfast served by our HomeAway apartment's owner. I guess this is the best day to kickstart our day. Am I right?

Today's menu: Sandwich (western breakfast)

 Blogger in action lol

The sweetest honeydew that I ever tried and look at the sandwich. OMG! It's super good. 


#2 Uwajima  |
Yes, today we are going to explore the Uwajima (宇和島). It is a coastal city in southern Ehime Prefecture, facing the Bungo Channel that separates Kyushu from Shikoku. 

The small city is home to one of only twelve extant original castles from the Edo Period (1603-1867). Being a coastal city, Uwajima supports a couple of industries related to the sea, such as fishing and pearl cultivating. It is one of the top pearl producers in Japan. Local specialties include Taimeshi (a dish of rice and sea bream) and Jakoten (fish cake). The waterfront around the city offers great coastal scenery. Uwajima is also known for the bull fight events that it stages five times a year. (Credits to 
So Day3 we are going to the beautiful Japanese garden located in Uwajima, pay a visit to pearl farm + making our own pearl necklace , look at the ultimate coastal view and a little relax time to Uwa Sea!


#2 Tenshaen Garden |

No more empty stomach after our lovely breakfast! HAHAHAAH Then it's time to explore a new place again. This time we get surprised again by the team lol. Yes, if you noticed it from my instagram and I'm sure you know why. 

Yes, dressed up ourself like a real samurai. lol It was fun, but the costume was super heavy. Especially the samurai thingy on my head lol. We suppose to wear our daily outfit to Tenshaen Garden but they told us the scenery of Tenshaen garden was super beautiful and it's nice to take photos in there. Then, I thought we are going here with our Kimono but we actually did that in Uchiko Town. So this time, instead of wearing the usual Kimono we decided to go there with our full samurai costume lol.

Imba sangat because it's summer, it's hot, but we don't even care! Let me show you my girl's power lol.

Yes, it's me! Your handsome samurai is here! HAAHAHAH

Tenshaen Garden (天赦園) is a lovely mid-sized Japanese garden designated as a national scenic spot located in the city of Uwajima, Ehime prefecture. The garden offers changing scenery according to the seasons and was favored by the lord as a spot to practice his calligraphy.

OMG look how cute Cheesie is. So handsome right!! HAHAHAA we just continue syiok sendiri with our own samurai costume.


It was super chio here. Everything just match with our samurai costume but there are only one thing which is quite....wrong !!! HAHAHAHAHAH

 Yes, our socks! XD

 Let me protect you!!

 HAAHAHAH xD yay pose

Okay, give you a serious one!

maybe this??



Since the costume was quite heavy, we decided to take it off and feed the fish in the pond. 


OOTD shoot again with the beautiful scenery at this garden.

Can you believe she's now a mother of two????!!


#3 Nobori Fuji @Tenshaen Garden |
After that we just go ahead to explore this garden and we spotted this beautiful Nobori Fuji too. It's really beautiful and I never see this in Malaysia omg. I'm sure this will be very pretty if it's during Spring or Autumn. The changing color of each season! OMG!! I wish to come here in Autumn T.T

photo taken by iphone7

After that we spotted another photo-worthy place located nearby the entrance of this beautiful garden. OMG! LOOK AT THIS!!

and this!!

 Since we have plenty of time left, I decided to do a little photo shooting session here

 Chanwon's pose 101: Wakeup Pose

  Chanwon's pose 101: I'm a flower pose

 I'm a happy flower lol

That's all about my how-to-pose tutorial lol


#4 Doi Pearl Farm |
This should be my very first time visit to a pearl farm. It's really interesting and I wonder how they actually harvest the pearl lol.

Uwajima is one of the top pearl producers in Japan and it's the reason why I'm here lol. Look at this table OMG it takes two years to grow a pearl oyster.

 Showing us the implantation aka surgery to produce the pearl.

 How they harvest the pearl. 

Diff quality of pearls. 

 How to distinguish the pearls

You can keep this for your own reference! HAHAHA

Lastly, the DIY session for our pearl necklace!

Our guide just stop us for awhile and show us this beautiful coastal view. When the weather is clear, you can easily see the Kyushu island from here.


#5 Uwa Sea |
The most enjoyable trip ever. Yes, I never went to a trip like this. From an old town to the beautiful garden and now the Uwa sea. Feel the breeze! Omg so relaxing~

We actually came here for the cafe but too bad, it's closed. So we got nothing else to do here! lol. It's why we just sit down like this and look at the sea! Feel the inner peace and the breeze of course :p


#6 Last Dinner @KANDA |
It's our last dinner in Ehime. To be honest, I feel so sad when I know this although I know this trip was kind of short but never expect to feel so emo on the last day. lol too emotional but the team just brought us to this local restaurant that was pretty famous in Uchiko Town. It called KANDA. 

The foods served in this restaurant were amazing. Everything look so artistic. It's so cute and pretty at the same time. I never expect this at all.

Even this can be so pretty OMG!

 Is this possible for sashimi to be decorated until this level

It's good looking but it's been disgusting in my stomach xD HAHAHA

The weather was so cold at night but nothing can stop me! We decided to spend our last night shopping in the nearest drugstore and grocery store lol. Then we just continue pack our luggage and prepare for our flight on the next day. So yea, that's all for today and it's time to bed! I feel so sad because we are almost at the end of the trip. T.T Yes, last part will be up for another 2 days. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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  1. You and cheesie look like sisters with that matching hairdo. Btw I love your samurai outfit. Looks super legit :D

  2. Love the pictures girls. You have so much potential and the glow in your eyes shows how much determined you are to make something out of your life. I wish you luck and love.

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