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29 July 2017

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So here come to the last post about my Setouchi: Ehime trip. I'm really happy that it finally comes to an end. Honestly, after all the crazy editing, I really wish to change a new MacBook so that I can always airdrop the photo between my phone and laptop because right now I keep dropbox or transfer it via google drive. Damn! It took me more than 3 hours just to double check the photo and added with filter & proceed to send it from my phone to my laptop.

I took almost 1000 photos during this trip. OMG it's a struggle for me just to choose and delete some of the photos I took. But no worries, I did it!! Oh yes~~ So now, follow me to explore two new city located in Ehime prefecture. It's Ozu & Seiyo.


#1 Ozu & Seiyo  |
Ozu and Seiyo are two different city located in Ehime prefecture. We don't have much time left on the last day of our trip. We need to go to the airport at 6pm so now you know the reason why I feel really sad after I leaved. So we actually went to Ozu, an old town which look really vintage and it's really small. You can probably walk around Ozu in a few hours. lol It's really small if compare with other cities located in Ehime.

Ozu, Ehime Prefecture

I love how old and vintage of this little place. Every spot was a photo spot for me and luckily my outfit is quite old school lol. Imagine if I wear a leather jacket to this place lol. Then will be so wrong hahahaha! So after exploring Ozu old town, we went to a special dust cloth competition in Unomachi and took our lunch @Ikedaya. The best part after visiting Ozu was, we went to Seiyo and visited a cafe located right in the middle of the forest. OMG It's a famous spot but only Japanese people know and I can't believe we are the first few people who actually visited the cafe. 

苔筵 (こけむしろ) @Seiyo


Photo taken in Uchiko Town before checking out and say Bye Bye to our HomeAway stay's owner. I look so sad and this is my lazy old school look lol. The top is actually a jumpsuit, but since it's quite cold in Ehime (it's actually Summer now lol) + I brought the wrong outfit so I decided to wear another bottom just to cover my legs lol. 


#2 Ozu: Garyu Sanso  |
The first thing I spotted in Ozu old town was this clean water drain and the koi fish live inside the drain. wtf! Is this real? I think I saw it once in Takayama during my previous trip to Gifu prefecture few months ago. Never thought I can see the same thing again in Ozu. OMG look at the water! So clean and clear omg.

OMG look at the flowers!

so many koi fish

I love the yellow koi fish! 

There was a famous hermitage called Garyu Sanso nearby the Ozu old town. This Gary Sanso is actually a mountain villa that stands above the Garyu depth in the river on the east edge of Ozu City in Ehime Prefecture and built by a wealthy merchant in the Meiji Period. Its sightseeing spot is popular among local people. I saw most of the photo taken here was during autumn because the scenery was really really impressive. Imagine the red brown gradient colour on the walking floor and the trees.

This is one of my favourite photo during the trip. Taken @Garyu Sanso.

Not just about the scenery, the villa itself took 10 years to plan and 4 years to build and it's actually a Japanese traditional architectural style villa. 10 years to plan @.@ I just can't imagine how to plan for this ...10 years WAHLAO!! It surrounded by green and nature. I really can't imagine how would it be in autumn!!

At the entrance of the villa.

The river

View from the side

So beautiful!

Also, a little thing that I spot around the villa. There are lot of tiny decorative real flowers on the floor, beside the stone and so on.

Look!! OMG



After that we just continue to explore the old town and here's the photo I took by my iPhone.

photo-worthy spot!

There are free wifi too.


#3 Rice Museum 宇和米博物館@ Unomachi, Seiyo  |
This is one of the craziest thing we did together other than wearing samurai custom and walking all around the street. It's the ultimate dust cloth competition located at the local rice museum at Unomachi and no joke man!! It's 109m, so long! After you done the challenge you can get a certificate for the challenge. There was a record board so you can compare whether you are really good than others or just get the certificate and dont look at the board if not you might be sad! AHAHAHA


Hello, it's not a running competition la!!

HAHAHAAH Someone took this photo for us!
We thought this should be okay for us but in the end...
we never expect this can be really hard for both of us T.T

(if you watched our video on instagram here then you will know what happened! ahahah)

We didn't give up lol. Manage to make a record and get the official certificate from the competition. lol

Happy us!

Behind the scene photo xD

 my spec almost drop here -,-

spider girls xD

Based on our age and record suppose we need to finish it within 1 mins 23 second but ended up we fall into the next 30- category lol. I'm not 30 years old ok!!!?

Our certificate ahahah!

The old Japanese classroom

Look so blur! lol

So proud of ourself! lol It's our photo on the record board! HAHAAHAHAH
If you spot this remember take a photo and send it to me lol.
Else you can stick your photo beside this xD

After that we just walk around in Unomachi, Seiyo. We went to the museum and here's some photo taken by my phone. Saw lot of the vintage camera!! Look how cute it is~


#4 Lunch @Ikedaya  |
It's all veggie but I finished everything within 10 mins. I can't believe I ate all the vegetables and I dunno why but vegetables in Japan really sweet and not bitter at all. omg!

Cheesie told me it's 以前和尚吃的食物来的 (Food for the monk)!Then I was like REALLY??!!

After our lunch it's tea time. I'm really really excited on it because it's highly recommended. When I checked in the photo on my instagram, I spot lot of the local Japanese purposely come here from other prefecture. That's why it's really so special for us and there was one pretty Japanese aunty who can speak good English asked how we found this cafe because normally only local people come here and I guess we are the first few from oversea one. lol

#feelingproud HAHAAHAH

苔筵 (こけむしろ)

I dont even know how to pronounce this word in Mandarin. lol I can't read this it's too complicated but no worries, I have google translate! HAHAAHAH So 苔筵 is pronounce like 'tai-yan' in Mandarin /Chinese. lol The Japanese こけむしろ is pronounce as 'Kokemushiro'

Address: 2099 Uwacho Nobusato, Seiyo, Ehime Prefecture 797-0037, Japan.

Again, surrounded by the nature and you can hear bird's sound here while you enjoying your hot Japanese tea OMG!! So relaxing

Everything was quite reasonable!
 Hot tea 400yen and the dessert = 100yen each

Look how cute she is! HAAHAH Photoshoot for Cheesie :p

Tea time :D

My last drink in Japan T.T I'm so sad but I really really love to spend more time in this cafe. It's sooooooooo relaxing and I almost tear when I'm drinking this Japanese green tea lol. 

So this is the last photo of us. Thanks Cheesie for taking care of me and it's nice that I'm able to travel with you, Cheesie. This is one of the most memorable trip I went. I'm blessed with everything and here come to the end of my Setouchi, Ehime trip. I'm really glad that we are the first few to come here and I hope you guys can have fun visit to Setouchi, Ehime prefecture too. Hope this post can be useful for you and that's all for today.

Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to Japan for the wonderful experience. Thank you Japan , Thank you HomeAway for the wonderful stay in Setouchi, Thank you Cheesie, Thank you ...YOU!! Love you guys so much! T.T I'm so sad now!! It's last post about Setouchi but trust me, MORE TO COME!! That's all for today. Love, xoxo.

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  1. Hey pretty, just want to ask you edit all your pics on phone first? And then just transfer all the pics to laptop? :)

    1. Yea, I have no idea how to use photoshop to edit filter so all my photo edited by VSCO and when transfer to laptop just use photo setting to adjust the brightness and sharpness

  2. Yea, I have no idea how to use photoshop to edit filter so all my photo edited by VSCO and when transfer to laptop just use photo setting to adjust the brightness and sharpness