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12 July 2017

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Yay! It's finally the second post about my Setouchi: Ehime Trip. I'm so happy when I published this post on my blog and sorry for keep you waiting. It is time consuming to come out with a complete post with the same filter / color tone for all of the photos but everything worth it now baby. It worth my effort and time.


Get back to the topic, the first day of our trip is all about get into the culture in Japan and also understand more about this historical place where we stayed during the whole trip. Yes, so the second part of this post I will be cover more on the Uchiko town

Uchiko (内子町) is a traditional town located in Ehime Prefecture. It is located about 40 km southwest of Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture and developed as a manufacturing center for washi paper and wax production. This little town is somehow look like the 'little kyoto' but less tourist (that's the best part) and also it's full of surprise with the amount of traditional shop houses preserved from hundred years ago.

Photo taken in front of the entrance of our first night's stay & the owner

Uchiko is the place where we stayed for 3 nights and the place where we spent most of our time. The place we stayed was nearby drugstore, restaurant, cozy cafe and also the must-visit place, Yokaichi Old street! So if you are interested to know more about our HomeAway stay then you can read my blog post here : CLICK HERE

So the second day of our trip was fully utilised because we walk through the whole old street in Uchiko Town, which is the Yokaichi (八日市) the old street, then wearing Kimono, the traditional Japanese costume walking around and take as much photo as we like without any photobomb, enjoy watching the historical art performance, tried the traditional food in Uchiko, visited fresh park, went to the Japanese pub and last but not least, some sightseeing area too.

I'm so excited to share with you guys. So are you ready for the #FollowChanwonTo Uchiko, Ehime journey?? Let's get started!


#1 Breakfast  |
The best way to make us happy! Yes, the breakfast provided with our  HomeAway stay in Setouchi was sooooooo good. The first day was the traditional Japanese breakfast and the day after was the western style breakfast. Omg I tell you I ate all the veggies during my trip in Setouchi. I have no idea why the veggies there were super sweet and not bitter or hard to bite at all. I'm loving it!

So this is our yummy breakfast. For me this is heaven because it will never happen in Malaysia lol. I have no idea how to prepare everything like this in the early morning lol. It's why I almost tear and cry out loud when I saw the owner surprise us with the amount of love on our breakfast. HAHAHAHA 我真的很容易感动!

Everything was good for me. Traditional Japanese breakfast is always so presentable. Everything serve in small amount but with a huge variety of the food and extra point for this because it look really cute! I could just stare at it and T.T I couldn't resist because it look good and taste good at the same time.

 Enjoying my breaky!

The garden view of our stay.

Our first night's bed lol

After that we just walk around and explore the area nearby our stay & taking photo for our OOTD and pose like a pro because we can pose whatever we want since there is no photobomb behind us lol. I love this place soooo much cause it's a good photo spot + insta worthy place. MUAHAHAHAH!

 Some of the shoot taken right in front of our HomeAway stay

OMG! Why you so nice!!


#2 Exploring & Walking around Uchiko Historical Area  |
Yes, this is the best part during our trip and thank god Cheesie can understand everything in Japanese, so she become the translator who translate everything for me. Thank you, Cheesie! We spent around 2 hours to walk through the Yokaichi old town and it's the most peaceful and beautiful street that I ever seen so far.

Yokaichi(八日市) Old Town is Uchiko's preserved street of houses where most of the town's attractions can be found. This historical district looks just as it did over 100 years ago, when wealth and prosperity came to Uchiko through its wax trade. The streets are lined with interesting shops selling souvenirs and seasonal local produce including the huge sweet chestnuts that grow profusely here. You can eat in style in the many cafés and restaurants too. 

 Yokaichi(八日市) Old Town 

 Took lot of photos here!!

 Familiar with this?? HAHAHA Doraemon's favourite toys!

traditional Japanese candles shop

One of the worth visit shop in this town aka famous spot to visit and also it's one of the famous souvenir in Uchiko. It's so unique because it is handmade and the wax is comes from a plant not paraffin.

This shop lets you see them being made and you can buy them back. Trust me, the traditional handmade candle is not ordinary at all!

 This is the plant that use to produce the wax

This special candle is hard to be blown off, takes time to produce and no excessive wax dripping on the side. This is the reason why it's not ordinary at all! HAHAAHA You should come and witness it yourself. It's brighter than the candle that we use nowadays because its core is made by special material. I wish to use it as the candle on Smelly's birthday so he can never blow off the candle. HAHAAHAHAH

 This business was passed down through the 6th generation! OMG
Are you kidding me??

Layers of the candle

Showing us how it being made

 Huh?? Egg-vinegar? It's so famous and good for health. 
One of the must-buy in Uchiko. 

It get featured on national TV in Japan as one of the best health drinks too! I tried and it taste quite special. Not weird at all!

Another shop in the street selling household's items lol

 The huge totoro tree!! 

Handmade thing spotted around the town
No one steal it OMG!! 


#3 Kamihaga Residence 上芳我家  |
One of the highlight in this town. This is the former home and workshop of the Kamihaga family, the main wax producers in Uchiko. It is a large building complex consists of a spacious Meiji Period residence and a museum about Uchiko's wax industry.

 Free Wifi and get the info in your own language by scanning the QR code on your smartphone.

 The inner structure of the building

 It's more than 100 years old but still beautifully maintained.

Besides the family residence itself , there is a Wax Museum. The wax making process is detailed by entertaining miniature displays and wax products produced.

 Dried wax 

Process bleaching the wax

The pressed wax is melted and dropped into cold water like the photo above. Then the moment the melted wax touches the water, wax flowers form. Wow!! for the bleaching areas, these wax flowers will be put in wax boxes to be bleached under the sun and it's called the Iyo style Wax flower box bleaching method.

 Spot a cafe corner just nearby here.


#4 Traditional Kimono Experience  |
Yes, I never thought I can take so many photo with my Kimono in such a beautiful place. It's the best so far (If you followed my stories or instagram then you should know the reason)!! Yes, no photobomb and you can enjoy the whole street like your own house wtf! The whole street just belong to us. We took so many photo with our kimono. 

When we are walking around the street, Cheesie spotted a pamphlet on Kimono rental service at one of the handicraft artisan shophouses and the first thing she did was pointing it to me & we were like OMG YES YES YES! We should rent it here and take photo with the old street! It must be really pretty and yes, it's really pretty! Pretty until I can die! HAHAHAHA

Since most of the time i will go for a red/ pastel or pink color, this time I decided to pick something new. It's the orange color Kimono. So it look like the color of Ehime prefecture! HAHAHAHA

 You can make your reservation at Uchiko Town Visitor’s Center (reception from 9:00-16:00), or call 0893443790
Taaa-daa~ It's done!

Matching color with Cheesie's Kimono

Wearing these handmade hair accessories that is made with washi by volunteers in old folks home. It's so kawaii and it was just 200 yen!! What are you waiting for! OMG JUST GRAB!! aiyooo~

Look how pretty am I with the hair accessories
omg I won't feel paiseh because I just syiok sendiri! lol

Helped Cheesie to style her hair too. Look at our twinnie hair style~

I think the best hairstyle with Japanese Traditional costume was tied up hairstyle. My whole look seems nicer when I tied up all my hair. Right?

Now please be prepared because I'm going to spam this post with lot of our kimono photos! HAHAHAAHHA Please allows me to spam lah because everything was so nice and the photo taken here is super duper beautiful. T.T If you don't like, then you can skip lol

(ps- But better don't lah! HAHAHAHA)

So the tips is never stop talking photo. Whenever we go, we just shoot as many as we can. Even taken in front of the old temple, the street, in front of those historical building! Spam only~

 OMG Who's this! 典型美女 neh~ 

1 second later....

Wow! Uchiko ambassador 
AHAHAHAHAH xD i want to slap myself now


If you are not sure where to go or any enquiries, you can always drop by the Uchiko Town Visitor’s Center. There are lot of useful information which can help you to plan and provide useful information that you might need to know.

 Cheesie told me that we will be going to this place later after enjoyed the performance. 

 The paintings and drawings are so nice!!

Surprise!! OMG spot the place that we stayed during our trip!! Read more about our stay @

Blending in the background lol
Feeling proud of our stay in Uchiko!


#5 Lunch @Shimohaga Tei |
This was the place that we taken our lunch. Super recommended if you are a big fans of soba ! Please try this our if you are here.


Cheesie's one was 1400 yen and mine was around that price or just 1500 yen. I forgot to take note of that because the food was really good and I got no time to note it down lol. Everything was so perfect included my set (the dessert was super good) and Cheesie's one.


#6 Uchiko-za  |
It's our pleasure to be at Uchiko-za for the historical art performance by Uchiko High school students! Uchiko-za is one of the most traditional and fully operational kabuki theater built in 1916. The building has a revolving stage, hanamichi catwalk and box seats. Now, it is also used as a multipurpose hall. 

 Photo spot! HAHAHAAH

-Here's the photo that I steal from Cheesie's Blog:
We were impressed by the performance and the Uchiko-za. It's all made of wood and the interior was really impressive. It's good to enjoy the show with our super tight Kimono too. lol

This was one of my unforgettable moment happened during my Setouchi Trip. The performance by the high school students were so great. The Cheesie keep telling me that she's going to send Sakura and JunJun to join this performance & we keep imagine that Junya & Sakura can be someone like them in the future.

 That two girls sitting on the top of the drums. OMG
DAMN chiooo!!


The last show melted my heart and I even left a lot of tears because those graduating students was speaking to their friends with the goodbye speech. Although I can't understand everything in Japanese but you know when I see them cry, I just ...cry T.T A big hug and thumbs up for the show!

After the show, back to the reality and continue taking photo with lot of beautiful background HAHAHAHAHAAH


#7 Fresh Park Karari + Karari Bridge +  Kakari Restaurant |
Another must-go place in Uchiko will be the Karari! First we went to the fresh park Karari nearby the Karari Bridge and restaurant. It's something like movie scene or anime scene location. Everything was surrounded by green and the nature.

Karari Fresh Park

Selling everything fresh and Cheesie was soooo excited here!

After that you will saw a huge hanging bridge and it's known as Karari Bridge. The water from the river was so clear! 


Next, one of the highlight was the Karari restaurant. If you have time , pls pls pls!! Do enjoy the food here and this restaurant is sooooo beautiful. See the green and sunlight T.T Wish we can have some time to enjoy a cup of tea here T.T 


#8 Ishidatami  |
Last area to visit before our dinner! I'm quite hungry! HAHAHAHAHA Our guide told Cheesie that the place around the bridge area was full of sakura during sakura season. Oh well, another spot to take beautiful hanami photo. It must be soooo beautiful!

 Before we going to the old arched bridge, we spot the watermill located few mins away nearby the Ishidatami.


Finally we are here!! This old arched bridge is leading to the Yuge Shrine (弓削神社).

 Yuge Shrine (弓削神社)

Remember to make a wish and throw the stone on the Torri gate. If it's lands on it and stays there,  then your wish will come true. It's almost there T.T I fail to land my stone on the torri gate.


#9 Washi Paper Shop  |
This is one of the surprise! I never thought the washi paper shop will wait for us to come. It suppose to close at that time but our tour guide actually give them a call before their closing hour. Cheesie told her that I'm a fans of Washi Paper so she die die also call the owner of the shop not to close and not to disappointed me :'( THANK YOU T.T I want to cry now!

My happiness! HAHAHAHA 

After all we checked in to our second stay which is located 1 mins away from our first night's stay. Our second stay is more on western style room and more photo on my Get  HomeAway  in Setouchi's post here.

Meanwhile, if you wish to check our the official link for this COCOROKURA 1 apartment ,then Click here

The muji-style toilet!


#10 Dinner @ Uchiko Town  |
Western dinner! I love the cheese sausage and also the pizza here. Here's a little coffee bar x food restaurant. Interior was super cozy and lovely too.

After the dinner, we just went to the nearby place to look for the firefly.
 So cute!


That's all for Day two ( second post ) in Uchiko Town. Meanwhile, if you are planning for your next vacation then remember to use my discount code :-


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