▐ DearDiary #3▐ Clumsy Chanwon

25 August 2017

I never feel so blur but recently (especially this few days) I did something really stupid and in a way it shows me that I'm quite clumsy or maybe just something related to my age lol. Yes, I admit that I'm getting older now and my brain just can't function as good as when I'm young. I think this is one of the reason why I did so much stupid things recently lol.

So here's my story which might be really funny and at the same time, it can really brighten your day lol. Read my blog if you feel unhappy lol, it can be entertaining sometimes!

Clumsy Chanwon #1
Since I got nothing to write about the title so I just name it as Clumsy Chanwon lol. The story began with something really normal lol. Yes, I'm so productive that day so I woke up at 4.30am in the morning, having period cramps on my bed. But I have a morning shooting with my friends because I agree to help them for the shoot. So I must (die die force myself) wake up and done the makeup all by myself.

Then my friend come over to my place, everything was really good and she brought along with a bottle of hot chicken soap for me. My heart literally just melted!!!! I dunno but I really love these little sweet things that happened in my life recently or maybe I'm just too sensitive or over react. HAHAHAHA 

So after all the shooting, I brought two bag with me. One recycle bag with my personal stuff included my wallet, car keys, phone and a sanitary pad. Another bag is the bag that I would like to send it back to one of the client. Then I just brought them with me all the time. After took my meal, I asked my friend to wait for me so I can drop by the mailbox @Pavilion to post the parcel for the client.

Next, here's the stupid thing I did. I wrap the client's bag with my recycle bag which I use to put my wallet and keys. Then I just put the bag inside the recycle bag and post it out. Nothing special happen and I walk out from mailbox like what I did normally. Until I went to the car, I feel like I'm lack of something or I forget about something.

Then, I was like WTF?!!!! You know what, I left my sanitary pad inside the recycle bag which I used it to wrap the client's bag. wth I did just now?!! 


I got nothing can do but asking the help from my friend see whether should I watsapp the client instead or just give him a call. Btw, he's a male client. 😑 It's not funny at all and I think you guys can imagine my expression lol. I thought my friend could give me some useful advice but she was just....laughing all the way from Pavilion to my place. wtf* 

Then the whole 45 mins inside the car was totally 坐不安 吃不下. I just click on my watsapp and drafting the msg for the client. My hand was shaking and I have no idea what did I wrote but just keep on thinking what else I need to include on my explanation 😑

So ended up here's my explanation which is real and the moment I saw the blue tick on my watsapp conversation, I WAS LIKE OMG PLEASE REPLY me and hopefully the client don't misunderstand that I purposely give him to see the shitty sanitary pad lol. If someone really closed with me get to see this then I'm alright but you know...when you accidentally did this to someone you are not very sure whether he/ she might over think lol.

Or maybe I afraid that some people really can't touch those sanitary pad or they very 'pantan' one. Or those who very anti like one of my friend's bf , she told me that her bf never wanted to touch the pad even it's new cause will make him lose or feel so kiasu. I dunno lah, I just really careless and stupid. Totally have no idea what should I do and my hand still shaking.

Then I saw the client typing on the screen and my friend still laughing at me. I have no idea why because I'm very nervous and asking for help! lol So after a mins of typing... Client replied me with a hahaha, it's alright and an emoji

' Hahaha its alright 👍🏻 '

OMG. What does this mean? Really okay bohhh? Is this really thumbs up? I just feeling really stupid and when I wrote it on my stories everyone of you just...laughing... HELP ME LAH! If this happened on you, will you msg the client or just ignore! HAHAAHAHA

So that's the end of the story. But I'm very happy the client told me that he received the parcel this morning but apparently, it reminds me of the sanitary pad -.- Okay, end of the story #1.

Clumsy Chanwon #2
This is somehow quite stupid also. I really feel like slapping myself and ask ' ARE YOU AWAKE?' So I went to one of the event this morning, which is the H&M event. Yes, the new beauty / cosmetic range is now available in Malaysia starting from September onward. I'm so happy to be there because I'm not late and this is my first H&M event. So after saying good bye with the PR I just went to the car park.

I'm was talking with my friend and paying my parking ticket at the same time. Next, I press the receipt button and saying 'BYE' with a happy mood. Then I walk all the way from 5th floor up to my parking floor. I open my car door , turn on the engine and realise something again.


Then, first come in my mind was throwing away all my belongings and searching for the ticket inside my bag and everywhere. I couldn't find it. Then it took me sometime to figure it out because my brain can't function. Have no idea why I just feel so stupid recently. Maybe because it's the second day of my period wtf. 

After 10 mins of sweating inside my car, I decided to run back to the auto pay machine to check whether it's still there or someone took it. So I pray to the god, I run back to the lift. Someone was there and looking at me like I'm a crazy women because I run like zombie and i'm wearing a high heels so a bit unstable. lol then I guess my lips turned green, the person who stand with me in the same lift just keep looking at me. 

I pray to god again and looking at the door like an idiot. Then start talking to myself, I run run run run...run to the auto pay machine (because I park at another floor lol). I saw the guard and I have no idea why but I smile and wave at him. He just turned his head away and continue walking to another side of the door.

I couldn't stop myself but just run with that stupid high heels. Luckily the heels is good quality one if not sure break lol or maybe spoil. Then I saw the auto pay machine with no ticket on it. My heart was </3 then I immediately put my head down look around and I saw someone actually put it on the side of the machine. 

I'm so happy and really thank to the person who didn't throw away my ticket. OMG I should thank to the god for saving my life because I have no idea what should I do if the ticket was gone. Or maybe should ask the guard instead of running like a crazy women. I'm blessed! After I collected back my ticket from the machine, I just touch the machine and smile at it & say thank you!

LOL I feel so stupid but I just want to say THANK YOU! So I just touch the machine and say thank you. HAHAHAHAHA Then I walk back to my car with my super chio face again and at the same time flipping my hair.

So this is the story that I took on my instagram! Lesson learned, be smart Chanwon. Don't simply send your sanitary pad to client and don't left your ticket again. No more next time and I hope the client throw away the sanitary pad. If not everyone who saw the parcel might be like ' euuuhhhh~ why there is a sanitary pad there?' lol

After all, it's time to bed! HAHAHAHA That's all for today. lol. Love, xoxo.


  1. so cute la u����

  2. 😂😂😂 please get enough rest n take care of yourself.. Haha..

  3. Hahaha please sleep more xD I'm also clumsy myself so yeah...I feel you :p