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03 October 2016

Hello Sweeties! I'm back from Osaka, Japan today and I just can't wait to share those little itinerary on my blog. So here's the post about the Instant Ramen Museum that I went few days ago. I wanted to complete all these post so I can update a complete ultimate summary of my Osaka & Kyoto Itinerary (like the one I did on my Tokyo Itinerary , Perth Itinerary , Bangkok Itinerary). It was one of my must-go and recommended to go place for all of you.

In this ramen museum you can DIY your own ramen with your choice of ramen  ingredient and it cost only 300yen! Just RM10 but due to the depreciated on our RM, it's RM12 now. So I can just tell you that it's only 3 SGD. Since everything was so expensive due to our poor currency in Malaysia, you should really do some homework and plan well before your trip this time. This is my third time this year in Osaka and everything was so reasonable last time but now I almost cry when I change the currency from RM to yen. lol In April and June, everything times 3 but now everything times 4 now. 

Forget about the sad part now let's follow me to explore The MOMOFUKU ANDO Instant Ramen Museum located at Osaka, Japan.

The MOMOFUKU ANDO Instant Ramen Museum
It was my first time here and I'm staying nearby the main city in Osaka. It took me about 40 minutes with subway from my place to this Ramen Museum. It's located at Ikeda in Osaka, Japan. It's very easy to go there and no complicated transportation needed. What you need to do is just download GOOGLE MAPS on your smartphone and type 'Instant Ramen Museum' and look for the location at Ikeda! As easy as a piece of cake!

I recommended this place for most of my friends when they plan to visit Osaka at the end of this month. It was such a nice place to me. Nice activities to play with your friends , bf or even your family members. Also, with just 300yen to customise your own instant ramen plus, it's really yummy!! 

Before planning for your trip please take a look of the opening hours and the weather too. Bring umbrella with you all the time when you are oversea. So it took almost 6 mins to walk from the station to this museum.

Locker spot for your umbrella! Japan always the best! 

Once you enter the museum, no ticket needed for entrance but there are lots of activities available there. There is someone standing in the entrance of the door and give you a little guide on what's going on and what's the activities today. If you wanna make your chicken ramen it required reservation before visit but for the normal instant ramen DIY you can just enter without any ticket or reservation needed.

Then they will pass you a English / Mandarin booklet for you to understand more about this museum. There are tons of activities and exhibition there but I'm interested more on the DIY instant ramen! AHHAHAHAAH So I just straight go into the place where we can do our own instant ramen. Yeah!!

The Instant Noodles Tunnel
It was a huge....tunnel!! Featured the whole history of instant ramen product line. There are approximately 800 product packages tell the story of how instant noodles developed into a favourite food across the globe. 

 'Which I want to eat next??' Devil face! AHAHAH

MOMOFUKU ANDO & The story of Instant Noodles
It's the area showcasing the whole story of instant noodles. Although I couldn't understand but it's fun to see the information video and the vintage machine of making the instant noodles too. Also, there are a tasting room for you to enjoy your limited edition instant noodles product that only sold in OSAKA! Wah...Japan win! AHHAHA

 Vintage Instant Noddles Making Machine

My Cup Noodles Factory 
Yes, this is the main purpose why I'm here in the instant ramen museum. MUHAHAHAHA It was really fun and just to create another memorable experience in my trip. So what you need to do is just drawing something on your own cup noodles, choose your own ingredient that you love the most and bring back home your 'very unique' / own version of cup noodle! 

My Cup Noodles Factory

The vending machine (300 yen for each DIY cup noodles)

 My super greedy face with 3 cup noodles! AHAHAHAH I'm going to create all 3 of these!

 Sanitise our hand first before making our own cup noodles

So it's time to create your own cup noodle! Just design and drawing your favourite anime, cartoon character or just some random doodles on the cup. Then beside you, there are a note about the ingredients and soup flavour of the cup noodles.

 The whole process of making your cup noodles

 Second attempt and the first one is too ugly so I better show you the nicer one

 If you not sure what to draw or have no idea on that you can refer this sheet to draw the ambassador of this museum. The cute little chicken! HAHAHA

What I did was just google my favourite gudetama and draw it on the cup. OMG. It's so talented I can't believe my gudetama look really cute on the cup. Of course, with it cute little butt shaking! HAHAHAHAHA OMG I really really into gudetama since years ago!

 still hiding my first attempted cup ! AHAHAHAH

 Hello Gudetama!!

 Serious face! Please don't disturb! I'm creating something! 

Next (after you done the design), you can head over the factory and start making your own cup noodles. Just pass your cup to them and they will place the cup over the bundle of noodles.

Yes, this is the most exciting part! Choose you cup noodle flavour and ingredients. There are lots of ingredients here. My favourite was cheese, prawn (is a must) , egg and what else?? Just pick the one you like!!!

I can't stop myself recording this on my phone. First use camera , second use phone to record video and 3rd just taking  photo and upload to instagram stories/ snapchat! LOL If only i have 4 hands.

Yes!! This is the best best  best one ever! Oh yea for the flavour recommended you to pick the seafood flavour. It was my favourite flavour ever! Please try please try!

Then, steal the cup!


 Shrink-wrap the cup

 Hello Gudetama!!

Last but not least, blow air into this air package using air pumps and enjoy the rest of time by taking photo all around the museum! HAHAHAHA

Best souvenir for your friend or your own. It's really fun to create your own cup noodle as this is really my first time experience this myself. I can't believe I'm able to make it here because I always forgot this itinerary until this time lol.

 Happy me with my 3x cup noodles that DIY all by myself :D

So for those who wish to plan your itinerary to Osaka, please included this as well. It's fun , easy and reasonable for the price to create your own cup noodle too. I don't want to repeat it twice but this is really fun! Also, a fun activities with your bf/ gf too!

Don't try to eat my gudetama!

Details of Cup Noodles Factory & Location 
For your information, the opening hours for this cup noodles factory is 9.30pm- 4pm (No entry after 3.30pm) Please take note of the time and the fee will be 300 yen per person for 1 serving. The number of serving can be limited to one when the museum is crowded. Luckily I'm able to create 3 not just 1!! AHAHAHAHAH Thanks god it's not crowded at all when I'm there ya. 

8-25 Masumi-cho, Ikeda-shi, Osaka 563-0041, Japan
072-752-3484 (General information)
Museum hours:
9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Last admission is at 3:30 p.m.)

That's all the information needed for you to plan your itinerary! Hope this can be helpful for you and thanks for reading my blog again. That's all for today. Love!


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