Gudetama Cafe @ HEP FIVE, OSAKA

05 October 2016

Hello my little sweeties! How are you today? I'm not feeling good since this morning due to my monthly braces adjustment but anyhow I'm still here to blog about my favourite Gudetama Cafe. Yes, this can make me feel better and happier. So as you guys know I'm always a big fans of gudetama. I love it's laziness and that cute little butt. HAHAHAHAHA I'm quite crazy on this and I have a whole collection of Gudetama key chains, diary books, sticky notes, pen , soft toys, the gudetama eggs and I keep everything in a box. I can't wait to show to you guys my secret collection.

Japan has a lot of idea on this because they always came out with limited edition diary / notebook , snacks, souvenir or soft toys of Gudetama. I can't believe I collected it since years ago. There are lots of pop-up store / cafe in Japan but this Gudetama Cafe located at HEP FIVE, Osaka is the FIRST permanent one! Not pop-up or within a period of time!!! It's permanent and it means you can always plan this and visit it when you are here in Osaka.

Yes, I'm really excited for this! Are you ready to enter this Gudetama Cafe with me?? Follow me & Let's get started!

Gudetama Cafe @ HEP FIVE, Osaka
This Gudetama Cafe located at 7th floor of HEP FIVE. It's a shopping complex that selling lots of fashion clothing brand and I think this is one of the girl's heaven too. I spent 2 hours at the cafe and the rest of my time I just shop from first floor until the highest floor. If you love Japanese cosmetic or beauty product and fashion clothing brand like WEGO. So if you plan to come to this Gudetama Cafe, make sure you bring some cash with you to enjoy a little shopping time with your friends too.

I'm quite shocked when I saw this because I thought its closed!!! It scared me!! HAHAHAHA So once you reached this floor (7th floor) you can easily spot this super yellowish cafe with the gudetama faces. Yes, no joke lots of gudetama here.

 Area 1

Unlike those themed cafe, this place was really big for me. There are two dining area and I'm sitting on the front first area so I can play around with the gudetama soft toys and sit on the gudetama chairs.

 Area 2

Menu & Food
Since this is my first time here I didn't expect too much but the food surprised me. I'm always into rice and food that can fill my stomach. So I ordered one rice and one dessert for myself. To be honest, most of the themed cafe's food only look super cute and taste so so only but this Gudetama really surprised me.

In term of the service it's always on my expectation because Japan has the best service ever. The stuff there will keep refill water once they noticed our cup was empty and concern about the food. When I asked them to recommend some of the super nice one they recommend me with a bright smile. This is always the reason why I'm always back and travel to Japan.

But the only thing is, not much choice on the food. 2 pages of food & dessert + one page of drinks on the menu. I'm so lucky to be here and it's not crowded at all. I went during weekdays so I guess this is the best time where I can sit down nicely and take as much photo as I want xD

 The Menu

 Food & Desserts

Drinks on top & Dessert 

Gudetama Chocolate Latte 

Omg no joke this is really cute! But nothing special about the chocolate latte, it's just normal. So while waiting for my food I decided to walk around and take photo with my all gudetama.

As I mentioned earlier, the food here really surprised me. Yes, this white curry with bacon is totally my favourite over everything here. It's really  not bad and quite nice leh. I never expect this because this look cute but taste really good too. I love the taste of the white curry it's really thick and taste so good. Okay la curry in Japan totally not spicy at all. It's those sweet curry with a very strong curry taste.

This cost 1,000 yen. About RM35-40 and next I also ordered a dessert because it looks super cute. But to be honest, I love this curry rice than the dessert! I'm a sweet tooth person but I don't like those dessert that has too much of cream. So the dessert I order has too much of cream on it. End up I gave up on that lol but Smelly finished the whole dessert. He told me it taste super duper good. I still prefer my gudetama white curry rice.

Gudetama white curry rice 1,000 yen

This cost 1,000 yen as well

Okay..Please allow me to pose with my favourite gudetama! It's too cute I couldn't resist this and I'm so in love. OMG someone going to jealous about this :p

Have fun @ Gudetama Cafe
So after finished our meal I decided to talk with my gudetama. Spotted this pink gudetama on the corner of my seat. So I just play with it and living in my little gudetama world. Please skip this if you find this is too disgusting. But i just can't....



Gudetama with Bacon! AHHAHAAH

 Gudetama don't even bother me. lol

Gudetama Merchandise
Last but not least, a corner that is full of Gudetama merchandise. OMG guess what I bought?? I bought a guetama x bacon soft toy! It's super soft and nice to hug! OMG OMG

I bought this! YESSS!!

 This located at the main entrance too.

| Location & Detail 
Remember to spend your time taking photo with the gudetama and don't forget to take photo at this spot with the paper props too. If you are a fans of gudetama, remember to visit here when you are in Osaka, Japan. 

Gudetama Cafe
HEP FIVE 7th floor 5-15 Kakudacho, Kita Ward, 
Osaka Prefecture 530-0017, Japan

Tanimachi Line > Higashi-Umeda Station & 6 mins of walking distance

Ps- For those who know how to use google map you can just key in 'HEP FIVE' and you  can get the fastest and cheapest route to reach here.

Can't wait to see your beautiful photo with Gudetama too. Enjoy reading and thanks for your time. That's all for today. Love!


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