20161031 | Blessed October

31 October 2016

I miss all of you sweeties! Finally I'm back from Hokkaido this morning. How are you and so sorry I couldn't update anything on the past few days as I decided not to bring my lap top with me and enjoy as much as I can during this Hokkaido trip. Well, I'm blessed with everything in this special month and if you saw my update on instagram you probably know the reason behind this post.

I never thought it will happened on me but honestly I wish to say a big thank you to everyone of you. I'm October baby and this month is such a special month for me because I learned how to appreciate every opportunity and say thank you with all my heart to my family (especially my mom) , Smelly and my really really closed friends. Thanks for everyone of you who make your time for me or read my blog or follow me on my fb / ig.

The beginning of October I went to Osaka & Kyoto as my personal trip without any work. I enjoyed a lot and found my passion on things I love and get a lot of inspiration & content for my blog. After I back from my trip I rest a lot at home and so happy that I gained back my normal weight and after that it's all about food and meeting with my long lost friends.

Next, attended one of my bestie's 2nd branch grand opening. So happy for her as I'm the one who know how much effort she put on her business and I'm so proud of her. A big huge for her and finally a proper photo I took with her during the event. Also, so happy that my Twinnie , Vickybobo finally & officially back in Malaysia. So from now on you can spot her on my insta stories and lots of rubbish talk with her again! AHHAAHHA

Then, double movie date once every 2-3 weeks with her , her bf & Smelly. After date we just went to nearby mamak to enjoy our supper but at the same time missing my double cheese roti canai at Batu Pahat + Missing my long relationship partner ahming. HAHAHAH 

So what's next?? Celebrating my birthday with all my closed friends one-by-one because it's the time where I get to eat free meal or dinner. LOL I'm just joking!! It's the time where they can officially pay for my lunch / dinner meal because normally I will pay for their bill and mine ( like those aunty always fight when paying the bill) HAHAHAH That's the reason why I gained back my weight and chubby face appear again lol.

Having a mini surprise birthday party with my favourite pony unicorn cake & friends! That's really a surprise and I'm really in love with the cake. Will blog about how I celebrate my 24th Birthday soon. Also, this October I have so much fun and received so much love from all the clients and brands. I even celebrating their first year anniversary too. HAHAHA I never thought they will keep this in mind and sending me all the letters and hand written birthday card to me. Thanks a lot and I'm really happy for all the card and letters.

Also really surprised to received a fully DIY album from Smelly as my birthday present. Everyone told me 娶得过他!HAHAHA I also feel shy to share it here but you know, I just want to tell you here because this is the place where I can update more personal related / life related daily updates and I tear a lot when I look through the album. It's like a time machine which bring me back to our 6 years memories.  Thanks Smelly!

Oh yes, also my first time received a bouquet of baby's breath from my brother. He's 4 years younger than me and I can't believe he's 20 years old now. I was playing my phone and I remember he was having his final examination on 20/10. He knock my door and pass me the flower then immediately turn his head back and run to his room and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIE. Yes, this is my brother. I also quite shy when received his flower but you know as an eldest sister I might be too strict some time but it's all for his own good. Hope I can attend his graduation ceremony as soon as possible. I can't wait to give him a hug and tear during his graduation ceremony *lol think too far* 

So last but not least, a big thank you for the person who nominate my name on this trip to Hokkaido. You know who you are and I will always remember this. Never thought I can be such a lucky one to be in Hokkaido. Still remember few months ago I told myself I wish to see the snow this year. I make a wish on this but I know it's impossible because I can only build my snowman when it's winter in Japan. Which mean it's either Next year January or February. But I never thought I can make this for hokkaido and build my own snowman + touch the snow for the first time.

Although it's really really cold and I just bring 2 jacket with my throughout the whole trip but I JUST DONT CARE and laugh so hard when I saw it snowing in Hokkaido. Joy with tear and my dream came true in such situation and I never expect this to happen on me. I'm blessed...honestly I never thought this and I never thought I could appear on Japan famous TV show and get recognised from a Japanese girl when I visited a farm restaurant too. I guess I'm always on my 'fans mode' so I get really excited when someone told me she know me from xxx or my social media platform. Then she came to me and say Hi with a bright smile which melted my heart...A LOT!!

Also, hot spring every night in Japan and get naked in front of the magazine writer that I just met for a day (because we go hot spring together in Japan). We talked a lot during the trip and really thanks her for helping me to take photo during my trip and accompany me every time. The first few day I sleep alone in the super huge and luxury room but after that we decided to sleep with each other because I found that we are mean to be together! HAHAHAHAHA Talkative vs Talkative. Nice meeting you , Ann <3

Hokkaido is such a beautiful place with lots of natural and beautiful scenery. Every place I visited was breathtaking and I still remember I build my first snowman, lying on the grass that was full of autumn leaf, having the best japanese cuisine every night with the team behind this trip, wearing yukata as my sleeping outfit every night in Hokkaido, laughing and meeting with all Japanese tourism division people & so on. 

It's such a wonderful memories and trip. We never meet each other before the trip but feel really sad when I'm leaving Hokkaido. I miss our Japanese tour guide Mega-san and the bus driver who never talk with me before but he always drive safely to send us back to our stay. I miss the last dinner and meeting I spent with them. I really love this country as much as I love myself. Thanks for the wonderful memories in Hokkaido. I'm sure I will visit this beautiful place again.

Thanks for everyone for my birthday wishes and feel happy for me on my new achievement and milestones. Honestly, all of these...I never thought it could happen on me. Like I never thought I could do so much and never thought people will love me for who am I. Never thought I'm just sharing it on my blog and one day I will get noticed by them and I wish to cry when they told me they read my blog and know how much effort i put on it.

I blogged since 2008 and it's OCT 2016 now. A long journey and it's almost 8-9 years. Never thought I could go so far from the first day I started to blog and created www.chanwon.com . 谢谢你们看着,陪着我长大 我还是忍不住流泪了 除了谢谢,还是谢谢

Thank You for everything! I'm blessed. Thank you, October! I love you! xoxo

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