Biore Perfect Cleansing Water [Review]

01 November 2016

Hello my little sweethearts~ How are you today? I feel so happy right now although I'm burning the midnight oil and working on this post at 4am. Just wanted to keep my blog updated even I'm not in Malaysia (guess I publish this during my Hokkaido Trip). So today I'm going to blog about something that can be related to all of us. It's one of the item that I tested and tried since few days ago. Guess what is that? Hint on the first photo of this post HAHAHAHA

It's something I use everyday and it's a MUST for me.

Yes, you are right! It's the Bioré New* Perfect Cleansing Water!! It's the miracle cleansing water for all and when you hear about cleansing water you must be loving it as much as I do because it's TOTALLY OIL-FREE. Yeah, an oil-free cleansing water that helps to quickly remove your makeup after a long working day.


| Bioré New Perfect Cleansing Water
Nowadays, waking up early to apply makeup is one thing, but to remove it after a hard day’s work is quite another. For me, I'm always that person who wish to quickly remove my makeup and go to bed as fast as possible. Are you the same too?! As such, Bioré understands our plight and what we want & it's why they developed different variants of its Biore Perfect Cleansing Water to cater to different skin types and concerns and at the same time it aim to remove makeup effectively and provide additional benefits for our skins.

The time around they came out with 2 diff types of this new perfect cleansing water. The pink bottle = Soften Up cleansing water and the blue bottle will be an Oil Clear cleansing water. 

Oil Clear Perfect Cleansing Water

Soften Up Perfect Cleansing Water


| Oil Clear OR Soften Up 
So here's the question I asked myself...How to pick the right one that suits my skin and needs? The answer is here! Biore Perfect Cleansing Water Soften Up is an improved formulae product for dry to normal skin. While for Biore Perfect Cleansing Water Oil Clear is a newly launched product for oily/combination skin. 

 I'm using this the Oil Clear one [Oil Clear- Oily/Combination skin OR 18-25 years old]

[Soften Up- Normal to dry skin OR 26-35 years old]

I love how oil-free it is especially my skin feel quite refresh after using this cleansing water to remove my make up. Besides, both variants have been formulated with breakthrough Micellar Water and Japan Smooth Bright Technology to effectively remove all traces of makeup residue, dirt & sebum from deep inside pores while remove skin dullness. 

Are you ready for the tried and tested & after thoughts on this product?? Let's gooooo~


| Tried & Tested + My thoughts 
Let try this out now. I just back from my birthday celebration and I'm having my eye & lips makeup with me & blusher. I didn't apply any mascara on this test because I know for cleansing water it can remove your normal mascara but for waterproof mascara it might take a longer time to remove it. 

 I'm going to try this water-based & oil-free makeup remover. 

 I'm having my thick eye make up

 Extra zoom for you! HAHAAH

 Time for Oil Clear perfect cleansing oil

 wait for few second and wipe it off

 OMG!!! Within few second!! No!! I can't believe this water based liquid can remove my eye makeup including my eyeshadow and super waterproof eyeliner wtf!!

OMG Only one wipe!!

Next >>> lips!!

Few second after remove with cotton pad! So clean and clear + You won’t feel any oily residue at all!!

waterproof Eyeliner + thick eyeshadow + blusher + bronzer + lips color
All I tried!! No problem at all!! 

 Challenge accepted!! Removed everything!!

My thoughts-
It removed everything except for super water-proof mascara then it might takes some time to remove it. For person like me who always skipped mascara then this is definitely your favourite. The best part that I wanted to highlight is I WONT FEEL ANY OILY RESIDUE on my skin. This is super duper awesome!! Also, there is no need to double cleanse as it is a water-based & oil-free makeup remover. 

Now I no longer worry about my pores because all pore clogging residues can be easily removed without scrubbing with this miracle cleansing water too. I would love to recommended this for person who dislike oil based makeup remover , who prefer easy 'one-step/ wipe only' makeup remover , who dislike to feel oily residue on the skin!!

No wonder people are saying that Biore Perfect Cleansing Water is just like a miracle water. Both variants are priced at RM35.30 (300ml) and are available at all leading pharmacies and stores near you. 

Now it has become one of my 'Must have item' during my trips as it effectively removes makeup with just one easy wipe! Hassle-free! Yay!!! I love using this because it's less time consuming, easy and quick! What are you waiting for?? Go try out this yourself now! That's all for today. Love xoxo.

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