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07 November 2016

Konnichiwa my little sweeties! It's been awhile since I share about some tutorial & makeup related post. I woke up quite early today because I'm going to try and test those new + latest Japanese beauty / cosmetic that I got from I love this new Japanese Shopping site because there is NO HIDING COST (will talk about this later)!! So today it's going to be a little special, I will share my top 6 haul / what I got from Ippin & using those products to create a natural and daily suitable make up look.

So here's the makeup I created by using the 5-6 Japanese latest beauty product that I really love. Are you ready for this sharing post? Let's get started!

So for those who know me well you properly know what's going on when you saw my post with a word 'HAUL' Yes! It's another shopping site which I would love to share with all of you because it's the cheapest japanese product online store ever! So far until now this is the cheapest because you no need to pay extra to ask for the person to help you buy or in short NO HIDING FEES OR SERVICE FEES needed.

So if you are looking for the real deal but you’re not heading to the trendy and fashionable japan anytime soon, is your best choice! Yes you just need to pay a bit of a premium (which is still affordable) to enjoy something that you wouldn’t normally be able to even get here in Malaysia. Just within 6-8 days of ordering, you’ll have your goods delivered to your doorstep!

BUT IPPIN INCLUDED EVERYTHING for you + some product is stated FREE SHIPPING on their site. Oh god! This is honestly the best thing ever. 

So glad that I know about and its why I can't wait to share with all of you!! So this Ippin actually is a new online portal which will allow us to purchase and enjoy Japanese quality products from Japan right in the comfort of our own homes. 

You can purchase the goods online and they will ship directly from Japan to you! I got mine few days right after I confirmed the product because they use EMS delivery method! So fast and the procedure is way too easy. 

Just click on the Japanese product you like and you can see the price stated there clearly. Again, no hiding fees or service fees needed after you check out your shopping cart. Everything added on the product itself and the price you see is the price you pay for it + also need to add on the postage fees only. 

So if you are looking for the real deal but you’re not heading to the trendy and fashionable japan anytime soon, is your best choice! Yes you just need to pay a bit of a premium (which is still affordable) to enjoy something that you wouldn’t normally be able to even get here in Malaysia. Just within 6-8 days of ordering, you’ll have your goods delivered to your doorstep!

This site is quite new because they just launch in our country but if you want to grab any product that you like, you can always contact them for enquiries. Feel free to email or contact Ippin. 

Yes, everything with me now! I got it yeah!! Finally a new way to grab Japanese product that is deliver to our doorstep all the way from Japan. 


Top 6 Japanese Beauty Product Haul
To make you easy to check on the link, I have placed and linked everything beside the product list. Feel free to check it out and now, let's get started and see what I grabbed from

Product List
 FlowFushi Limited Collection MoteMascara 2016 Black > click here  
 CANMAKE Lip Tint Jam 01 Cherry > click here 
KANEBO Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheeks 03 Rose > click here 
MAQuillAGE Perfect Multi Base BB Light > click here 
FlowFushi Ion de cushion Natural (01 Light Beige) > click here 
KANEBO Kate Dark Knight Glow PK-1 > click here 

Tried & Tested + Makeup Tutorial
Because normal haul & product review post is too boring I decided to create a makeup look and at the same time giving the first impression on each of the product. So here's the before and after applying the base and eye makeup (without lips & blusher). Quite a big diff lol 

So to kickstart with this, the first step of having a beautiful and natural makeup is all about the base. This time I got myself 2 base products for my face. One is the cushion type and another one is normal foundation type.

| Step #1: Base 
I'm so excited for this because this is my first Japanese skin cushion product that I really wanted to give it a try. I think it's really quite a big diff from korean skin cushion as this one is more emphasise on natural look to suit our every-day use.

 FlowFushi Ion de cushion Natural (01 Light Beige) 

Look at the packaging. It's just too gorgeous. The shape is quite different from other cushion. It's not a perfect circle round shape but an egg shape. 

This is really classy and I love the cushion pad design. The egg shape actually make the whole application process much easier than circle one because the edge and top of the shape can easily reach on the inner area of our face. For example the inner corner of the nose and side of the face.
Japanese product understand what we want and now let see how's the foundation.

 MAQuillAGE Perfect Multi Base BB Light 

I guess this is not the first time you heard of this brand. It's really famous in Japan and consider this is one of my top must buy list because this foundation is just perfect for everyday daily use and the design of this packaging make me easily carry it together with me. What I need is just open it and squeeze the product on my hand.

I love this kind of packaging because it's easy to bring it out and no need much procedure to apply it on our skin. You can control and squeeze the amount you want and unlike those pour bottle type of design. (That's really a nightmare for me!!)

This foundation is a magic because it's so light , natural and with beauty ingredients too. Some people might find that 50 SPF might be too much for you and if that's your concern, this 30 SPF might be just nice for you I guess. Also, if you are someone who prefer light foundation base with a natural look then you should go for this with a little coverage on your skin.

Photo might not be obvious but this product absorb really fast on my skin. I tried it on and it's super duper light! So not much on the coverage but for people who just want to apply a base with sunscreen feature than this is definitely one of your alternative.

Since this is a very sweet and natural look, I decided to go with this beauty cushion because the coverage is more (I have problem with my dark spots) and this cushion is really nice to even up my skin tone with just few applications.

This applicator is one of the main highlight of this product. It's quite bouncy and look at the shape (as mentioned earlier) it can easily apply on the inner corner of my nose , under area of my mouth and upper lips area.

I think I really need to say this cushion gave me a healthy skin look with a very natural & nice complexion. I'm taking this photo inside my room with a natural lighting from outside of my window. Now, look at the photo! It even up my skin and leaving a very natural looking skin for me.

Not a high coverage product but for every-day use this is a good base with light- medium coverage. (I think this is why I love Japanese product because it's more natural and lovely :p) 

Additional: If you have serious dark circle problem you might need cover it and apply concealer after this step.


| Step #2: Eyeshadow 
This is not the first time you see I'm using Kate eyeshadow right? I'm one of its loyal customer especially the eyebrows powder kit is just too awesome. On this time, I grabbed this Kate Dark Knight Glow #PK1 because I wanted to try the wet eyeshadow color of this little palette.

 Kate Dark Knight Glow PK-1

No more crazy color for a natural sweet daily makeup look. This is something quite everyday use kind of color & no matter what kind of look you wish to can never go wrong with brown -nude color like this.

Let me show you the eyeshadow swatch on my hand.

One thing I really like was the wet color eyeshadow (the texture feel like a mousse) super easy to apply with your fingertips and always so pigmented. Really really pigmented! 

Actually you can always play around with the color of this eyeshadow. If you want you can use the (2) color to apply all on your eyelid instead of the lighter color. If it's (2) as a base color then your makeup will be slightly heavy and suitable for night look. But in this case I'm using it for daily makeup so I change it to use (1) as the base color and apply it all over my eyelid.

Before Eye Makeup

 Apply (1) color all over my eyelid.

 Added a deep color (2) on the outer corner of your eyelid like this

 Next, added the darkest color (3) and apply it near your eyelashes line

Lastly, color (4) at the inner corner of your eye + under eye area.


| Step #3: Mascara *recommended by Me
Strongly recommended! I love love love x0238e038402820 this product a lot because I never thought this can make my lower eyelashes look super pretty (like sticking the lower false eyelashes).  Now straight to the point and see the before & after apply the mascara.

FlowFushi Limited Collection MoteMascara 2016 Black

Get this black one and never expect this to be so good! Can compare with other expensive mascara and what?! This is limited edition one so better grab it fast. It's a very dark black color and just few coat can make your eyes really pop out + after you apply it on your lower lashes you will be really 'WOW' with the result!
 Curl your eyelashes first

 First coat

 Second coat only and it look like barbie's eyes ! OMG SO NICE

 Third coat if you really want to lengthen your eyelashes!

 Without mascara on lower lashes

 After apply both upper & lower lashes!

 Let's photo do the talking!! See how amazing is this mascara. Very very nice and I really love how it turned out on my eyes.

Additional:  add on your own eyeliner to complete your eye makeup


| Step #4: Rose Blusher
Japan has the cutest blusher ever for your cheek. Look at this blusher!! It look like a rose and it can use as blusher and also a highlighter on your cheek. So cute!!

 KANEBO Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheeks 03 Rose

 Let try this on my face!

So what I love the most on this product is it give my skin a very natural blush. Not too harsh , not too much and the amount is just nice. Also, a outer corner of the blush for you to apply and highlight your cheekbone! 2 in 1 blusher now~
 Apply the highlight on this area.

 Next, apply the rose blusher on your cheek area!

 So natural right!!! 

 After applied this blusher

 Just nice for me! Not too much or too thick!


| Step #5: Lip Tint
I always use a darker shade of lip color but this time I'm going to give my favourite brand a try! It's the CANMAKE from Tokyo. This is the latest product from Japan. A natural lip tint color and I feel like it really suit on all our asian's skin.

 CANMAKE Lip Tint Jam 01 Cherry 

So this is the last step to complete my whole make up look. Now let's see how I apply and the outcome on my lips.

 Before apply lip tint

 Apply it start in the inner corner of your lips and slightly blend it with the applicator.

 After applied the lip tint!

I love this natural color and not too much for me. I guess since my eye makeup really pop out I decided to leave the cheek and lip on something really light & natural. I guess my dry cracked lips turned super kissable after apply this natural lip tint! For everyday makeup, this is also a must have product on your list. 


| Complete Makeup Look
After the super easy step-by-step makeup product review + tutorial, it's time to show you the overall outcome (after styling my hair). 

How how how? How was it? I feel really confident after applied this look because my skin turn super good and look really natural with this look. I guess this is one of the best everyday natural makeup look with a little touch of cherry pink on your cheek and lips.


Yea I guess this is one of the benefit for my reader. I know all of you love Japanese beauty product like me. So I finally got a chance to give back something to you. This time I decided to get something for you and it's the GIVEAWAY!! If any of you come to IPPIN and purchase any make-up items, after you have processed your orders, remember to send a message ‘Ippin lucky draw CW’, together with your registered name and order number, to IPPIN via their system, you will have a chance to win following skincare items as prizes:-        

  1. Kanebo Suisa Beauty clear powder, pack of 15 capsules – 3 ppl will be randomly drawn
  2. Premium Puresa collagen golden jelly mask (3 pieces in a pack) – 3 ppl will be randomly drawn 
  3. Rosette cleansing paste (white mud lifting/firming) – 3 ppl will be randomly drawn

Giveaway winner will be announce on Ippin facebook and msg will be sent to each winner on their system too. Until end of this month (30 NOVEMBER 2016) What are you waiting for!! Go join now~

(1) Click on contact Ippin after your order

(2) Msg and win the giveaway home!!!!


I really love to provide this kind of tutorial for you to read and I guess this kind of post make my try and test session more interesting since I need to complete and create a make up look with the product I get. Hope this can be useful for you and for those who wish to shop for Japanese product feel free to check out because it's really so easy to purchase without hiding fees / services / agent fees needed.

That's all for today. Love, xoxo.


  1. Hi! Which concealer are you using for undereye? :)

    1. It's from Japan drugstore. Call magic concealer that I shared on my instagram with the mascara from this post at one of the posting here

  2. Can I know where you can get the fringe hair curler that using?