The Face Shop New Flagship Store @Pavilion KL

27 November 2016

Hello lovely! How are you today? Planning for your weekend activity with your loved one or family? As usual, I'm now busy blogging for you guys and wanted to share this news with you as fast as possible. So here you go, the 5th generation flagship store of The Face Shop is now available at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur with a new facelift! Thanks for the exclusion invitation for this. I have a blast during the whole session especially getting the first few person to experience their new elegant classic & modern interior design.

I guess no one could say no to shopping time right? Except for the changes of interior they actually added something new for all of us. Now, let's have a look with the 5th generation flagship store of The Face Shop at Level 4, Pavilion KL.


The Face Shop 5th Generation Flagship Store
For those who not yet visit the new facelift of The Face Shop you probably have to tag your friend and visit here as soon as possible. Why? It's because the brand new store concept is super duper attractive. The combination of modern and elegance ambiance totally caught my eyes. I feel like stepping into a luxurious powder room which is full of beautiful skincare and makeup product that we love.

Now, let me show you the complete brand new face of The Face Shop 5th generation flagship store @ 4th floor, Pavilion.

The new concept store added a very minimal modernistic design and I'm so in love with the white lighting with a luxury touch of gold shade added into the store. It's all gold, green and white. It gave a classical and modern aura to the store and at the same time maintain a very nice ambiance on it.

The Entrance 


| The Cushion Zone , Premium Zone & Best Item Zone
This is something unique and I just can't wait to share with you. Except for the new facelift with brand new interior of The Face Shop, the team behind all of this actually added something for all of the customer. Yes, the new flagship came with a special feature zone in store! That's the Cushion Zone, Premium Zone and the Best Item Zone.

(a) Cushion Zone

First of all is the cushion zone. I think this is not the first time you heard of their cushion product because it's quite familiar to all of us. Whether you are a young , medium or old age group people, you can always found the one who suit you the most at their physical store. What so special about this cushion store is that it showcases all cushion foundation collection from all its collection!

From the therapy anti- aging cushion, cc cushion , oil control water cushion to other limited edition cushion foundations! It'a all so cute and I'm so in love with the limited edition one. All cushion will be featured and placed on this cushion zone so customer like us can easy view it and get in touch with everything in once. It makes the whole shopping experience feel extra easy and interesting compare with others.


(B) Best Item Zone

This is one of the high rating best of all zone!! Yes, welcome to the Best Item Zone that introduce and recommend to customer the must have items or star products from The Face Shop.


(C) Premium Zone

Last but not least, not forgetting the premium zone that focuses on the Therapy Anti-Aging range that formulated with 200 years natural blending therapy from Europe. This is super interesting and I love the way they placed and setting up the whole new concept on this store.

Meanwhile I'm really happy for this brand new shopping experience as it makes the whole experience much better than usual and more interesting compare with the past. A big shoutout and thumbs up for this! Also here's some of the photo Smelly took for me during my visit to the new facelift of The Face Shop. Let's the photo do the talking!

 Trying out their mascara on my lower eyelashes

 The eye make up product area 


 Body Care & Accessories 


Serious face here because I'm need to grab some mask for my mom , smelly and myself too!

 More makeup product!


Skin Analysis & Personal Consultation 
Next, for those who haven try this yet you should come to get your skin analysis and personal consultation at The Face Shop now. It's completely free and of course, allows you to understand more about your skin during the analysis. Except get to know your skin condition, you also get recommend the right product to use on your skin.

Skin Analysis

 Explaining your skin and recommend the correct product to use

The first step to have a good and clean skin is always related to your everyday skincare routine. To make it interesting, The face shop actually did a little foam demonstration for us. They show us the correct cleansing step with a foam net.

 Look at the cute little heart shape!

 Wow!!! Look at the amount of foam!

So here's a little group photo of 4 of us! The ' GUESS SOMETHING' group! HAAHAH There are some activities and game session for all of the bloggers, youtubers and influencers. It's so fun and we won something home with the 2nd prizes! YESSSSS!! Say hello to my new Malay friends! They are so pretty!


CC Long Lasting Cushion & White Ginseng Collagen
Here's the goodies we received during the event and I'm so happy to receive this limited edition cushion. Have no idea how many cushion I need but just wish to try and test everything so I could come out with a ultimate- cushion kind of review post! HAHAHAH

Now let me show you this cute limited edition CC long lasting Cushion.

Hello new monster cushion! There are few type of cushion from The Face Shop and this is the long lasting one with a cute packaging on it. The reason why this can be one of the star and hero product of The Face Shop was its specially make and suitable for our asian's skin.

I tried and tested it on my skin, it's more moisture compare with others but at the same time with a medium-coverage and not too dry. So I think this is suitable for most of our asian's skin and the one-step tapping application method is way too easy. That's why cushion become so famous nowadays.

With its super high SPF 50 PA+++ of the cushion, it's best for our country's weather and has the enough protection for our skin under the super hot and scary sunlight. I wear it from the morning 10am until 6pm after I back from my event, the coverage still there. Which mean it long last for more than 8 hours! Really a big shoutout for this and just a little thing I have to remind you, if you are using the cushion remember to clean the sponge once every week to have a smooth and nice application experience and for hygiene concern.

Next product is slightly interesting and my first time trying this. This is a ginseng collagen product without the overwhelmed / strong ginseng smell. It can be added to your daily skincare routine and product. Just apply it after your normal skin care product!

There are few ways to use it. You can either apply this alone on your face or take the 2 pearls out from it and mix it with your skincare / base makeup product. I bought a foundation few months ago from Korea and I think it's really dry on my skin and it's such a waste to leave it there even after so many months. So I tried to added it with two pearls from this ginseng collagen and it works! OMG

The foundation stay longer on my face and not too dry after added with this. I guess this is one of the multi usage product that I would love to share with you guys. Guess it's all about my sharing tips to all of you and remember to date your friends & enjoy the new facelift of The Face Shop @Pavilion !! Enjoy your exclusive shopping experience now!! That's all for today. xoxo

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