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02 December 2016

Hello Sweeties! Is me again and today I'm going to blog about something really fun and interesting. For those who followed me on instagram (@chanwon92) you probably noticed that before my Japan trip I actually went to Johor Bahru (JB) for a short road trip. There are two reasons why I'm there! Firstly, is for working purpose and secondly, it's all about the FOOD.

So this time it's my honour to get invited and collaborated with two influential brands / facebook page in JB. It's my favourite S'aime  & 哇,盡在新山! (JBwow). When I first planning for my JB trip I always look for the places or cafe recommendation on JBwow facebook page and for S'aime I guess this is not the first time you heard about this. You can easily spot their appearance on my insta or blog since years ago.

It was a good opportunity for me because I'm able to visit the cafe that I really like because I'm really craving for the food at JB , working with brands I love, video production and shooting experience and first person who get to share my experience with S'aime latest autumn/winter collection bag. It's actually a video shooting collab with them and I will be going and wearing diff outfit to match their bag during the whole shooting.

I'm quite free now so I will be sharing this on my blog because you guys requested on my insta and you wish to know more about the functionality and detail on S'aime bag + things I did in JB. AHAHAHAH! Since the video haven up on their side I decided to update this post for you guys first! So you guys can be the no.1 to know this on my blog before others! <3 you!! Therefore, this blog post will be showing all of you how I  match my outfit to suit diff occasions and at the same time update you about S'aime latest bag collection too. Also, I'm wearing all my outfit from Shoploooh.com too. So if you are interested on anything just head over their website and look for it.


The small brown horse wanted to eat the carrot on my hand but the big one keep disturbing me. lol

So are you ready? Let's get started!

#1 Sinar Eco Resort  
So the first morning I actually visited a resort called Sinar Eco Resort @Pekan Nanas. It was quite a interesting and wonderful place for team building! There are tons of activities available in this resort. You can play with the ATV /buggy race car, swimming, playing with the animal, meet the cute little horse family, archery and more. It's suitable for a whole group of family , friends or even colleagues from your company.

The first outfit was little sporty and even sporty outfit I can still matching it with JANE 4 Ways Bag.

 Hello mini little one!

 touch me touch me touch me!!

OMG sooooo cute!!!
 Look at the sky! SO HOT!!!

 The owner of Sinar Eco Resort explaining her concept for this resort :)

Next, archery time! Oh yes!!

 Yes!! goal!!! HAHAHAHA Macam yes pose!

 My first ATV experience! WOOOOOHOOOO Too bad no one else playing with me! lol

 Bye bye~~

Err...how to turn this engine off? Or faster maybe?

There are many other activities but i have limited time to play with it :'( So after shooting for few hours is time to move to another place for shopping purpose!!!

As usual, S'aime bag is all about functionality and multi-way to wear it and suit diff occasions. During my first day I'm using this JANE 4 Ways Bag because the small bag is attachable and can use separately with or without the big one. This time they added with something really fun and playful for us. It's the colour combination in this collection! Its all about contrast color (撞色)! Weather a dark brown color with a super light red, a normal grey with a bright blue, a contrast between two bight and dark color. 


#2 Shopping @ JPO, Kulai 
Next after taken our lunch at nearby we start our shopping time at JPO, Kulai. I tried my best to control myself not to shop too much because I'm here for working not spending. lol

Sky turned quite cloudy I guess it's going to rain soon. I changed my clothes and decided to carry a M size Jane 4 ways bag to match my outfit and created this shopping look for all of you.

Then when it's an outing I prefer something smaller so I matching it with a medium size instead of the big one where i use to put my lap top and bigger notebook than this. Really eyes on this so much because it can use in many ways.

The reason why I love : 4 WAYS of using it

Fyi, each JANE 4 ways bag come with one attachable small bag where you can create more than 2 look with just one bag. You can use it together, use it separately, use it as a sling bag or attached the small attachable bag inside the big one as a compartment! 1 Bag suit all your needs! Moreover, the small bag can be attached at the front of the bag or inner bag as a little compartment to put your phone / laptop cable / charger / coin / wallet. It's quite a good and fun ideas to play around with the bag and create diff look together with the outfit.

#3 Check-in my stay @ DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton
This is not my first time staying at DoubleTree in JB. Last time during the opening of Shoploooh I actually come to JB and stayed here for 2 nights with friends as well. It's very comfy and clean. Plus, when you check in at their counter they will provide each person of you a piece of cookies! So yummy!! So heart warming!

Since i'm alone this time so they provide me a one person room with a very comfy bed! The thing that I really love to stay at DoubleTree was (1) service provided , customer service & (2) the super pretty bathroom. HAHAHAH It's transparent :p You can close it with a button at the toilet too!!! So no worries~


Thanks DoubleTree for the awesome staying experience again and more to come!!


#4 HighTea Time 
After a short break and repeat rolling on my bed, I decided to change my outfit to something more girly and chic! AHAHAHAH Also presentable a bit for high tea time with my new friends! Carrying my S'aime Gill 2 ways bag (blue colour). 

The lighting not so nice so I decided to walk to the entrance of our hotel to show you my whole look with this lovely bag!

Gill 2 way (M): - click here

This Gill 2 ways bag it's something more chic and stylish. There are 3 color available and come with only one size which is M. Not bad right!! New look for me :P

Then back to our high tea table for shooting another scene with this bag. 

Done for the shoot and it's time to enjoy myself xD Having the tea time with new friends Sophia & Alex <3 Also my assistant of the day JiaJia!!


#5 Wonderful Buffet Time as Dinner @DoubleTree 
For food lover like me since I'm here at DoubleTree I thought why not give the buffet dinner a try. Since I sweat a lot this afternoon I decided to take a bath first and change my outfit to a night look so I could dinner with them and also discuss about tomorrow's activities. 

Sounds like business women horr xD HAHAHAHA

 Ps: This outfit not from Shoploooh ya!

There are 3 diff kitchen available at their buffet dinner. Malay , chinese and indian kitchen and allows all the people who stay at here to enjoy the super nice Malaysian food. So what I did was just shooting around , taking as many food as I can (of course must finish it lah) and trying as many thing as I can too.

 Hello Gill Bag!!

This friendly chef from Indian Kitchen was super photogenic and cute!! He come out and say hi to us and if you saw my insta stories you know he can cook , talk and dance at the same time! HAHAHAHAHA He's the most friendly chef I met.

 wowowo!! I eat first ya!!

Gill 2 way (M): - click here

Recommend you to try the food from Indian Kitchen. EVERYTHING FROM HERE TASTE HEAVENLY GOOD! MY GOD!!


#6 Supper @Bubur Nasi Istimewa No.1 @Taman Sentosa 
This is something interesting! I never try Malay's version of bubur! So I die die also included this on my list and thanks for the team who accompany me here! Remember to take care of your belonging when you come here. Seems too crowded and bit hard to find parking too.

Worth and idk whether i'm hungry or what it taste not bad at all!!

Thanks for the wonderful working memories with you guys!! 
Me , JiaJia from Saime , Sophia & Alex from JBwow

So after some discussion and our supper time, is time to go back to hotel and enjoy my stay + brainstorming for tomorrow work and schedule again.

#7  Breakfast & Swimming Time
The best way to kickstart your day is having a wonderful breakfast time at your stay. I ordered a breakfast set to my room and after take a bath decided to have fun at the swimming pool too. Just go there have a look at their pool and doing nothing! HAHAHAH I forgot to bring my swimsuit with me lol

#8  My favourite Cafe - The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen
The first time I'm here in JB my friend brought me to try their food and the interior is always full of white and marble. Then after all I have been craving for this especially their crispy toast so I'm so happy to be back again. If you are planning a short trip to JB please please please remember to drop by here and take a look at this cafe. It's been my favourite all the time!!

 Every corner look so pinterest and instagram worthy 

Taken by my Fuji XA2


Not just the interior I give them a thumbs up for their food especially the toast! OMG THE TOAST IS A MUST!! PLS TRY!!

 Soft shell crab burger 

This is my favourite toast OMG!!

After taken my lunch it's time to back on the shooting mood. It's almost there!!! This place is too pretty and when the videographer taking video of the interior I got nth to do so I decided to take some photo for the JANE 4 Ways Bag. Brown and this red one look really pretty!!

 OMG! SO PRETTY RIGHT!! I love everything here T.T 

Next, same product shoot for this Jane 4 ways bag and I'm holding a M size this time!

M size can put your iPad , small notebook, wallet + the small attachable bag can put your phone but not iPhone plus size ya while the L size can put your 13' lap top , A4 paper , large notebook , long wallet + the attachable bag can put larger item than the M size. I can put the iPhone plus on the L size attachable bag.

Personally for normal like outing kind of bag you can pick M size while the L size is more suitable as a working bag to put your working essential items inside such as laptop. So which you prefer? If you prefer something for working then go for L if not then M is enough for you :)

 Behind the scene when styling for the bag HAHAHA 

 Omg I so smart! HAHAHAHA Another styling by me photo! Directed by Chanwon xD

Below was the photo taken by my phone and some candid shoot too pretty not to share lol 
Can be a a magazine front page if using a nicer camera to shoot. PLEASE MARK THIS CAFE DOWN! I tell you this is nice means it's really nice. Didn't get paid for recommend this! So no worries~ This is really really impressed me!

#9  Shooting around 
The whole area nearby The Replacement Cafe was super nice. Every corner = instagram worthy corner. You can simply take your OOTD all around this area including some wall-paint and very vintage corner or street behind each shop. So now let's the photo do the talking!! Hope you love the photo and you are the first person who see this from my camera xD

 Blue x Grey Jane 4 way bag!!

 Anyone can help me photoshop the car behind? lol

 OMG I love this candid shot also!! So got 'feel' right!!

Another cafe to try next time!!

#10  Liberia Coffee @ Mount Austin 
Almost done with all the shoot and the last thing to do is visit the first S'aime shop located at Mount Austin but since we have plenty of time left (I did everything quick and efficient xD), we decided to try out and rest for awhile at this nearby Liberia Coffee.

This coffee champagne that recommended from the stuff was super tasty! First time try this and definitely will be back again. Except for their coffee, their sandwich also taste quite nice.

This JANE 4 ways bag really is a must items that can go to almost every occasions. Whether a formal or a non-formal meeting or a short outing with your friends this is totally made my day. So if you are looking for a new bag then why not give this a try! It's all about quality and functionality.

#11  Shopping @ S'aime, Mount Austin 
Wanted to get something like small wallet for my coming trip to Japan. So here's one of the reason why I decided to shopping and did a live update on facebook. Thanks S'aime for sponsoring one bag for the followers who watch the Live video. I guess the lucky winner is going to be up on their page soon. 

 My favourite Zora bag even came out with pink color WTF!! I WANT THIS!!
- Blog post about my Travel experience with Zora Bag click here

 Remember my Panasonic Beauty Trip to Japan? I'm using this bag from Saime too.
- Blog post about this 2 way doctor bag click here

 So ended up I bought this little wallet for myself!!

I'm aiming this bucket bag also but last one in the shop so I decided to wait until I back from my trip only grab!! Please don't sold out too fast!!

A collage of all JANE 4 ways bag! 

JANE 4 WAY BAG (L): - click here
JANE 4 WAY BAG (M):- click here
| My thoughts 
After all the busy schedule and finally we did it!! It's a wrap!! Clap for the whole production and myself. Thanks you guys for your support and read my post until the end. I'm so happy for this working opportunity because I'm able to meet new friends from diff job scope and communicate , understand more about their job. Now, i step even further than my comfort zone. Trying new thing , joining new team and working with new people.

So here's the photo that summarise my whole 2D1N trip in JB!!

 Day 1 

So happy that they are all so friendly and nice to work with. I can't wait to see the final video for this shoot. Also thanks S'aime for this shooting. I guess my outfit turns out really nice with the bag. Am I right? Hope this is helpful for you :D  I just can't wait and now we just have to stay tuned for the video and see you on my next post. That's all for today! Love, xx.

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