Officially 24 years old | My 24th Birthday

04 December 2016

Hello Sweeties ♥  Just want to clear some space for my lap top and realized that I forgot to blog about my 24th birthday. My birthday month, October was amazing for me. I get to gather and catch up with all my old friends , eat as much as I can, visited Hokkaido and see snow for the first time, experience both autumn and 'wintumn' in Hokkaido & so on. Life is so unpredictable! I never thought it would go this far......

Long story short!! I'm going to spam my blog with lots of happiness and pinkish photos! HAHAHAHA As usual nothing special about my birthday except this year I received lots of flower from my friends and a special unicorn cake from my favourite bakery shop. Never expect this but I'm really in love with the unicorn pony cake that prepared by my friends. Also, able to catch up and gather with my old friends which you guys should know since years ago HAHAHAA.

Thanks everyone for making time to celebrate my big day or leaving a comment on my photo. I guess I gained so much weight during that month. So normally all my friends gather with me before my actual birthday because they thought I'm so busy preparing my birthday but the reality was, I never plan anything except non-stop eating with my friends lol. Yes, and normally during my actual day I will be at home working...Just like you guys! AHAHAHAH Because I'm really afraid receiving gift from people and need to think of their gift again when it's their birthday.

So normally people who know me well will either prepare a birthday card for me or just treat me a meal. That's my style! I also afraid to organise a super big birthday party and make it like an event lol. I think my 21 years old b'day I just gather 10-12 friends of mine and dinner with me. Yea that's the maximum amount of people I can handle because most of my friends come from diff group of people. They are quite shy and I'm the only talkative HAHAHAHA

I prefer small group of people so we can really focus and talking to each other like nobody's business lol xD Thanks to my honey Bobo & Mopi for the best dinner ever! And love the heart to heart talking session with both of you. Thanks ahmiing coming all the way from Johor just to have a lunch with me. Also, thanks my secondary school friends Lyvia, Sheau, Jason for the dinner treat. Thanks my bro for the surprise baby's breath delivery after his final exam and other closed friends which never want to take photo with me during our lunch. Actually it's too long never catch up with them...until we forgot to take photo! HAHAHAHAHA 

But this time my friend from the bakery shop actually surprise me with dreamy backdrop and the cake!! Everyone thought it was a party but it's not! HAHAAH Just 5 of us with both of the owner of the Dreamz Bakery! Thanks so much for the surprise from Dreamz Bakery.  没想到我跟臭猫以前约会的地方可以被我们一直来到认识到你们这些像一家人的朋友~ Last but not least, Thanks Smelly for everything.  #有你真好 

Dinner @ Secret of Lousiana Kitchen
Early celebration with Smelly @Secret Of Lousiana Kitchen! It was quite a surprise for me because he never told me where to go and this place turn really romantic at night because it's on the lakeside and the lighting. Not pricy at all , the food was good and reasonable as well. But the lakeside not really a 'wow' for me because opposite the lakeside was the housing area lol 

One thing was... we came really early that day! HAHAHAHAHA Smelly never expect this and we got nothing to do but just sit down, talking with each other and let him play around with my camera. Actually just to train his photography skill because I'm quite patient and good mood on that time. lol

When it's my private time with my loved one I normally just enjoy the food until forgot to take photo of what we ordered lol. So end my early dinner with this naughty Smelly! Thanks for the treat and the cheese potato taste SUPER DUPER YUMMY!!! Arghh I miss that!

| Late Dinner @ Yeast, Mid Valley
As I mentioned it was a early dinner with Smelly and most of my friends were working until quite late so finally we able to gather with each other at Mid Valley! Yeah!! Then guess what Lyvia surprised me with my favourite baby's breath! Now everyone know I'm so into baby's breath AHAHAHAHAHAH

Messy table...we don't care!

That awkward moment when your friend sing the birthday song on your birthday. But to make it not too awkward...I decided to take my phone and insta stories it so at least I have something to do other than looking at the cake lol! 

Thanks for everything <3 

Tea Time @  Cafe Ame Soeur, Bukit Jalil
Forgot about this! Just some random tea time session with Smelly! HAHAHAHA Since it's new and near to my house I decided to pay a visit. The ice cream was great , waffle just so-so for me but thumbs up for the interior! Really so pretty and worth for a visit but don't expect it to be really big space ya. The space was quite small for me and quite hard to take photo but the entrance was super duper pretty! The wallpaper so vintage and it's the venue that I took my OOTD with my blush sonia bag from bonia.

But I met too weird aunty there (who sit next beside of my table). Since my gudetama cake was super duper cute I brought it there and ask Smelly to help me take a photo with it. Then the aunty start talking about my age , makeup , outfit and cake. Soon they decided to ask me whether they are allow to take a photo of my cake or not.

Of course a yes if you just take a photo of this cake using your phone. But guess what..The aunty ask me to stand out (i still dunno what's going on) then I'm standing behind smelly and I thought I photo-bomb her photo. Next, the aunty sit on my seat and pass her phone to Smelly and ask him to take photo of HER WITH THE CAKE..

I was like...OMG... I stunned. Then the aunty ask whether I could borrow my camera for her so she could take a nicer photo and pose like me. I'm speechless. Smelly was surprised... I was like :O OMG...Aunty what do you want!

Then the aunty's friend teach me how to press the phone or want which angle the best for her. I'm speechless x2. After like 4 mins, she stand up and go back to her own table. Then, she start gossip with her friends. The table was super duper close to each other since the space wasn't that big. I can hear everything.

I MEAN EVERYTHING!! Her friend told her not to  post it since the cake has my name on it but the aunty told her that since the photo taken quite far, so nobody could see the name and she CAN just post.


Then I just laugh in front of Smelly because I'm not sure what kind of expression I should put on my face. So we continue take photo of my waffle and drink and this is the time where both of the aunty never stop gossip beside me. lol

Aunty A: You see....Look at them maybe we should order a waffle and take photo like this.
Aunty B: Yea, you see they put their hand like that so cute, I also wanna do like this.
Aunty A: Okay but we are too old for that lah.
Aunty B: Is okay I think I order the coffee and waffle first so later we can ask them to help us take photo la.
I almost vomit blood #吐血

I feel really uncomfortable sitting next to their table and hint Smelly that we should eat as fast as possible and bye bye to both of the aunty! lol So we just eat as fast as we can and Smelly told me to keep that gudetama jelly cake back so we could celebrate at a better place. At least not with this two aunty!!

So we just finished it and keep my cake back to the box and guess what!! One of the Aunty so shocked and asked 'why you keep it back? Today is my birthday as well! I thought I can try a bite or get a piece of cake from you!' 

I almost vomit blood #吐血 +2

Then I just smile and continue put my cake back to the box and at the same time Smelly immediately pay the bill so we could leave there asap. Right after I get into Smelly's car...I almost laugh until tear and share this story with my mom. Both of the aunty really out of their mind. It's so annoying and I didn't enjoy much during the whole tea time with Smelly. can this happen to me. I have no idea at all...AHAHAHAHAHAHA 

So come back from the story of two aunty I met, here's the waffle and coffee we ordered!

Dinner @ Tiki Taka, Damansara
This is one of my highly recommended place for you if you love nice fusion food with small portion (so you can order and try diff food in once). Bobo brought me here and never thought it can be so nice! I love the pizza because it has my favourite chocolate sauce and strawberry. Everything taste fresh and differently. It's so fun to try this kind of food once in awhile. A good twists on all the food we ordered!

So yummy and I will be back again with Smelly soon! Thanks Bobo & Murphy for this!! Love it!! 

Surprise Unicorn Mini Dreamy Party @ +Dreamz Bakery 
This is the longest part of my post because it's my favourite color! HAHAHAHAHA Yes, pastel + dreamy + colourful unicorn! Thanks HwiYee & CheeWee both the owner of Dreamz Bakery for this little surprise and decoration. Nothing better than a delicious cake during my bday! I always recommend their cake to my friends and family. Until now they still homemade the cake and work really really hard for their bakery. 

Even I'm a friend of them, they do the best for me as a friends and never ask all of us to hard sell or promote their food or cafe each time we were there. Honestly, their food was always my favourite and when me and my friends share it on our social media platform...She show her appreciation by delivering the best cake and food for her customer. This is why I feel so comfortable each time I'm here at their space.

My mom , dad , bro and Smelly ate the unicorn cake that I brought back home and they were really surprised of it. Thanks for the friendship and of course, everything wouldn't be so perfect without all of them... Allen, May , Jason, Hwiyee, CheeWee and Smelly. All of the photo taken and credits to Allen!! Thanks a lot for everything really. 

Once again, Thankiuuuu all of you T.T Also thanks team's for the huge bouquet of flower! It's too pastel for me to handle and too cute!! I must also give a thank you note for the man behind my Unicorn Cake!! Thanks Dreamz Bakery's Boss for your hard work!! Really so yummy! Thanks Smelly for coming after he done his work too! 

 Beautiful flower from

Photo taken by my iPhone HAHAHAHA

 So pastel T.T
Couldn't resist this!!

 Lucky 7 group! HAHAHAHAHA All of us!! 
That's why it's the mini party <3 

 Hello little pony!

| Catch Up dessert date with Celeste
HAHAHAH Us the duo! After the unicorn party a short meet up with this sick girl!! Why you sick!! But thanks for your dessert date! Last year when Smelly in Melbourne during my birthday, she was the one spending her OT with me! HAHAHAH Thanks <3 

 Secret Friendship no longer secret anymore! lol

| Dinner with papa, mama & didi 
Once in a year ....a really warm family dinner with papa and mama! What made my day was my bro brought a bouquet of my favourite baby's breath to me after his final exam. #长大了最期待最期待就是一家人可以在一起即是是再普通不过的一餐饭也好 

 Naughty Bebe!! HAHAHAHA

 Also, thanks Suky from Number76 for the hairdo! Love it so  much!

Received this next day of my actual b'day!

Officially 24 years old now!
Thanks my friends and everyone for making this happen. Love you guys so much and thanks for all your heart-melted msg to my email , fb , instagram and blog. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! for everything!! I'm so happy for every meal and cards I received. Love it so much!! That's all for today. Love, xoxo.


  1. the two aunty really super duper thick face lol -_-

  2. Sorry to say this, but you'd blogged for years with English at least you can improve your grammar. It's so messy here and there.

    1. Its her blog and she is free to write what she wants. Who says bloggers must have "perfect grammar" in order to post something ? Blogspot is a template for ppl to jot down what they like and not something to please someone like u

    2. Beside being a place to jot down what she likes doesn't mean she has no responsibilities with what she posts. Don't you think she really needs to improve at least her Grammar? But, if you really think it's unnecessarily done to improve the basic thing she needs with her English, what else I can't say? Moreover this post is opened for public to comment. I don't know if critique was unallowable.

    3. I'm extremely fluent in English, but I can't write fun inspiring stories, It takes talent to do that, grammar is totally irrelevant, Chanwon has talent

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