Enjoy being alone

16 November 2016

So now it's the middle of the night. I'm alone in my own hotel room. Here's something that I would love to share with all of you. For those who read my blog and followed me for quite awhile you probably see how I grow. Yeah, from a person who always need someone for accompany until now, being able to be alone and enjoy that little precious time my own.

Look back to what I had gone through was easy but how I gone through it was hard. But now everything was different and I learned to enjoy being alone. Yes, it sounds weird but this is what I feel now. From a person who can't stay away from friends and always need someone to accompany me in order to do something to a person that could enjoy the time where I'm able to do things my own  and do it well.


So this is now...my current desk situation! Hahaha super messy but i just want to blog about how I feel now so I could keep this in mind and able to share my thoughts with all of you. The first time I'm alone when I'm oversea was quite scary. Sleep alone in the apartment in Korea, shopping alone at gangnam, eating alone ...everything were so scary for me. I decided to stay at my room , go to the 7-11 and take away instant noodle eat at home instead of eating alone outside of my apartment in Korea, called smelly and talk to him when I feel so scary at the room with me being alone.

The second time was actually few weeks ago where I get sponsored for a media trip to Hokkaido , Japan and knowing no one was there to accompany me travel to Japan, sleep alone at the super big and private hotel that prepared by the team , take shower and make up without talking with anyone because I'm my own company.

I feel scary & awkward at the first few time and soon I get used to it. Now you see, time heal everything and allow you to learn something that you think you can't do it or ...I should say time prove you what YOU CAN do when you think you can't do it at first. I learned from what brought me here and enjoy everything that I can to prove myself that nothing is impossible until it done. 

You might feel scary at first but soon when you know the trick with it, you probably could be the second chanwon who can deal with the pain and enjoy being alone with your own. HAHHA Maybe not be the second me but be the brave version of yourself.

I always not confident on being alone myself. I don't believe I can do it my own, I just can't do it well when I don't have my friend with me or being there to accompany me. Now I would love to share with you some of the reasons why I start to fall in love for being alone. It's interesting as well :) Are you ready? Let's get started!


Reasons to enjoy being alone:-

  • Now, I love being alone when I need to be because this is when I'm able to meet new opportunities and learn new things in my life. I feel a little lonely when no one could wake me up or talk to me when I'm alone but I feel much surprised where I can reflect more often when I don't have anyone to accompany me. That little self-reflection time was precious for me because this is when I could understand myself more and believe this quote 'IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, YOU CAN!'. So now, I CAN!

  • Next, being alone able to meet new friends during my travel journey or when I'm oversea working for something. My friends circle increase from other job position / out of my comfort zone and think differently. I learn to think from other's perspective & positions and in a way for being much mature. Learn to be optimistic and accept changes in my life.

  • Also, independent! Once you enjoy being alone, you will start to feel more confident in your ability to actually be alone and soon it naturally leads to you feeling more independent. You will no longer burning desire for company or the anxiety associated with looking around and seeing no one but YOURSELF. 

  • Being alone can be more productive in a way where you get less or zero distraction from getting your work done. You can be really focus on something and unexpectedly, you can do it well! Then soon, you start doing things you actually enjoy. 

  • Lastly, you have no longer need to apologize for anything and at the same time you could get a break from constantly trying to keep other people happy. The only person’s happiness you have to worry about in that particular time for being alone with your own is just YOURSELF... You can treat yourself more and keep doing thing that could makes you happy, but may have upset someone else. You stop your second guessing about everything you say, or every move you make because you’re afraid someone is going to be offended, or saddened, and angered. So that precious moment is just about YOU , YOURSELF when you are alone! 

  • You learn to appreciate other people more and those little thing that happen in your life.

This is true from my thought and you will learn to trust yourself more from doing thing you like and you want. People call it being alone but I call it enjoying my own company!

To sum up everything here...

Just take the opportunity to spend some time alone and you will start to love yourself more and appreciate everything in your life. Alone is not scary at all. Everything is based on how you think for it and deal with it. Remember you are your best company in your life. I'm glad that I could spend some time for myself to be alone and enjoy as much as I can. 

Now, how about you? Have you ever tried to be alone? 

P.s: But there are one thing that I'm not alright for being alone....is...worry about...ghost xD HAHAHAHAHAH Just joking!!!


  1. Hahahah! I know those great feelings by being alone since I was alone during my Uni years (I stayed alone in that country). I am generally an introvert so I mostly do everything by myself, shopping, looking for things I need, go here and there.

    People sometimes asked me what's the fun going shopping by yourself but I know it is just so exciting, I can go anywhere in my own pace. The difference is, recently I prefer having companions with me because I found out that having someone to talk to or to share random thoughts to are so fun! But upon reading your post, I guess I need my 'me time' again XD

    And btw, ghosts are not scary at all ;) humans are scarier for me, kay? :( Humans are more evil than ghosts in my opinion.

    1. Hi Konayachi,

      HELLO dear!! happy to receive your comment on my random post again! welcome back :D
      Yes I think shopping with someone is much fun but something just need to have the private ' me me time' which just specially for ourself. I just enjoy being alone once in awhile for work and other opportunity. Not a bad thing tho~

      You are right. Ghost isn't scary at all as it just scared us but still scary while human can hurt us physically and mentally T.T

  2. Thanks for your post Chanwon T_T I've been reading yr blog for a long time (but this is my first time commenting o_o) and it's so nice to see you grow as a person and enjoy alone time more :) and I feel exactly the same way!! Up till a few years ago when I stayed alone overseas for studies I was such a big baby and was too scared to do anything by myself but now I'm a bit more confident and actually enjoy being alone more. The best part about it is that you can plan your own schedule and do things on your own time, especially when travelling :p

    1. Hi Yusagii,

      Hello sweetie, so happy to have your first comment here and that made my day as I never thought I could hear from you and receive your comment too. Thanks for the love and support on my blog. So glad that we both grown now and it's quite a good experience to stay alone oversea because you have more freedom but make sure you manage your time well :p

      Yes, care less for that and stay happy forever when being alone for travel purpose! HAHAHAH <3 Come my blog more often so I could chat chat with you here :D Enjoy your day and balance your time for your friend and your time for your own as well. Love, xx.

  3. Hi Chanwon!
    I knew you from IG and ended up as a blog reader XD
    Love following up your new posts and first time commenting HAHA

    Just wanna let you know you're such an inspiration, I'm a Japan lover myself and seeing you being able to do what you like is like you fulfilling my dreams XD I know nothing comes easy and really do hope to be like you one day!


    1. Hi Sweetie!

      Thanks for commenting and nice to meet you too!! Thanks a lot!!

  4. OMG! I know how it feels! Thanks for the post. I used to be a person who dont even dare to order a meal at Mcdonald`s if I`m alone! How everything is do different now. I used to care how much my friends will not like me and stuff, but now it`s the world revolving around me. #YOLO. because you dont know whether you still have the next day. It`s okay to be alone! <3

    1. Hi Yenkidenki,

      Yeah for sure! We can in a team or a group also can be alone <3 Best wishes!! All the best ya!!