Tried & Tested Review : Forever Young Sleeping Mask & White Active Radiance

12 October 2016

Hello Lovely! I'm back again and working really hard on my blog now. It's time to get back on track and today I'm going to share my recent brightening secret with all of you. It's been a hard time for me to get my bright skin back after I back from my beach trip @Koh Samui, Thailand. But thanks god I received this review opportunity from Forever Young Malaysia and they sent 2 of their famous product for me to try and test on my skin.

I went Thailand more than twice within one year time and what I notice that is most of their skincare product is about brightening and whitening. I think it's why most of the shop there are selling tons of brightening product because they love it. Good complexion and brighter skin make us look prettier. Who hate bright skin?? I guess not much will raise their hand up.

So today, I'm going to share my review on both of the product from Forever Young Malaysia. It's the ultimate and best seller Sleeping Mask & the White Active Radiance.

Just back from Seoul, Korea this morning and I immediately draft this post for all of you because I just can't wait to share this with all of you before my next trip to Japan tomorrow. So here's both of the Forever Young product packaging. It came in a very simple and light pink packaging. I have been using this for about 2 weeks time (1 week Before my trip to Korea until now). 

So far it works really well on my combination skin. I guess it's because its natural extracts with 100% paraben free , non color and non fragrance.  Are you ready for the review?? Let's get started!!


| Sleeping Mask  
This is one of the highlighted product that recommended by me! It's Sleeping mask OMG! For those who read my blog and followed me for quite some time, you must be notice that sleeping mask is always my first choice than a normal mask sheet. Why? Because it's so easy to use and for lazy girl like us, what we need to do is just apply before our beauty sleep and the next morning...

TAAA-DAAA, A beautiful skin with nice complexion appear! Yes, no joke because I really love how easy the application is. So let's talk more about this Forever Young Sleeping Mask.

It's actually a facial cell boosting mask that works really good on our skin at night and apply it right before you go to your bed.

It helps to reduce dark spot around your face , minimise the pores and last but not least brightening your skin from inside out.

What I love the most is its non-sticky texture! It's gel time and not heavy for our skin at all. Once you apply all around your skin, it immediately turn like a water-gel type of texture. Spread out really well and most important, easy to absorb into our skin.

No need to ask for the application method. You just need to have a clean & zero makeup face to apply this and next thing you  need to do after the application is just SLEEP!

Squeeze the sleeping mask our from the bottle and apply it all over your skin. I use it 3 times on the first week and 4 times during my trip in Korea because my skin turn really dry when I'm oversea so I need extra care at night. Normally it's recommend to use once every 2-3 days or 3 times a week.

It leaved my skin feeling more supplied on the next morning and gave me more radiant after 2-3 time using it within a week.

This works the best during the night because we need our skin to rest more at night and let the mask do the rest of the job. Remember to apply before you sleep so that you can be WOW on the next morning! Normally 30ml of sleeping mask can last me about 3-4 months depend on my usage and skin condition. So if you looking for a good alternative of sleeping mask majoring with brightening effect then you should check this out!


| White Active Radiance   
Moving to the next product, it's their White Active Radiance. This product is really gentle on our skin. Why? Because of the ingredients. It's all about the power of stem cell from florets. Also, a natural extract that free from paraben, fragrance and color. 100% natural and gentle to our skin. 

This act as a day and night moisturiser for me. I use the sleeping mask at night while this can be apply during day and night time too.

This White Active Radiance helps to minimise our pores, anti-acing , increase elasticity of our skin, brightening  , nourishing and one extra point that I think it's really suitable for my skin, the oil control effect on my combination skin. It keeps my makeup long lasting on the day!

The bottle cap designed in a good way without a cap to open it up. What you need to do is just hold the bottle turn to the left and that's all!

It's now open and push the cap to pump the moisturiser out from the bottle! So easy right I think this is really special. No need to open the cap at all because this design without it.

Just like the sleeping mask, this is also well known for its light weight texture! The florets extract and steam cell helps to tighten and brighten your skin at the same time protect it during the day and night.

One thing that I love to use this and replaced for my usual moisturiser because it's non-sticky too (i hate sticky skincare product!!) and fast absorption!

Just within few seconds it absorb into my skin. Oh yea the application is super duper easy! What you need to do is just pump it out from the bottle like the photo below.

Next, spread it and apply all over your skin. Normally moisturiser I will skip and avoid the eye area but this you can apply a small and thin about around your eye area.

Zoom in for you guys. Look at the texture!! It's really easy to absorb and not sticky at all!! For this moisturiser, remember to apply day and night after you clean your face + apply toner on your skin.


| My Thoughts & Opinions  
Just to conclude this review with my own thoughts and opinions on this. I really love both of this product because the application and texture of the product are one of the main reason that I choose to share this with all of you. Firstly it's non-sticky and I won't feel sting when apply this on my face.

It's very gentle and fast absorb into my skin. Also, I always prefer natural ingredients with 100% free from paraben , color and fragrance! My skin have a good complexion after 1 week time and within 2 week time I'm no longer look dull on my skin. It really helps to brighten my skin from inside out and nourish my skin at the same time. Love this for now and hope this post could help to give you an idea of this product range and might be a good alternatives for you if you are searching or wish to try out new sleeping mask / moisturiser too.

For those who interested to try on this you can contact Forever Young Malaysia:-

Thanks for reading my blog and that's all for today. Love!


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