Global Milbon Launch by Number76 Hair Salon

20 October 2016

Hello Peeps! Welcome back to my blog and today I'm going to share this news with all of you. Guess what!?? Milbon, one of my favourite hair care product will be launching globally in all 12 counties. Also, I attended its Global Milbon Launch few days ago at +Number76 Hair Salon - Publika

It was quite a fun catch up with the team behind Number76 Hair Salon and also I'm attracted by the huge poster stated ' 360 Beautiful Hair ' beside the entrance of the salon. I was like ' I WANT THAT 360 DEGREE BEAUTIFUL HAIR'! I feel quite guilty as I forgot to dress up myself in B&W themed. :'( So sorry but the event was quite fun because I get to try out its new product again and experience it myself. No more messy hair and it's time to pamper myself again!

It's my first time here after the new renovation at Number76 Publika. It's so pretty and I love the interior so much. It's mainly white & brown + the whole number76 team was here to pamper us. I'm so happy that Number76 actually import this exclusive Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” in- salon treatment and hair care product range all from Japan. I tried it during the event and I love it because I feel my hair so light and airy after the treatment and hair wash.

The good news is Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” Smooth Treatment and Hair Care Collections is NOW available in Number76 Hair Salon from 15 October 2016 onwards. Bookings for services can be made online at It's so easy to make an appointment and try it yourself. Are you ready for my tried and tested experience?? Let's get started!!

What I love the most about this new range of product is that it works to repair hair from inside out with its ground-breaking ingredient SSVR-Silk, which seem to contribute to the loss of shine, split ends and breakage. It also helps to enhance hair’s overall integrity from deep within. 

Yes, you get Beautiful Hair INSIDE OUT!! 

Love how it intensively improve our hair condition and boost natural lustre from inside out.


| Global Hair Care Brand “milbon”Hair Care Collections
There are a total of 3 collections from this brand. [ Smooth / Moisture / Repair ] It's depend on each individual's hair condition and type and I'm using the Moisture collection because I have a really dry and fizzy hair recently. I want my smooth and silky hair back! If you are not sure which to choose for you can always get the recommendation from your hairstylist.

1. Smooth Collection - for rough, easily-tangled hairDetangle and smooth. This smoothing collection improves overall texture, leaving every strand feeling silky – smooth and soft. Available in 3 formulas for fine, medium and course hair.

2. Moisture Collection - for dry, frizzy hairNourish and hydrate. This superior hydrating collection replenishes moisture on damaged hair, leaving hair looking luminous and vibrant. Moisture retention is dramatically improved.

3. Repair Collection – for styling preparationFeaturing a lightweight Restorative Blowout Primer that repairs severely damaged and over- processed hair while enhancing blowout results. To be applied on towel-dried hair.

Moisture Collection 

 Repair Collection

 Smooth Collection

Finally it's my turn now! Due to my hair concern I decided to try out their moisture collection this time. Next time I should try their repair collection too. 

Oh yes! So enjoy! Thanks Number76 team for the pampering session!


Before & After
So here's a little comparison and after thoughts on this new product. I have fine and thin hair, for me this whole process won't take me a long time. After the whole procedure I can feel my hair become super light and airy. It's very easy for them to blow dry and set my hair because no more frizzy. I guess because I travel quite frequent lately and it's why my hair turned super frizzy and dry recently.

So here's the before and after hair photo. Photo might not be enough for you to feel the airy and light feeling after the whole procedure because you really have to feel it yourself here. I can really feel my hair become super light after this!! Just need to blow dry it to get an extra airy effect on my short hair.

Taa-daa!! Here's the final outcome of my hair without any curl iron. They just blow it with the hair dryer and comb. For your information, the service is priced at RM190, including a hair wash & blow dry at all Number76 Hair Salon. I'm so glad I met my hairstylist Suky from Number76 at this launch!! HAHAHA Because normally I went to Bangsar branch instead of this since it's nearer to my house. 

So if you wish to try this service out remember to book your appointment online or if you have any question or personal concern about your hair, feel free to contact them because Number76 is here to save your hair. I can't live without them now and there are always a reason why I'm still here with them since one year ago! Because their professional skill and also they really good on playing color on our hair. I love those Japanese airy waves hair and no matter you are short / long hair...You will love them as much as i DO!!! 

Remember to try out their haircut and service one day ok?

Not just me but WE love it. All of our hair did by Number76 and personally style by the team. Yay I want to have a super volume + curly hair but too bad I'm really into short hair now! Maybe I should look for a hair extension one day when I need to shoot for my pre-wedding photo HAHAHAHA!

Candid shot LOL

HAHAHAHA What is this? lol

 With Amanda!! Where's my photo with Sue Ann?? T.T 

 With Suky!! You should know her because I mentioned her name on my blog all the time :p She's my favourite hairstylist now!! Yes, belong to me XD 

A cute cute pose to end my post here! Thanks for the wonderful pampering session! Can't wait to do my hair again on the day I officially turn 24 years old! HAHAHA See you guys again in Bangsar branch and I can't wait to see my new hairstyle again this time.

Thanks for your time and reading my blog. Hope you like it! That's all for today. Love, xx.



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  2. Hey there . really loved your review ! Just wanted to ask, how long can this treatment last ? :)

    1. For me Number76 signature treatment is around 3-4 week with the use of the home treatment kit they gave.

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