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30 September 2016

Hello my Sweeties~ Is me again and today I'm going to share my online shopping experience on ZenMarket.jp website. So when you see something end with jp I'm sure you will be freaking surprise that there are now a great way and good platform for you to shop for Japanese product. No joke because most Japanese online retailers don't ship internationally, but ZenMarket solve this problem for all of us. 

So basically ZenMarket.jp is your one-stop Japanese shopping cart. You add items you want to buy to the cart, and they help you to buy them & ship to you. They help us to deal with all Japanese online shops and auctions. They act like a middle person who help us to deal with all Japanese online shops and deliver the parcel to our doorstep.

ZenMarket actually invited me to try out their service and experience how smooth the process is. I love the whole new concept because the system was super duper easy to understand. Everything stated in black & white so that you can know the actual price of the product plus the process of delivery. They make buying Japanese goods online as smooth as possible. 

The reason why I love the whole experience was this website even integrated with the biggest Japanese online shopping websites: Rakuten, Amazon and Yahoo!Auctions. You can always make purchases from any other Japanese online shop or auction with us. Just add an item URL from the desired product page to the cart and place the order. 

What to do next? Just enjoy shopping, and ZenMarket will do the rest! Let me show you some screenshot I took during the process of purchase my yukata from Rakuten Japan on their website. Just click on ZenMarket.jp and search any keyword or name / brand of the Japanese product that you wish to purchase.

| How to Order from ZenMarket.jp
For example in this case some of you might be interested with this bra! HAAHAH Almost same with the peach john bra that i bought in Japan. It's only 2000 yen cheaper than peach john because this is random brand one but look 80% similar with the one I'm wearing actually.

So just key in any brand name / items name you wish to buy or look for the price. Then they will do the rest for you.

After you add to the cart, all product will be show at this page. They will check your item and show the exactly price of each items and the domestic postage for the item to deliver to their warehouse. Everything stated clearly so you don't have to worry about it. So each item will be charge 300yen as ZenMarket fee. The 300yen will only count when you pay for the product you want ya. You can proceed to pay or just delete the product if don't want to purchase.

 If anything out of stock or happen, ZenMarket will drop you a message regarding the product you order.

After everything checked by ZenMarket you may pay for it. I think it's too much for me so I deleted some item. Upon this step you still can add on cart or delete item. Click PAY!!

Then, you will be able to see this page. After you pay for your item, ZenMarket will help you to purchase it. On this page you can see the status of the product , quantity, price also the stored days in their warehouse.

 So few days later, you will get the email stated or inform that everything arrived and it's time to pack everything in package and deliver it to your doorstep. Here's the fees of diff courier rate to Malaysia. Everything stated clearly too.

I choose EMS and I'm always EMS! AHAHAHAH So after all TAAA-DAAA! It's done and what I need to do now is just waiting for the parcel. I receive the parcels 5 days after and I'm so happy with the service provided by ZenMarket too! 

My ZenMarket Japanese Product Haul
I know you guys have been waiting for this! I'm really surprise when I received the parcel because EMS always the fastest ever. Also, the parcel packed really well and everything delivered in a perfect condition.

 There are a thank you note attached above my items. It's so sweet!

 Yay!! Unboxing time with the help of my bro to capture this photo!

I'm so shocked with this yukata. It's really pretty and it's my favourite pink and blue!! Also, came with a set with the Yukata shoe and ribbon. OMG!!!! Kawaii!

#1 Yukata
 So cute!! I feel so happy when I unbox it in front of my bro. He was like WOW. THAT'S REALLY PRETTY!!

 So here's the instruction on the correct way to wear this yukata.

#2 Yukata Accessories
Since I went to the Bon Odori festival few months ago I realise it's really important to have a proper yukata accessories when you are wearing a yukata. I bought my previous yukata from Rakuten Japan too but I realise it's so hard for me to wear it without these accessories. So this time, I will be getting a new yukata and also a set of the accessories from Rakuten Japan. I just type Yukata accessories then all product actually showed on ZenMarket. Simply add into your cart and that's all!


#3 Japanese Socks
So sad most of the pretty socks sold out BUT i found this cute little one with a rabbit print on the side of the sock. Yea, this is also a must to pair with my Yukata set. Look how cute it is T.T I can't resist it OMG!


#4 Kailijumei Lipstick
Everyone crazy about this lipstick. Me too it's at the top search on Japanese website and finally I got it for myself. Tear with joy now! Let's open it and see what's inside!

 I get myself the flame red color!

It came with a mirror attached with the lipstick for easy application. Remember to tear the plastic off from the mirror ya.


Unlike normal lipstick, this lipstick need to press at the end and your lipstick will pop out from another side.

 TAAA-DAAA The famous lipstick that everyone crazy for! OMG IT'S SO PRETTY!!

This is the transparent lipstick that will gave the show a natural tinted pink color on your lip. It's light at first but changed to a darker shade after few second!

 A real flower inside??? OMG!

 Here's the color on my skin. Can't wait to apply it on my lip now!!


#5 Japanese Health Supplement
I guess some of you know that I don't eat vegetables. I hate vegetables except ladies' finger or lettuce that come inside the burger. I dislike salad too. It taste really weird for me :'( So I guess Japan is always well known for their Japanese Beauty product and also health SUPPLEMENT! This time I'm getting something suitable for me. Supplement that suitable for me!

This is the no.1 on their search engine so I'm going to give this a try and might be purchase again when I finished it. Why? It's super duper reasonable it's just 898 yen! Almost RM36 only!! Cheap right? For a total of RM36 I get all of this and some free health supplement from the shop owner. I don't eat vegetable but I can take this supplement to replaced it YAY!

The big pack contact 90 tablets which mean I can take this for 3 months and the rest is 30 tablets.

 So I spotted lots of vegetable! Have to ask my Japanese friend to translate for me!

 Free gift from the shop owner!

So this is all about my Japanese Product Haul on ZenMarket website. Thanks for this amazing platform you can now purchase almost everything that available in Japan market. Remember to enjoy your shopping time and ZenMarket will help you with the rest!

That's all for today. Hope you like my sharing and for those who love Japanese product you should check this out! Love,



  1. Kudos on the beautiful blog of makeup review. I have tried Zenmarket upon reading your review but the outcome is not what I hope for. Zenmarket customer service is very good in the past but not at the current moment. I have dealt with Zenmarket but they miscalculate the pricing of the goods twice and then proceed to cancel the orders despite availability of stocks. This cause me some problems as I have to re-paste the links which is not saved in the system and inform them to repurchase items. I also need to deal with them on the missing funds when they cancel my orders.The customer service is consisted of some Russian customer service personnels. When I informed to the customer service manager to improve their services, Maria insisted they did not do anything wrong and refuse to apologize despite evidences. They did refund me after I threatened to complain to their Japanese Consumer Service Department. I love Japan but Zenmarket is not very honest in my experiences and I don't think they are really operated by real Japanese who might have better ethics to deal with consumers.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I'm so sorry for your bad experience. Luckily you got your refund back because my previous experience was quite smooth and thanks for telling me this. Hope their department could improve time to time. Really sad to hear that because I used to shop at their website and never thought you could experience that T.T

  2. I have used Zenmarket before, it was good i receive my parcel within 4 days after they ship out via EMS. However, I still prefer Transbang(forwarding company) because I want to save more, they consolidate 10 orders for free https://goo.gl/rhbCp3

    First, they decided to RANDOMLY CHANGE the Customs declaration I SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY provided without even telling me beforehand - I found out by the Customs of my country ITSELF what they did -, which made my parcel be rejected by them and returned. I was needing it urgently and I paid much more to have it shipped via EMS, totally in vain. They did absolutely nothing about that and just preferred to stop answering my messages.
    They use the AWFULEST system I’ve ever seen, HORRIBLY translated to English, CONFUSING AND TOTALLY INCONVENIENT, PURPOSELY SO YOU MAKE MORE MISTAKES AND THEY CAN GET MORE MONEY FROM YOU. Because they sent a WRONG payment request, I was obliged to pay AN EXTRA REPACKING FEE and they didn’t do anything about that either.
    To top it off, I had to pay a fee for ADDITIONAL REINFORCEMENT which is an optional service that I didn’t request. After several messages and spending much of my energy and time INSISTING I DIDN’T REQUEST IT and they basically saying I was LYING, they then told me that it was another "mistake" and that yes, I was telling the truth?!
    I’ve used Tenso JAPAN, Jp Deliver, MANY mail forwarders in the U.S. and in Europe for MANY years and never faced such dishonest behavior from any of them.
    Be aware: they’ll try to get as much as money as possible from you! They’ll lie and say you requested services you didn’t and will then ignore your messages! DON’T USE THEIR SERVICES!

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