▐ Dreamy x Chanwon▐ Portrait & Characteristic Shoot by Ryim Photography Studio

08 September 2016

Hello my lovely sweeties!! A big surprise for all of you and guess what is that? The final outcome is up on my blog now. It's been a month now and I keep this so long because I'm still editing and figure it out what kind of theme I wish to put and emphasise on my blog. I can't believe finally it's all done now and I really love this series of theme and shoot very much.

It's all done by this talented photographer Ryim from Ryim Photography Studio. To be honest, I'm looking for something like this since 2 years ago but it's really hard to find a photographer that suit me. Most of the photographer I met telling me to wait until I take off my braces since it's really one of the problem but the main problem is still the editing skill and outcome isn't what I want.

I prefer those very natural x japanese x dreamy kind of shoot. I want the color tone to be really pastel and dreamy. This is what I'm looking for so that I can make my whole blog look like my dreamland! HAHAHAH So after searching for almost 2 years I finally get in touch with this super humble and talented one. He's one of my bestie's friends and what I love about him was he is really friendly, nice and easy to communicate.

We never meet each other before until the first day of shooting. I'm surprised and impressed by his skill. For those who followed me since 6 years ago you probably know that I have one photographer friend Hinika that done most of my shoot when I'm still with my long hair and cute little face HAHAHA. He quit photography now but only do shoot for his baby now! He was one of my favourite photographer with good personality and really friendly.

When I met Ryim for the first time, I feel the same way too. He was so professional and his work is such a precious one but he's just too humble. He was really shy and afraid during the shoot but after 10 mins of ice breaking session, we done the whole shoot within 1 hour.

Yeah! Within 1 hour and no joke. Even with braces on me, I still look freaking dreamy on all the photos he took for me. Almost all shoot = perfect one!! I can't choose one out of those baby and it's why I decided to change my whole header with a new slider. During the shoot I'm really nervous at first because it's such a long time I never done a proper portrait shoot like this.

I'm shy to smile with my braces so it might be slightly weird and really worried that my expression might look not as natural as I thought but when I see the photo right away from the shoot I was like 'OMG CAN YOU SHOOT FOR MY WEDDING? MATERNITY?' Too bad I'm now on braces if not I sure force Smelly to shoot some couple theme with me! AHAHAHAHAH I never tell Ryim what I want I just tell him that I need a shoot that is 'ME' and turned out it's so 'ME' hahahaha

He do the homework himself, look at which angel of my face best for the shoot,  do a little research on most of the photo I took during my travel. Look, this is what I'm looking for!! The criteria and his passion!!

Photo credits to Ryim Photography Studio

Although it's quite far but it worth for the whole journey. He's a photographer from Batu Pahat and I hope he could come to KL and accept more job from here because I know you guys must be really in love with his shooting style like i do. His studio and based in Batu Pahat but accept wedding shoot oversea too. During the indoor shoot on his studio I feel completely fun and we laugh from the beginning until the end. Then end the day with a nice and lovely dinner with my bestie. I really love his photography style and skill! Really impressed! I'm just loving it~

Also, the shoot won't be so success and complete without the makeup and hair done by Ah Yii |我的小小工作室 新秘  She's THE ONE AND ONLY makeup artist that I'm can put my trust on. If you noticed that I never talk about makeup done by any makeup artist before on my blog because most of the makeup artist done the makeup on the way they like, not the makeup look that suit my face and feature. I always end up put my makeup first because I have bad experience before. Most of them just love to put thick eyeliner , thick foundation , double false eyelashes and bright pink lipstick which I hate the most when it come to a portrait shoot. Thick and black eyeliner makes my eye look really straight and makes me look like I'm having a single eyelid instead.

Ah Yii was so talented because I never tell her what I want. I just told her that I prefer something light , natural and for hair I don't want it to be flat and I want my hair look really volumize. Then taaadaaaaa, I posted a video with the makeup done during this shoot on my instagram before. My skin complexion looks really pretty and she done it perfectly for me. I don't even want to remove it after the shoot OMG!

So here's some of her work that makes me really fall in love with her.

Very Japanese style and simple. I love how they use the dried flower to decorate the hair. OMG If they both in based in KL, I will be one of their no.1 vvvip customer! AHHAAHHAA Thanks Ryim , Ah Yii for all your hard work. I'm staring my own photo right now because....It's really dreamy and it's what I'm looking for...2 years of searching finally my blog can have a nice and dreamy header!!! Tear with joy! Thanks ah ming for the help too :'( I love 3 of you please come KL find me I will bring you eat nice food and visit nice place here. lol If have chance let's go Japan together!! I can be your travel guide HAHAHAHAHA

So after the long touching story I think it's time to surprise you with the whole series photo taken by them! Are you ready?? Let's get started!!


Can't express my joy now! Thanks for all your patient and support!! All favourite shoot from Ryim and the makeup and hairdo just on point. They never pay me for this but I really wish to share and give them a big shoutout because they are too awesome and really humble + treat all their customer with heart and soul. Love them to the max! Looking forward for more opportunity in the future and makeup  my first ever 'braces take off' shoot will be done by them! HAHAHAHAHA

If you are looking for a professional team for your wedding / baby / BFF shoot then you can contact them for enquiries! I'm sure you will satisfied with it!! 

I just can't wait...one more year!! Thanks for reading my blog hope you love my new dreamy blog and the shoot too! Love, xx.


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