Life as a blogger | Blogger Facts #1: Late Payment / Payment delayed

07 September 2016

Alright guys! Seriously I wish I can flip my working table right now. Yes, RIGHT NOW! I'm so so so angry! I think I'm not the only person who are facing this problem. This is only once in awhile but it's enough to kill all of us. So, it's about payment issues!



Bingo! You are right! This is a common problem for everyone especially social media influencer and blogger. Yes, no joke when it come to payment delay issues or I can't get my money on time after I have done everything on time and perfectly, I get really really angry.

So there are few level of angriness actually...

Case 1 - 
Company or agency promised the payment term will be 30 days (or maybe 60 days it's depend) after the campaign end or after we done all our work. So you done everything on time , sent draft on time , perfect work and you hope for the same return. But they delayed the payment. So you end up asking them what happen in a nice way and email, they reply you nicely and tell you to give them an extra 7 days or a week to settle it for you.

So you waited them for a week. Payment settled after a week! So this level 1 just make you 1% angry with a little disappointment towards this company. Why? Because they never do what they promised and think that we never realise they are late on payment term.  At this point of time, your angry level is just 0.1/10. So it's alright.

Case 2 -
Company or agency promised the payment term will be 30 days after the campaign end or after we done all our work. So you done everything on time , sent draft on time , perfect work and you hope for the same return. But they delayed the payment. So you end up asking them what happen in a nice way and email, they reply you nicely and tell you to give them an extra 7 days or a week to settle it for you.

So you waited them for a week. After that you contact them on email and watsapp at the same time. They read your msg but reply you that they have no idea what's going on. It's not their fault and it's their finance department never do the payment on time. 

In reality, they never submit the payment to the department and chase for you!

Next, they push everything to their finance department and ask you to wait again. So you waited for another half month. 

You chase them for the payment again this time.. Then they show you this IDK MEME FACE!

Then, you get very angry but you did't scold them. You give yourself a hope and waited for another half month for the payment. You #fingercrossed for yourself and hope they can make it on time maybe next week? Your angry level now up to 1/10 but you still patiently wait for them on the payment. 30 days after the promised date of payment (so you actually waited for an extra 1 month for the payment) they finally make your payment. 

Case 3 -
Repeat case 2 in this case but after you waited for an extra 30 days they still show you the IDK meme face on the phone or even watsapp conversation. Then at this time you become like this....

Then, you get very angry but your angry level become 3/10 because you waited for a month after the promised payment date. You are a kind person who always think of others so you give them another 7 days and tell them you are still alright and they promised to make the payment on next week. After 7 working days , payment received so you become really happy but prevention needed if you wish to work with the same company again.

Case 4 -
Continue Case 3 that after 1 month & 7 days you still haven receive your payment after the promised date. In this case, before you contact or talk to them you already getting mad on this. You angry at yourself , throw your phone and wish to kill people around you but you know YOU CAN'T. Because they haven pay you the money you can't kill them.
So what you do is just mad at yourself, shout out loud at your phone but still nicely chasing back your payment. Your conversation still end with a smiley face like this ' :) ' but you already getting mad and feel like %$#$%@T$#@$%^$#%#@%^$#@ . You tell yourself is okay. People might be busy or else they will always help you to get back your payment one. Be nice on this.

After being a nice person and waited for 2 months after the promised date. You get back your payment but on this point, your angry level is 5/10. You feel surprised with your patient but feel happy at the same time because you ate bread for 2 month and finally you received your $$.

Case 5 -
Continue Case 4 that after 2 month if the company still hold your payment and telling that to wait for another weeks. You stay calm and is time to show your inner peace.

So you asked them ..

In a nice way but they seen your msg and never get back to you after the 2 blue tick on the watsapp.

You suddenly out of your control. You are mad this time and suddenly your angry level become 6 and moving up & down between level 6-8. Finally your angry level = 8/10.

So you can't hold your anger anymore. You just spam their watsapp and it takes forever for them to reply with a EXACT DATE where you can receive your payment. You feel really dump because you trust them for paying you back and keep giving them a chance to prove them they are just busy and forgetful or in a hard time to pay you back the money.

Then you feel dump that you put 100000% effort to work for them but end up get all this shits. You feel stupid for being nice to them. After getting tons of expression and being really emotional for a few days they finally reply your msg with a bank statement or cheque deposit receipt to you. They done their payment. Story end on this case because you get your payment back and swear will not trust this company anymore and giving yourself a note that

IF NEXT TIME THEY DELAYED YOU FOR JUST 1 DAY! You will up your angry level from 1 to 10/10 RIGHT AWAY WITHOUT BEING NICE TO THEM because they never think of you as first even you done your job nicely and on time.

Case 6 - FINAL 
How if after 3 months you still didn't get your payment? AHHAHAAH You are trying to joke with me? This really happened to me. ONCE only because after this I will not being too nice and polite to people who owe my payment. So in this case after such a long time. I stop being nice to the person , I stop being polite and think of that person because

THIS PERSON NEVER THINK of me and when I ask my blogger friends they always tell me 
'Chanwon THEY OWE YOU MONEY. YOU ARE THE BOSS!! You are too kind.' 

I don't want to become like the photo above when waiting for someone to pay me back my money. So  I keep telling myself NO MORE KIND CHANWON THIS TIME. I REALLY NEED TO SHOW MY BOSSY FACE THIS TIME.

My angry level became 10/10 YES ! LEVEL FULL and maybe  infinity this time.  Then your face become like 

This is exactly how you feel when someone delayed your payment for more than 3 months. Then you feel really hot, FIRE ON YOUR HEAD and your muscle feel so tight + you can't hold your anger anymore because it's now almost BOOOOOOOM!

You tell yourself YOU CAN'T BE NICE ANYMORE. Without further ado, you just open your phone right away and scold them until out of your mind. You just scold and at the same time due to the 10/10 anger in your mind you even cry and tear it right away.

Yea, then at first they tell you to wait more few days but because you are really  OUT OF YOUR MIND NOW they immediately make the payment for you. YES, JUST RIGHT AWAY AT THE SAME DAY. 

Then all shocking expression showed on your face. You are like...WTF?!!!!! SO YOU ARE JUST GOING TO DELAY MY PAYMENT UNTIL I GET REALLY ANGRY OR OUT OF MY MIND ,THEN YOU PAY ME RIGHT AWAY?? 


So lesson learn,

When it come to payment issues, you can stop being kind or nice to people because end up no matter how YOU ARE STILL GOING TO BE MAD and they still delayed or postponed your payment since they can't feel your anger and don't think you will mad at them.

Yes, you done your job perfectly, on time , think of others, being nice to them?? End up what you get?? Just anger and why no just skip all smiley face or being nice and tell show them you are really serious about this and WHERE IS THEIR PUNCTUALITY and PROMISE???

So if someone owe your  money, just tell yourself talk to them nicely at first if they delay you for once then delay it again , again & again. JUST stop being nice and time to turn the game on. This is really  unprofessional when a company actually delay your payment more than twice and keep giving blank promise again & again.

They thought you will never get angry and they are the boss anyway. You can continue being nice until your payment gone Or else just CHASE FOR YOURSELF and tell them how unprofessional they are. Sometime when we are doing the right thing , we need to stand up for ourself because nobody can help us to get our payment back. You are the one who are going to suffer with all this.

So, life as a blogger will always need to chase our own payment. If you work in a normal job this will never happen because boss will always bank in your salary on time. Now I wish that our life as a blogger will never end ups chasing back all our payment and money. So, it's never easy for us....

BUT!!! There are still nice client and company who treat me really good in the past. This is just 1 out of 50 chances to get into  late payment trouble lol. I'm here to say Thanks for all collaborated company and client that being really on time and nice to me in the past. I'm always blessed with all of your love! Thanks for being on time and trusted on me!


As you can see, being a blogger there are lots of complicated work we need to settle for ourself. We are our own boss, we can make everyday as our holiday but we actually work for ourself EVERYDAY. Even sick I still need to think what should I post on the next few day. Even on vocation mood I still need to chase my money and be my own accountant.

Most of the blogger actually have more than one job. We are accountant , finance planner , marketing , analysis, written , photographer , content creator, sales , admin , customer service , makeup artist and last but not least, we are our own boss

There are ups and downs / pros and cons being a boss for ourself. We get to choose what we like and what we don't and for a person like me it's much struggle than others because I want to give the best to my reader and I'm always true to you. That's why it's hard. People always ask me to work for money not for hobby because work for hobby I confirm can't survive in the long term.

I never thought I can become a blogger few years ago. I never aim this as my job but I accidentally become it and received all the job opportunity right after when I wish to work as a banker. I asked myself which is my favourite thing in my life? Should I work for money or should I work for things I like.

I struggle it for a year after I graduated from my University but I get an answer after it. I work for happiness. Live it once without regret. You might think this is rubbish but tell you the truth, I don't want to cry , tear or feel regret when I'm gone. Things happen for a reason. This is a hard path but I'm able to make it there.

So 2 years after, NOW, my friend asked me 'Chanwon, do you regret on this?' I say NO! I found my own way of happiness because I enjoy every single steps and things happen in my life. My relative that never understand how hard I work as a full time blogger... they will always tell my parents that I always travel , enjoy life, take photo, dress up nicely or being like a girl that throw all my textbook and ended up choose to throw my effort on study or my parent's expectation.

When I heard of this I get really really angry and sad at the first , but now I just smile. Why? Because they never think of what they are talking about and it's wasting my time to explain what I'm doing. If it's really easy , I no need to  use one week just to prepare for a post. 

If creating a content was easy I no need to try and test the product for a week and think what to wear, what  makeup I need to use on the shoot or what kind of caption or mood I need to write it on my blog.

If you think it's easy then welcome you, yea you this old aunty, to create a blog and call yourself as a blogger too.

Everyone can be a blogger, you just need to own a blog to do so BUT NOT everyone is qualified AS A professional BLOGGER.

I don't think I'm qualified as a professional blogger either. There are lots of hard working and pro blogger who spent most of their day & night just to deliver their reader a better post. I'm just that little blogger who living my own world and sharing things happened in my life and my travel journey. I don't wanna be a famous blogger but a blogger that can gain your love toward my blog , just want someone to remember me when I'm gone or die. I wish to influence people who have same mind and world as me. I just love being true and honest to my reader. I'm just the simple me.

Your one and only Chanwon. 

So if you wish to show your professionalism to me or work with me in the future, NEVER LATE PAYMENT ANYMORE?! Okay? Peace! No more late payment in the future but if there is late payment, please don't blame me for being bad to you because I have give the best for you and all my work, I hope the same return to me as well. That's all for today, hope no more late payment next time. We also need to eat one ok? 



  1. I FEEL YOU, GIRL!! I f*cking hate this kind of people!!!!! >:/ You do your work perfectly, you give them time to pay, in case they forget you still ask them politely and even sometimes say sorry (stupid me) because they're currently busy, in a meeting etc. i mean f*ck! seriously i wouldn't have encountered this situation if you just paid me on time, b*tch.

    btw i'm saying this not as a blogger, just an average person who found your blog 2 / 3 years ago and I've been reading it since then. You're my fav blogger <333333 please blog even more lol i see that you seldom blog when you travel but once you get back, they're gonna be bunch of em lol. fighting and screw these b*itches!

    1. I think the most terrible thing was we suppose to sit down and wait for the money but end up we are the one chasing like begging them to pay back for us. Not just this I think some job like piano teacher facing the same issues as well.

      Thanks love!! Thanks for loving and reading my blog for such a long time!Yea, because when travel it's hard to blog because of the connection issues and I always end up sleep on the bed! AHAHAHAH

  2. lesson learned. I just in this new industry. And of course hope that not to meet up with the 1 of 50 company of that. I think for those company who don't respect the hard work that people do (to help them expose), it is okey to withdrawn the work and have a honest review.

    1. Yes for sure! Best journey in your blogging life :) Jia you!