H+ Healing Cushion | Tried & Tested Review

27 September 2016

Hello Sweeties! How are you today? I'm fine and feel so happy today because this is one of my favourite post that I wish to share with all of you. Since years ago, for so many FAQs you guys have been wondering what kind of base, foundation I'm always pick for my everyday make up. To be honest, I don't use much foundation or apply base makeup. The only thing I always emphasise was my eye makeup only because I really lazy to remove  makeup while eye makeup require only few mins to remove it and I'm really afraid all base makeup product could block my pores.

Til then, I realise that for photo shoot purpose and magazine featured shoot they required a full makeup on my face to look good in photo and in front of camera. I hate apply foundation with sponge and I'm really lazy to use any brush just to apply my base makeup. This is why Korea came out with cc cushion for base makeup. Although I'm always prefer zero-base makeup or with only sunblock apply on my skin, but sometime it's a must for me to put on base makeup especially during special event , photo shooting and of course, dating! AHHAAHAHHA

That's true! The first step of having your skin healthy all the time will always refer to your daily skin care and the next level to look like a 女神 or an angel will need a perfect base makeup so that turn out your photo looks extra good and pretty. Yes, of course for me I need it to be achieve the photo-ready looking girl. Now i know why all my friends look really pretty with all selfie and in real. Base makeup and the whole look does it. A good base makeup make you look extra pretty and enhance your makeup look into a new level! 

So now, for special occasions I will apply base makeup to cover my dark spots and redness around my face. Yes, to be honest I'm getting old and always expose under the sun and it's why dark spots start to appear more than the past lol. Is time to get a nice product that I personally love and here's the post , the first time I'm sharing and review cushion as my favourite base makeup product on my blog.

Yes, this is how special it is. Watch this video then you know the reason why I love it!!!

Yes, it looks really different from my usual makeup and my skin condition look extra perfect on the video above!! WHY?? Because I'm using this H+ Cushion that my friend gave me! I saw my friends aah ming using this and recommended it for me. It's from Korea and why it's so special and different from normal cc cushion product???


because it's a BEAUTY CUSHION that heal our skin + without blocking our pores!

That's the reason why it's well known for the 99% beauty ingredients and 1% of makeup ingredient only. Personally I love it very much. The previous shooting (The dreamy Shoot) I'm using this as my base makeup and the makeup artist was shocked by the coverage of this product.

Have been using this product for 3 months. I'm satisfied with it. It gave me a good impression of having a good base makeup can really worth for the extra time taken for me to remove the makeup xD Yea, I hope someone create a makeup product that no need to remove one lol. #missionimpossible

So this is the H+ Cushion that totally changed my life ~

Say yes to this beauty cushion!

As I mentioned earlier, it's diff from normal cushion because it's made by 99% beauty ingredients that good on our face. Even people who just done laser on their skin can use this on and really gentle to their skin too. To challenge myself, I even use this on the next day after I did facial and my skin looks fine and I think sensitive skin suitable for this too. This was created by someone in the beauty medical clinic (医美产品) and this is why it's suitable for those who just did laser & they still can use it or if you have sensitive skin, this product might works on you too.

| H+ Cushion
This product also certified by KFDA from Korea. It's well known for its beauty ingredients that won't block your pores, heal & repair your skin and helps you to achieve a healthy and natural complexion skin. There are only one color choice for this cushion because it claim to even up your natural skin tone and it won't look too bright / too dull for your skin.

 H+ Cushion

The Ingredients

This can use by everyone with different skin tone color + group age because it's anti-aging too! My mom can use it too. Here's the photo of my skin after applied this H+ cushion as my base makeup.

Look at this! You won't believe my skin look extra gorgeous and I have a nice & healthy skin complexion! All thanks to this H+ Cushion!! It's long lasting and can cover my redness + dark spots too! Let me show and prove you with my review!!

| The Coverage (Before & After) 
Here's the before and after comparison of this H+ cushion. Plus an extra zoom-in photo for you guys! AHAHAHAH Yes, no shame but i have problem with dark spots and redness around my nose area and cheeks :'(



This is a photo without any editing. Also an extra one for you without zoom-in! 

 Comparison left & right! 

For this coverage I give this a thumbs up especially the redness. It covered all my redness! OMG the skin look like photo-shopped like that! AHAHAHAH But for this cushion it takes some time to adsorb and works on our skin. So after I apply it I will wait for few minutes and around 15-20 minutes after the ingredients absorbed, your skin can be PHOTO-READY now!!

How if darker dark spots appear?? Let me experiment it out for you guys!!!

 #1 Using waterproof eyeliner pen to make some mark on my hand

 #2 First attempt on applying the H+ Cushion - The coverage was pretty good because our dark spot can't be as dark as this eyeliner too. So thumbs up for the coverage!!

#3 After that, I apply one more layer on it to increase the coverage. Then wait for few mins!! OMG!! Not bad for this coverage right!!

I think after laser your skin might look extra weak, more redness around your skin and this is why this product's coverage really impressed us!

This application was super duper easy. No need extra technique but what you need to know is since it's beauty cushion, unlike other cc cushion that told you to dab on your skin for better control. In this application, you need to Swipe over skin, then gentle dab it for extra coverage. Why? because you need to swipe it in order to active the ingredient and let your skin absorb it for few minutes.

Cheek Area 

 Chin Area


Remember to  Swipe over your skin, then gentle dab it for extra coverage. Then be patient to see the best result for this healing cushion that really works on each individual's skin tone.

After apply this on my skin, my skin looks fresh and supple. Look at my skin complexion!! So lovely~~ 

Next, complete it with my eye makeup and lipstick! So chio right!!

Pros & Cons 
Since I personally tried and tested & used for more than 3 month now here's some pros & cons I wish to share with all of you.


  1. Wont block our pores
  2. gentle on our skin even after laser can use it
  3. Healthy and nice skin complexion right after one use
  4. 99% beauty ingredients
  5. Good coverage for redness and dark spots

  1. No refill available for this cushion
  2. Hard to get it in Malaysia except like me I get it from @skinhouse_jb instagram

  1. After apply need wait for few mins for our skin to absorb the beauty ingredients of the product (I don't think this can consider as a con at all but somehow I know some of you might not patient enough to wait for it lol) I can wait because I want a good looking and chio skin! AHAHAHAH


Where to buy? 
I get this from :-
 Wechat id: SkinTown88 
Contact: 07-5544569/0167370426 (Sutera Branch)
07-3515460/0168836507 (M.Austin,Little Paris)

That's all for my sharing today. Enjoy reading my blog and see you on my next post. Love!



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