Live Colourfully | September

28 September 2016

My favourite month every year will be October because it's my birthday month but when I'm looking at my phone, I found out that my September = a colourful month! I'm well rest on August last month and this month I get back on track & travel to Korea and Japan at the same time. Travel around the world was super duper fun but it's really tiring when I'm on the flight. 

So this post is all about all colourful photo I took in September this month. Just a random collection of photo which I wish to show and update for all of you. Are you really? Let's get started!

#1 Cafe hopping @ Vant 36.5 Menon Seoul, Korea

#2 My new Doughnut macaron mini Backpack

 #3 Shopping Heaven at Butter , Honda 

#4 First picnic in my life @Korea

#5 Colourful Snacks as my breakfast 

 #6 Best Calbee ever!

#7 Soya Ice Cream that I love the most

 #8 Cute gudetama i6 casing I bought in Korea 

 #9 Working hard everyday  

 #10 Pastel cakes

 #11 SuperMoon spot in Korea for mooncake festival

 #12 Colourful soju

 #13 Last breakfast with my bestie before they leave Korea

 #14 Stay alone for last few days in Seoul with this lovely bed

 #15 Strawberry Yakult Candy

 #16 Omiyage souvenir for Smelly and myself

 #17 Pastel pantone outfit of the day

 #18 Matching mask and finally I'm able to rest 

 #19 Colourful pastel luggage from S to L

 #20 Have no idea how I can carry everything alone with high heels *wtf 

 #21 My favourite sunglasses brand in Korea (Vedi Vero) 

 #22 Treat myself! This is my birthday present for myself

 #23 Shiseido Event right after I back in Malaysia & DIY session

 #24 OMG I'm so talented! My first DIY 3D Jelly

 #25 Sheseido new EVERBLOOM fragrance launch

 #26 My precious Bebe 

 #27 Love life and I draft 5 blog post within a day before my flight to Japan lol 

That's all for my Colourful September! Hope you like it and live your life colourfully now :) 

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