OMFG ! then FAIL...

01 November 2011

See how happy am I yesterday while doing and changing my old old hair style to a new one! But the outcome and result is FML! I'm getting mad when I'm home and stand in front of the mirror..See my straight long hair  become like a @#$%#%#$@ Bullshit hair..I think most of the girl can understand and know my feeling! some more mine is permanent one! What am I gonna to do now? I'm not angry for anyone but I just getting mad why!... if you can't make just admit it dun give others damn excuse or reason after you had done my hair..

I tried digital perm (curl) when i was form 3 then after that I decided not to  make a permanent one cause that's really trouble and is not the one i like..I practice myself until every time i can make myself a perfect hair style when I'm going out so some where is very important to HUMAN! Please...How disappointed am I now.. The people know that my hair is like this and that then she recommended me to make a japanese type of perm..Without any electrical machine or something diff from those normal  digital perm..Then I make a big mistake of my life yesterday! FML..
Suppose this is the outcome of my hair..Should be like this...Is like so soft ,smooth and it's light :) Like the picture above..This is what I want..I'm so disappointed to her because she did a big mistake for my hair too..And i'm so confident to her..OMG..I dunno why can't I just mad and angry in front of her..I emo for many hours last night! Lol..she was so CONFIDENT yesterday then after that she saw the result she got nothing to say but ask me to REDO again..Do the 2nd time tml! Wtf .______. My hair going to spoil if keep continuous perm it..
Then this is what she did for me yesterday...Really so disappointed..I never ever make this kind of mistake..Shouldn't let people touch my hair .____. I'm not wrong if I just want to change a new look but I'm wrong in a way that I ask for a permanent perm..I just can forever make temporary with my curl iron! 
I still can be so relax when she's doing my hair..OMG..I'm totally no comment with that until today..I got no idea with my hair just tie it up and attending my class..My friends saw it also no comment with it..They can't see how ugly if I didn't tie it up..The worst thing in my life..EVER! I take out all my hair styling things..LOL I'm trying to calm down myself after washed my hair..
Which part of my hair look like the japan perm?! WHICH PART? TELL ME! I washed my hair calm down myself try to be so patient...apply this and that...blablablabla..I used my curl iron to make it nicely just can be like THIS..but isn't the one i want..I'm not going to re-perm my hair again by her hand..

Oh god..Please..My mom ask me to straighten my hair again..But i dun want because my hair will look so straight and not thick again if I straighten it...

I'm really so emo! Lol..Not any part of my hair look like japan style -.- Now is like korea curl -.- those only WAVE...WASTED MY MONEY..from japan to korea..fml! I want back my straight long hair god! :'( Oh please my hair faster long ...

Lucky I still can save back my hair..It's look better and I feel better now..Thanks god I'm happy back at least can this hair still can face people ! but still..I DUN LIKE
Look now..the left one with the right one..See? HUGE difference.. FML..OMFG!

END OF MY NEW HAIR DIARY..fml ._____. I'm cruel! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Don't be over confident or too confident if you can't make it!
I paid for it then what I get it at the end....huh??? fml
It's really take my time to style my hair nicely sad...Bye my hair :'(
the hair stylist say the outcome will be something like this too....but then....