Dinner @ Restoran De Hunan (湖南湘菜馆) ♥

08 November 2011

Herlooo People :3 I know you guys miss me ! I'm so okay now..Sorry for the previous post cause I'm really mad with that! I'm really tired right now but I promise myself have to update my blog today..1 week not really update my blog but I'm still preparing for the hair tutorial post :D Sorry ya cause that's really so hard for me to capture my own hair and I dunno which angle and which.. Lmao!

Back to the topic :D Having a freaking sweet and lovely time with my bestie..Went to Mid Valley on Saturday then Sunday meet with them again...Today movie @ Mid Valley again!lolx Really having a good time with my dear Lyviaagain ~ Chit Chat and our boy just hear what we talk..Kinda fun actually :P 
Ps: Her Birthday coming soon! Time to give her a big surprise .. ngek ngek

Then after that my mom dinner with us! we enjoyed our dinner time at a restaurant @ Kuchai lama ! Super recommended for you~ I really like the food at there! You can google itand look for the location! 

If you're Spicy Lover then this is your best choice! My mom, Joseph and Lyvia eat until wanna cry cause we ordered too spicy..you can ask them for "小辣,中辣,大辣, 劲辣 & 加辣" Lol so many choices but we just ordered 中辣 only..But still eat until wanna cry :'( 

Many recommended food but I love 2 of them which are :
#1 平锅包菜
This is really unbelievable! Seriously ,I dislike vegetable if you know that :P But this really damn yummy and delicious..The sauce they use to cook with the vegetable is PERFECT MATCH!
Ps: 平锅包菜和洞庭飘香鱼是这里的招牌菜
*Belum try Belum tahu, Sekali Tried tiap tiap hari mau!*
Must try !!

This is freaking delicious too but too bad that's too spicy..I can't really enjoy the delicious of this..But try to google the menu for this restaurant before you ordered..The foods there really surprise you babies

But remember if you cnt eat spicy just dun try it..CAUSE that's really SPICY..TOO SPICY..Suffer til cry T^T But the #1 really freaking delicious! Should go there for the second time babeh!

And I forgot to take picture for the" Fried TouFu" with onion ,chili and....I forgot! The toufu is handmade by the restaurant! Diff taste from other shop! hmmmm~ nom nom nom..so yummy :P
and the last one is 田鸡 I also never remember the name of this . _____ . Sorry about that because I'm not the one who ordered all of this..HAHAHAHAHAHA :) Have a try babe ! Really nice~ We order so much and the bill came to RM159+ inclusive of 5% service charge! not  cheap & expensive lorh :3

No. 2, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Business Operating Hours:
11:00am - 11:00pm
Open Daily
Tel: 03-79879318

Some comment on foursquare
too spicy but cabbage is LOVE!! they same as me love the vegetable too :P

Time to bed :) xoxo Good night all~

Ps : I straighten my hair :]