Celebration-Lyvia's Birthday♥

17 November 2011

Herlooo Darlings  :) Hahhaa I'm back! Freaking tired but I think I should update my blog from now on :P mua Dear still waiting for all the photo we took yesterday! Teehee..I'm free recently so will come out more tutorial from my blog ..So, Just wait :D 

Start my topic! Yea..as you know yesterday is my dear Lyvia birthday ! We had our celebration on Pizza Hut then Indulge Cafe ! We all have our class on yesterday but we still manage to celebrate with Lyvia after our class :) So exited..We have a surprise for her from Joseph and all of us..After that we back to Lyvia's House then she start to open her present~ Hope you like the present dear♥  :3 Joseph work so hard to get the bracelet for you too...Thanks to Kimmyfor the member card :)

P/S: that's why you owe him a kiss
Joseph so pity he wait for almost 1 hour to meet with us..This time my brother follow us! So we're 7 people including Lyvia's brother & mother..Ofcourse our boyfiie :P As usual a normal dinner with all of us..Full of noise but that's really fun! My brother so shy in front of them ..Soooo cute! Glad to have a nice dinner with them ~ and really Thanks to Mr.Kitty as a driver and he replace all his class on yesterday :) Love you..
:) Hhahaah my brother be our camera boy~ Some of the photo took by us..So just post here.. :D Do enjoy reading my post ~
Time pass so fast :) Remember the day we meet dear? remember how am I pass my lonely birthday few years ago? You will always beside me like my sister...Maybe love to stick with each other from the pass until now..When she's still single I'm just be like her boyfiee..But now she can fly already :'( She got her new life..As a friend and sista..I sincerely and honestly wish her will happy even I'm not be with her sometimes :D Joseph will always take care of you dear..
I feel so sad after graduated from our secondary school because we enter diff university ... We not really happy with that..So we never call each other until one day..We on the phone..and..Distance is not really a problem for us! Hhahahaa..lol why like love story .. But I really love you so much dear~ Slowly we turn to 19.. We have our own life but still can't live without each other :) I'm glad that I have a bestiesssss like you..I love you..

You're so shy last time and don't like to express your feeling on your face but I'm the one who express too much..Lol but we can still manage to stick with each other til now :) 5 years...You treat me as your sista and me too..Your mom and my mom treat us like a twin although we're not alike! HAHAHA but still got people told me that you look alike my sista..I'm older than you so you need to hear everything from me :P Joke Joke

Lol Really dunno how to express my feeling into words now but you know..I'm always beside you no matter how :P and time to learn make up and tie your hair yourself..or you ask Joseph learn from me then he can help you tie your hair too ~ Yea..dear hope you enjoy your life now because one more male enter to make your life more wonderful and colourful..That's Joseph..You know he think your present think until brain also can't function..but on our eye I know he love you so much ! So just appreciate everything now :) Forget about the pass..Look forward.. He will replace my place in your heart soon :'( but still I love you more than everything! LOL..I'm lesbian ! AHAHAHAHAH..

Joseph ask for help for the present cause he think sooooooo super duper long time to get a special present for you..Until the day he drive alone go by his own to get the bracelet and my  job is to get your dream bag..Lol...He's so funny cause he really have no idea what to talk with the people that work at the shop.He just too care and nervous to get your present :) You know it...Hhahaha he got exam soon but still..He manage to come along and have a nice day with you..All of us hope you really enjoyed yesterday and the present ! So next year my birthday is your turn to come my house :P HAHAAHAH 

Bla bla bla..I know you guys might not interested with all the words above...Cause i have no idea what am I typing also...HAhaha *blush blush :3 

Time to post the photo yesterday..So picture do talking..Last but not least! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU dear~
  :) Dinner time ..xoxo! Love you guys..