How to Install a new font ♥

14 November 2011

Herloo People :) Sorry for the disappear recently ...Hahaha have no new idea to update mua blog but today I found something new! I wanna to edit a new video so need to insert some special kind of font...I open and paint..But all font is not that suitable and 'romantic' enough! Lol..

I want something like the font inside the photo above :) Still got a lot font can choose..What you need is just few easy steps! Click on the link below and choose your favorite font...Try to search for something new and special :3

Click /enter the link above..You will see a lot of special font :) Choose the one you like or prefer then click Downloadon the right-handside~ saw it? 

Then you will see that your computer is downloading the zip folder :) Open the folder then go to the place where it is saved, double-click on the zip to open it, then either click on "Extract all files" / 'Extract to specific folder' or drag and drop the files elsewhere..

After that just Right-Click it > Install ... Done !! (for window7)

You can now try to edit or insert the font inside your photo...You can see the new font inside! Oh yea :) That's easy right? 

Hope you can enjoy the new font people..

By Love, Chanwon