25 November 2011

Herloo People  :3 Guess what am I doing this few days?! Yea!! our university having some kind of fair or events this few weeks and we spot and fall in   with a booth! We're the fans of that booth!!! Guess what :3
Yea!! That's Takoyaki .. very delicious yummy food !!! Arghhhhhhh!!!
For your information : 
Takoyaki (たこ焼き or 蛸焼) (literally fried or grilled octopus) is a popular ball-shaped Japanese dumpling or more like a savory pancake made of batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan (see below). It is typically filled with diced or whole baby octopus!

Nom nom nom! But we have more than that..they provide diff type and taste of the Takoyaki actually! Got the very normal and familiar one , Octopus , Prawn , Cheese Sausage and Cheese Baked Crab ! This auty become so familiar in our MMU cause each time our student will invite her to join our event :)
We're crazy because we took 4 box per day! That's why I'm so  sick now >w< some more the weather is freaking HOT ! remember to drink more water if not you will become as man as I am :'( totally no sound at all after that ! But still I'm so in love with it :3 plus, our canteen have nothing to eat so I have no choice to take them as my lunch! 

Everyone include the auntie can recognize us because everyday we're waiting and ordering takoyaki with them ..That's really crazy although I really can't stand with the hot weather recently :'( each box of them contain 3 takoyaki! RM4.50 per box ,RM1.50 each takoyaki ! 

Really recommended you to try it out because that's really nice..I only can enjoy them one month for each semester..You can ask for the contact number from the Auntie and spot them ! Invite them to your school's event ..Let's everyone enjoy this delicious food! Oh yea! 

Missed it? Never mind! Next month which is Dec..They will open booth on our MMU,cyber again :3 Good luck people!!!  why so many food post recently? I'm fat ._____. *

Besides that, I received a invitation  from a pretty girl from Very Imaginative People (VIP) ..I have no idea what is that but after I read the email..It's regarding a  wonderful upcoming musical titled We R Malaysia-There is Hope, The Musical.

This musical is led by a youth based non profit organization called PPBN.The musical takes place on 4th December 2011 which gives us a couple of weeks to spread the word.As I know the fee is a generous donation upon admission and all proceeds will go to the NGO :) 

For those who are interested and any question can contact :

Very Imaginative People
Office: C3-3A-13A Publika @ Solaris Dutamas
Mobile: +6010 3757 801
Website: www.vip.net.my

click on http://wrmmusical.blogspot.com/   for more