Must* ♥Renewal Lash Serum♥ Review:

30 October 2011

Herloo babies :) Remember that I have bought this Renewal Lash Serum few week ago and I posted it on my previous post! Finally I can write a review for that after I tried it out..What to say! That's really amazing..

My eyelashes can consider it as long and I just thinking to increase it volume look thinker but if can make it longer then That's GOOD! and I tried it out...The result is really AMAZING! My eyelashes not really thick and volume enough but it make my eyelashes look thicker than last time and long..but long a bit only :) I used it almost 1 week+ already then i can see the result..Really increase the volume..
Can you see the dark dark section of my eyelashes? *sorry messy hair*
100% my real eyelashes! Really can see the result right? The volume really increase :D And it help to decrease the eyelashes drop rate :D YOUR eyelashes can become more and more strong! No need afraid it drop when you're using / removing the mascara :)

How to use ?

ahhaha :) I'm really happy for the result of this Renewal Lash Serum! How about you? Try it out people!

Available @ Watsons 
Price: Forgot but i think is RM47 or RM49 :)