♥20111015♥ Anyone?

15 October 2011

Herloo People :) Miss me? I'm freaking happy now but so frustrated yesterday! Guess what again?! Yesterday 7pm MMU promise we can check our result on the website..But what to do? We pay for the internet usage free and service for whole semester..What we get!?-SERVER BUSY From 7pm til 12am All of us still waiting to enter the website! fml

I can see everyone complaining on fb yesterday~ Being rude ! It's really damn tired to enter and keep refreshing with F5 button..my keyboard going to spoil too .______. Lol ! Skip topic !I'm here to say congratz to those who get a good result :) For those who didn't just improve yourself on next sem too k? I'm having the same situation on some of the test last time but now I'm confident to myself and finally I just get the things i want :) Satisfied about my result and result not equal everything !

Everything you work for is equal to what you get for! No free lunch in this world and the most important is DUN LIE TO YOURSELF OR PEOPLE :) you need to motivate yourself to fight for it! You know what I'm trying to say.. Dun judge a book but its cover..Everyone is born to be champion :) Show to people that you're not an idiot not hate them..END STORY! Lol

OKie..Sorry for the emo part i didn't mean anything but I just trying to say something out..Don't lie to people ~ This is a real world not a game..we're no children anymore..Be realistic sometime :) 

Oh I received an inbox msg by a sweetie last week :) And this is just what can i do for her~ She asking me for my opinion because she bought herself a blackberry bold 3 and she want to change it to Iphone4 :) She need to sell her phone now to get her Iphone...

Price can negotiate and she offer RM1100 or maybe can be lower :) It's a BB Bold 9780 ! She almost spam my inbox for the help ..So I just do my best :) If you're interested you can inbox her fb and look for detail ..

Click it and link to her facebook for more detail :) 

Ps: I'm not selling here..So anything just inbox her..I just do my part and anything please find the answer from her ya :) Thanks

Some people asked me where I bought the top.
I bought it @ Topshop :) for RM233..

The quality and nice ! And i think it's out of stock now if I'm not wrong ~
The promoter told us to grab it fast before it's out of stock..

But if you really want it you can actually look for Forever21 and etc
Almost look the same is just the design not same :D


Time to go :) Bye♥ hmmmm Monday got class ! That's mean mua holiday END :'(