♥20111009♥ Opppps

09 October 2011

Herloo Girls and Boys :) I'm finally back!! So damn tired..Guess what we did today...Yea!Photo shooting with the lovely again :3 But I'm freaking tired right now because all  of us including all the photographer..The average sleeping time of us is just 3 hours!

Can you Imaging?!

Oh my god :( Pity all of them the weather is damn hot! super duper hot and sweat like hell ! All of us meet at Time Square ..8 o'clock sharp without any breakfast..Thanks James ,Junior and Ika cause they get some bread for us! So damn hungry..many places we went ... :3 
 Thanks god my make up still can cover my panda eye !! curl my hair today..Normal whitey singlet with a skinny jeans :3 Emo theme...Overall so satisfied but really challenging me and lyvia :( I really dunno how to act like emo queen! Emo shit lucky they didn't blame us x) Thankiu x100000 :P
Aww :) Again! Thanks to everyone! Love you guys and I miss Mandy and Junior's baby son:) Mandy having photo shooting at the same day too..That's why can't meet her..awww..she really pretty :P Forgot to take picture with Khristinaagain @@..Having gossip & chit chat time @ snowflakewith Khristina and Carmen :]..

Photo sharing time x)
 Lol..Emo really so hard la! ahhahahaa! That's all for today :3 Stay tunes for the next post people