Over Time @ Setia Alam ♥ 20110920

20 September 2011

Sorry  ♥...If my face too scary! HAHAHAHA* Release my stress for a while and blogging :) I planned to update my post on 17/9 that day cause is my bff- Sheau's ♥Birthday :) But fail! Because we went out at night with my daddy :D Yea ! After that girl's night..3 besties together = non stop chatting  :D
 yea :) Went there with my besties and my uncle was there too  ♥:3 Tried something new! A beautiful and comfortable place to relax yourself ...we actually reached there at 7.00pm something and still so less people..but after that is full of people!
So romantic.. LOL

You can choose whether you want indoor type or outdoor type ♥ :) Outdoor corner there got surprise :) Really nice environment! Is time to let you brain stop thinking..Suppose! *I'm having exam soon* but still..My mind can calm down so well and dun even worried my exam that time ._____. Lmao!
For ladies ♥ :) ordered by my dad..3 BIG CUPs* Still okie..But other non-alcohol type drinks is nicer !
This nicer :P I forgot the name cause I'm listening to the song and keep chatting with my besties  ♥:P
Simple style  ♥= no style at all! Lol..I really dunno what to wear .____. 
 So many ..full to the max ♥! My dad just can't really understand why we all keep on take picha!HAHAHHAHA he asked ' Your hand wont so tired ar?' Freaking funny at that precious time :D Thanks daddy for this wonderful meal and thanks my uncle too ♥! Meet a lot people at there :) really have a nice day!
Let's photo do talking ..
  ♥ ♥
 Had a blast that night ♥ :3 the food not bad but the price is so damn 'nice' AHAHAHAH ♥...
Shock ! HAHAHAHAHAH..Brush teeth-time
we're crazy :) Really so fun that time..I really miss our secondary's life ..Everyday can meet you all and hit you guys sifat :P ..Lmao~ really long time didn't see you girls! Especially I-ky and Sheau :3 We chat until the next morning again! HAHAHAHAHA
 Last but not least ...Thanks for the surprise Mr.Kitty..Thanks for the delicious dinner that cook by your mom and you :) Love you always! Happy One Year anniversary... :) xoxo! You make my day.. and this too :
Sheau's changed alot :) she never send 'kiss expression icon' for me one lo! LOL Love you :D Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy although i'm late for the update again :P

Time to bed..Prepare for Wednesday's Paper :3 Bye bye..have a nice day