♥20110902♥ Shatter Nail Polish *New

02 September 2011

Herloo mua Baby Girls & Boys :) I'm here update my post again! Weee Finally I tried it! New Shatter Nail Polish..I want it for so long and I think everyone know O.P.I is the one you recognize :') But O.P.I nail polish a bit too expensive and I have tried this brand Shatter Nail Polish ..It actually have the same result and outcome as O.P.I too!

 My mom is one of the Cosway  Member :) And she told me that the shatter nail polish is available at Cosway..So i just go ahead and have a try on it! Freaking satisfied with the outcome..I uploaded the photo to instagram ..Follow mua instagram :) Weee
With a cute sticker :) nice font :P I bought a silver colour as a base ..It available silver and gold colour...Last bottle for silver..Many people bought and get it home! Gold a bit too mature :) I think silver nicer
 For the 2nd layer..I prefer black colour :) Colour Available : blue,red,brown,black,purple...etc..So on! I forgot already..Teehee..
 :) Shatter colour = Love..
 Base ..
 Outcome and the lovely result :) Nice?
 Hahaha..A bit cacat! but still love the outcome..Go and get it now :D Oh yea..Hope you like this sharing post :) Love ya..Good night babies!xoxo Muackx~

September adii~ Final coming :'(