♥20110915♥ For Fun!

15 September 2011

Herloo everyone :) I'm here again! Hmm if you realize I actually added and used a effect a.k.a 阿宝色 on the photo above ! That's cool right?! You guys can try it ~ 
Just a short update today! Thanks for the comment and email :) Thanks for the appreciation! I checked my email and replied all! I'm always share what I can and what I know..It's just as easy as a piece of cake..But sometime some of the tutorial is so hard for me to post here...I don't dunno how to capture a nice video for you guys..I think I can do better next time :) 

Anyway! Million thanks to the email ya :) Can't sleep tonight...HAHAHAHAHA* 

So what are you guys doing today? I actually planned to study but FAIL to do that! Open the first page already make me feel dizzy :"( I wanna watch movie. Long time didn't really practice use curl iron! Since the day I cut my hair until now~ So ....
My hair become thicker than last time! :3 I'm so exited now..Can't wait for tomorrow and Saturday♥!!..God bless me :)
A simple eyeliner can make your eye look longer ::) Good luck for the exam! 3 days to go:!!

Tomorrow is Registration Day again! Hope our MMU sever wont 'busy' at the moment! Please..! Beg you MMU! Dun make me mad ok!?