20110914♥ & IPhone Applications : Part 2 ♥ Sharing

14 September 2011

Herloo mua girls and boys :) Sorry for the last update here! I'm very free this few day because study week this week..That means I have no class but yesterday still need to go back to MMU to make and complete all the PTPTN stuff! and the most terrible is our EPIC PHAIL university keep delay our register time for the next sem! I'm so angry about that...seems like every new semester before the final exam MMU STUDENTS always having this problem! $#@$#$#%#$%$%$

I'm so tired of that! But if they can fix the problem and come out a solution I guess everyone will live happily! LOL...Okie forget about it! This week is full of event and I'm going to celebrate my one year anniversary with my Kitty and at the same day Sheau's Birthday  =] My daddy planed to bring us go to  my uncle's shop Over Time @ Shah alam there have our as call as 'Dinner' on this coming Friday :) Can't wait for it! 

I'm still so relax now! HAHAHAH next week is final exam and having a photo shooting too :) Still so exited! Can't wait for it again x) I'm very satisfied with my coursework marks..I can handle better from now on...Thanks to all my group members & hope to see you guys on next semesterLove

Aiya I'm out of topic again! Today I'm going to make a part two post about Iphone Apps :) Last post is about all photography apps now + some game :)
Most of the apps above I already post it @ part one :) So skip it..
if you haven read it you can refer to the link below ~
Part one ! Iphone Apps  : 
Other than that you can dl some of my recommended photo editor :) You can straight away edit it before you upload any photo~ Usually I use labelbox to label my photo then edit the effect by using 'meituxiuxiu'& more beaute2 ...After that I will use '玩图' to make frame into my photo..like this...

Other useful Application~...like diary book..note book and also expenditure book I'm using :
I very love with the first application ! It's a diary book ..'Canimalsdiary' You can search for it! Freaking cute and nice :) Once you have tried ,you will totally fall in love with it~..
So cute and lovely right?~ :) Just introduce this and other if you like you can go search and have a look in detail ya 

Next! TIME FOR game application~ 
1. Tap the frog:) - This application is so fun and you can fight or versus with your friends for the record..Break their record and yours too! Is a kind of speed game..take how many second to complete the task..We always playing this game during class when we're bored! HAHAHAHAAHHA..Opps..

2. Unblock me - Relax type game~ You can train your brain..I'm stupid in this game because it take a lot time to unblock it ! but it's challenging.. Try it out :)

3. Angry Bird- Popular and familiar to everyone so no need explain more about it =] Teehee..

4. Slice it-Childish and stupid game..Lol many shape for you to refer..You just need to slide it or cut it by your hand..HAHAHA use to pass your time by waiting people..Its easy but fun :)

5. Mega Jump- Jump Jump..eat the money and jump as high as you can then gain $$ to unlock the character..I can't really control it..Because once you miss the $$ you will fall down and need to repeat again to the level! Boy normally can play well than girl! :'( I still remain at level 5 only!

6.Cute the rope- Relax game and need to use brain :D Challenging and fun..cut the rope to let the cute animal to eat the candy :D Hehe..If wrong step the cute things cant eat the candy and it will cry :'(

7. Gelato Mania♥ - Game I love the most :) My dear Lyvia and I favorite! You need to refer to the left ice cream and use the tool available to create the same ice cream as the ice cream appear on your left handside :D Fun ! 

8.Ninja Jump :)- Very popular because most of my friends have installed it :) Jump as far as you can and break the record share it to facebook! Hehe~
Hahaha..More game! seems like a lot application so I just choose few out of it  :)
1.Bug Heroes- Choose one of the hero protect your food and kill other bacteria and virus from outside~ Abit like ps2 game and it FUN!

2.Run like Hell- Speed game..run as fast as you can dun let orang utan rape / eat you !HAHAHA break the record..

3.Zombie Hwy- Zombie will stick on your car while you're driving so just smack them to the left or right on the road to kill them or use your gun to do that! :D
4. Bear Spa- PICTURE ABOVE* cute and lovely game! Love til max..Girls must love it.. must speed up your character and upgrade your stuff and ensure your customer not to wait too long :D If they're unhappy you will also be the same! Teehee :)
Last game  :) 
Parking game! Lame hor?! But fun i think :D Lyvia and I always play it! HAHAHAHAHA drive slowly and park it nicely..you can drive lorry or car at the diff level :D
Hmmm enough for that? :D Super long post and other than that..Here some entertainment apps that I downloaded :) Just as a refer for you guys..

Sharing is caring :) Hope you like it..Time to have my dinner! Bye readers..Love