♥20110827♥ Oh Baby Whitey~

27 August 2011

Herloo Peeps:) Sorry for the missing :P Hahaha Finally done all my QUIZ! and today is HOLIDAY! Huuray~ On the other hand , I'm now....become one of the Iphone user ! Teehee~ Still thinking want to jailbreak anot :) Lolx

Thanks to my daddy and mommy ! They help me pay half of the price :D Thanks Willie and Steven..Thanks Mr.Kitty and HweeSiin too! I decided not to sell my Blackberry now ~ But all my contact list gone :( Everyone please sms me your number please! Stupid sim card :( I cut it my own but can't use..Then I purposely went to Digi there and ask them for giving me a new sim card and also cut the sim card! RM15 .____. 

I'm super busy now! ITunes downloaded..Application..I still don't know how to Transfer all my photo and music file to my Iphone :O Hahaha Sorry my brain stuck ! Lol
So..I love Iphone's application! Keep search search..Now still downloading :P But basically this few application is my Love! So, below are some of the apps which i think is good for me ..maybe you like it too? Teehee  *will update more about it*

*From left to right*
1. Pixlromatic: Photo effect super Good!
2.美图秀秀: Everyone using it! Can't live without it on Iphone :P
3. Labelbox:
4.Screen Maker: Make and customize your own wallpaper with awesome box box~
 edit it..then become like this :D Cute :)
5. Last two from the back* Korea word* Don't know how to type..LOL The effect is so nice to..Can choose diff kind of camera and then snap 4 in 1 or 2 in 1 :D Almost the same but this is more to nature type style.. 
6.Action Camera: Simple app for everyone..no effect but it help you to snap 4 in 1 photo..2 in 1..8in 1..And so on!
That's all for today! Have to pack all my stuff and back to my grandmother's house at Teluk Intan! See you  guys there ! Hahhahaha..

Ps: Dear my friends! If you got my phone number in your contact and you're reading this post..pls sms me for your number and tell me who are you ya :( My list all gone.. Thankssss