20110822 ♥Pavilion-Tokyo Street♥

22 August 2011

Herloo Peeps :3 Miss me? Hehe..Just back from class and now I'm freaking tired..Tml quiz again! Oh yea..I'm here to make a short update about last Saturday! Guess where am I going? Pavilion - Tokyo Street :D And I bought myself a Sticky ! Teehee
Went there with Mr.Kitty and his friends :) We planned to go Bar.B.Q Plaza ♥ at Time square and watched a movie..Long time didn't dating and hang out with all my friends :'( I miss my dear and babies! 
Oh yea they're so shy ...Hahahaaa..Just took few photo at there because all of us super duper hungry! Once the food appear..after 30 mins GONE! Too hungry so I just took one picture before the food appear :(
Lolx so clean before the food appear! :)
Make up for the day..Just put a simple eyeliner ,Canmake mscara and double eyelid tape :) sorry for the stupid scary face! Lol
 So finally... Pavilion - Tokyo street!  What can I say is just..So  many people there...goods and everything is super duper expensive..Kimono one piece need RM400+ !! Huiseh! But the food at there still  pretty good! look so delicious :P
Getting near and near :) Weeee!
 Then Then..Daiso! Can compare with IOI one! HAHAHAHAHH a lot people there! cnt even get in! Lol

So let's the picture do talking! I'm so hungry now after uploaded all the photo! I want to eat Sushi neh! ><
 This this! I want it♥  ^^...

So, basically Tokyo street is just like that :) A nice place to see nice food but the things is so expensive :P Make sure you bring enough money before you go there..HAHAH! 

Is time to stop here! I'm so hungry :( Is time to take my dinner ...xoxo That's all for today! Short update! Bye bye people