Custom Made Necklace♥Personalized Necklace

19 August 2011

Herloo Peeps :D Guess what I receive on this morning?! My parcel..This time not clothes .. Is my Own Personalized Necklace :) Boom Boom Boom! Once reached I feel so exited and fast fast open it out ..Taadaaaaaa~
I order one and my friend order for another two :) For his Gf  ! Oh...I'm so exited..Still exited! Hold on Hold on...I need to open it! :P Purposely wake up in the early morning and suffer for my Female Monthly's .__. 2 report and one assignment need to hand up by today 4pm..I'm so rush and getting mad because of something -.- Please manage your time nicely next time I hope! :)

So..mine !!
 #1 Oppss
 #2 You can see it's so thick too :)
 #3 Basically my necklace is look like this :)
#4 Sooooo blur this photo .____.

My friend order one bracelet and necklace...The bracelet is so lovely  :) HeeHee..I'm so greedy..Feel like order another one ..LOL
 #5 necklace
#6 bracelet

From my opinion If you want order bracelet is better to make it as simple as possible..Just make one icon and font is enough..If not it might become a bit weird..But still nice :D Heehee..and my friend Love it :) His gf will be so happy ,I guess .

For your information I order this on last Saturday..It take 5 working day to complete it and they will post the parcel to your house :) I received the parcel this morning...So fast right? :) And the seller is so friendly..They will reply you as soon as possible..

I bought this at ..You guys can click and have a look with it...This is the second time I order from them..

1.Choose your font/icon and everything then send your order to their website..
2.Wait their reply on facebook or email :) Then they will send you the design and you can change the design as well..But just 2 time to make any changes..After that need pay $
3.Before they summit the design you need to bank in for them 1st :)
4.Confirm everything ..paid already just wait the parcel reach your home :D
This is the design they send to me :) Look exactly the same right? Teehee..What are you waiting for! Go and order now..I love those necklace with my own personal design and have those lovely font! I do have my collection for it if you realize :P

Hope you guys like this post~ Again..Have a nice day :) I'm totally relax now but gonna die next week..All lecturer place their quiz on next week..
Monday- presentation,
Tuesday -Micro Quiz,
Wednesday- 3 Micro Tutorial,
Thursday- Financial Account Quiz,
Friday- Managerial Math Quiz..

OH HELP!! Finally i realize..My life's style is always the same..TOO FREE or TOO BUSY .____.
Went to Casey's house this afternoon :) Her new pet! kitty~ So cute but I still prefer toy poodle.. HAHHHA! Mr.Kitty ♥ love Kitty more..Lol

That's all for today! Bye bye..xoxo