New theme: EMO :) Photo Shooting Post ,Part 1♥

24 October 2011

Herloo mua Lovely :] sorry for the super long waiting :D I'm still collecting the photo shooting photo from all my photographer..So I'm just post whatever photos that available inside my lap top now :) Hope you guys will like it..

This time we tried out some new theme...My theme is always include smiling ^^ or maybe more to sweet theme:) This time we discuss for whole day and sleep for only 3 hours then straight away prepare for the shooting at the early morning..I'm so enjoy with that but that's really challenging me for the emo part!!..I can't act emo seriously but  still a good try! I wanna train more ! emo emo no smile at all!!..but will look so fierce or maybe like angry face -.- Oh no! keep NG NG NG x100 punch me! LOL
Okie before that I need to thanks all of them :) Ika, Junior & James for the coming :D We have a awesome dinner but too bad without Mandy can't see her,MISS HER! HAHAHA...Thanks for your present people! Appreciate..Really..Arghhh dunno how to express my feeling here but you know! HAHAHAHAHA *blush ..Thanks Kitty ,Lyvia and Nelson ! Can't forget it..This first time more then 1 people sing B'day song to me ..Hahhahaa can you imaging how am I pass my b'day few years ago :) Cause everytime also have final exam during my B'day =.=
Cost a lot ink to print all of the shooting photo I think :) Thanks! Really Thanks x1000

I will keep the album nicely and make it FULL of photo that took by you all :) Thanks..
Argh :D End end topic now is SHOW time! Picture!!
 Photographer Blog :)
 Hinika :
 James :
 Junior :

Support their photos and work :) They're really nice as a photographer..Just like your real life friends..I never choose other people to shoot me..Just them♥They work hard for their work and photo shoot as their hobby! Good luck for them..Maybe I still dunno how to pose in front of stranger or other people but I will train myself to be more photogenic! Anything just leave msg to their blog :D ALL the best..

End of the emo part..Smile Smile -.- HAHAHA ignored!

♥ End of the post♥ Thanks for everyone :) 
Good night ,xoxo